A federal appeals court affirmed D.C.-area sniper mastermind John Allen Muhammad’s capital murder conviction and death sentence Friday, rejecting claims that prosecutors withheld critical evidence.

Muhammad was convicted of killing Dean Meyers at Battlefield Sunoco out on Sudley Road near I-66 back in 2002.  Should he escape his Virginia death sentence, he has been sentenced to 6 consecutive life sentences in Maryland for his killing spree in that state. WJZ 13 reports:

Montgomery County’s chief deputy sheriff says the twice-convicted Washington-area sniper was taken immediately from a Maryland courtroom after his sentencing today and sent back to Virginia. Muhammad already has been sentenced to death for a sniper killing in Virginia.

Earlier today, Muhammad was sentenced to six consecutive life terms with no possibility of parole, a sentence Maryland prosecutors described as insurance in case his Virginia death sentence is ever overturned.

“You, Mr. Muhammad, have no hope. You have no future. You will spend every day for the rest of your life locked in a cage,” said Montgomery County Circuit Judge James Ryan.

Alabama can also try him for murders there.  Alabama has a very strong death penalty.  Like Virginia, if Muhammad doesn’t care for lethal injection, he can chose the Alabama’s  Old Sparky. 

Muhammad and his sidekick Malvo are for sure terrorists and mass murderers.  Their rampage kept Washington area residents terrified for weeks and upset the way people did business.  Schools dismissed differently, with buses shielding kids as they entered and exited buildings.  Shoppers stopped all but essential buying.  Those were scary times.

It remains to be seen what the final outcome will be. Will Muhammad be put to death or will he escape execution through a technicality?  His buddy Malvo was under 18 at the time of the killings and therefore will not be executed.  Life in prison seems like a long time when you enter the system at age 17 though. 

Who lived in this area 7 years ago when all this was going on?  How did the Beltway Sniper reign of terror impact your life?  Do you think Muhammad will escape the death penalty?   Is there any reason to keep him alive? There has been some discussion on this blog about the DHS report on terrorism. Where does this murderer fit into the political spectrum? Left? Right? Or does it matter? Why did he even say he did it?

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53 Thoughts to “The Sniper Still on Death Row”

  1. @Posting As Pinko
    “We don’t have nearly enough” Is that a double negative?

  2. Moon-howler

    Pinko, I think some prevention programs work with some kids, some people. Rehabilitation works with some people.

    Others are just nasty evil POS’s and nothing you do will change them, other than kill them or keep them away from other people. How about Jeffrey Dahmer? Didn’t he have perfectly nice parents? Would medication have helped him not be the monster he was? I think he got his career start disemboweling cats while they were still alive.

    One of my problems is that you cannot make people take medication and you cannot do a thing about them unless they have done something pretty drastic…like Cho, the Tech mass murderer. I have a very difficult time convincing myself that we have to wait for 32 students and faculty to be murdered in cold blood before we can do something about these crazy bastards.

  3. @Moon-howler
    “Crazy bastards” is the operating term here. IMHO, we should sedate them for the rest of their lives. I honestly don’t think that is inhumane for people like Dahmer and the criminally insane, because that is what these people are.

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