Corey Turns Up His Nose at Money

I try to find nice things to say about Corey, I honestly do. He just makes it such a difficult job. This latest affair with the mic is no exception. It seems that the county is slated to receive $122 million dollars from ARRA. (America Recovery and Reinvestment Act). Considering our real estate woes that have produced extreme revenue difficulties, I would think most Prince Williamites would be jumping for joy. Not Corey.

According the News and Messenger, Corey is stepping on his lower lip because we get this money.

Prince William County has been allotted an estimated $122 million of federal stimulus funds, and more could be on the way, but chairman of the board Corey Stewart said taxpayers ought to think twice before extending any thanks to the government.

“It strikes me, taxpayers have a right to be angry here. It’s the young people [who are] ultimately going to have to pay this back,” he said, at a recent Board of Supervisors update on the disbursement of dollars from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, a $787 billion federal package that was signed into law Feb. 17.

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