Why would anyone be this nasty and mean?  What have we come to as a nation?  The hate displayed by this woman is almost indescribable.

Is this what politics as usual will be like in the United States?

24 Thoughts to “Why Are People Mean as Cut Snakes?”

  1. JustinT

    That woman is just batty, I think we can all agree on that. This whole scam relies on the 15% of Americans who are ignorant enough to believe siding with the American people over Health Insurance profiteers is tantamount to Hitler’s Germany. Republican lobbyists set up fake websites with phony death panel lies knowing in a country this big you can always find enough idiots and call it a rally.

  2. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Looks staged for Youtube. His acting is pretty good, but he bumbles his lines a bit. She’s a horrible actor, and the plot is disjointed. Reference to Hitler doesn’t have anything to do with socialized medicine. Although, there are quite a few people who use the word Hitler as a conjunction in their speech. That reminds me, haven’t heard from KG lately.

  3. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Do you folks have any idea how hard the left looks for this stuff, so they have a “viral video” to post everywhere? If you do a google search on this video, you get 10 pages full of left-wing organizations and blogs using this video as their flag. Looks like desperation to me. Yeah, there’s at least one in every crowd, and the left thinks they’ve caught a snapshot of Christ if they can record a scene like this. Funny thing is, at least 80% of the time, it’s a staged stunt by the left to help them in their favorite role: “victim”. I suppose some day things will moderate a bit, but for the near future, I think we’re looking at increased polarization and increased animosity. It’s Hope and Change!

  4. Second-Alamo

    You would think that improved communications would bring better understanding between groups, but as with all technology it can either be used for good or evil. In this case, Evil! Now I’m suppose to believe that every non-Democrat out there thinks like this person? The point about it possibly being staged is one that should be challenged. After all Obama never plants people in crowds to ask specific questions now does he …………?

  5. Second-Alamo

    On the other hand, perhaps he should have stayed in Israel or spoke Spanish, then he wouldn’t have had to pay anything! ; )

  6. Rick Bentley

    She might have been making fun of the guy’s mannerisms and/or accent.

  7. Moon-howler

    I am watching the fox news now. Slowopoke, I am simply not going to buy that the left fakes everything while the right polishes their respective halos. Living proof of unfair and biased going on right now. It is funny. I can tell without opening my eyes which news channel I have on, just from the rhetoric.

    Perhaps it was staged. I wasn’t there so I can’t speak to authenticity. However, I have had enough political experience in the past to know that this kind of thing really does go on. SSDD..different topic.

  8. Moon-howler

    Slowpoke, you have been particularly cantankerous lately. What’s up? Dog days of summer or something particular?

  9. Opinion

    I think the title of the previous post (Why are people stupid?) pretty much sums up this post also.

  10. GainesvilleResident

    This whole thing is too over the top. The reference to Hitler – as in most of times it is used in situations like this, is just for the sole purpose of insuring the video will get distributed as much as possible. Whoever was behind it, whether it was staged or not, just did it for the sake of generating publicity. It is as simple as that. The idea that 15% of Americans would actually believe this sort of thing, as said in the first post in this thread, is just beyond preposterous.

  11. Mando

    “The STUPIDITY displayed by this woman is almost indescribable.”

    Fixed that for you.

  12. Mando

    Maybe she was from the Howard Stern show.

  13. Mando

    lol… “Shame of you!!!”


  14. I can’t even get myself to watch this, MH. I am getting depressed. I guess I need a political-sociological-psych break from all this.

  15. Censored bybvbl

    This woman has insurance, but her husband doesn’t – even though he holds two or three jobs. I wonder who she expects to pay in case he has to visit the ER? She says she wants Obama out of office – duh, why is that surprising. Isn’t that the goal of the the Screechers, the Birthers, and the rest of the loony fringe? Not a debate abouth health care in this country but an overturn of the last election.
    You can hear her by clicking on her picture at the bottom of the posted video.

  16. Moon-howler

    Why do people automatically assume this video is a set up? I have seen people act like this but not over this subject.

    And by the way, this thread wasn’t posted in support of health care. It was posted to illustrate how common decency to human beings with different points of view is apparently out the window.

  17. Mando

    “It was posted to illustrate how common decency to human beings with different points of view is apparently out the window.”

    I blame the media.

    I want to know why it cost him $8,000 for 2 hours in the emergency room.

  18. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Moon-howler :
    Slowpoke, you have been particularly cantankerous lately. What’s up? Dog days of summer or something particular?

    No, everything’s fine with me. I don’t think this one was staged, and I didn’t say ALL are. You might be surprised how many are, though. Here’s the deal….there’s one in every crowd. This one lady though, is the exception, not the norm, same with Mr. I’m-gonna-bringa-gun-to-an-Obama-event. I don’t feel any more cantankerous than usual, but you’re just posting the right topics! Some of the arguments I’m seeing here are just so dumb that I have to fire a few shots. Just out of curiosity, if you don’t like Fox news, why do you watch it? We may have covered this before, and it might be Mr. Howler…I forgot.

  19. Moon-howler

    I watch Fox News a lot. And you are right, I am very critical of it. I do it in a contrarian sort of way. I get the hot topics of the day and know the arguments. Additionally, it is a fabulous study in manipulation.

    For instance, I am working on a thread about Principal Frank Lay. I heard Old Steve Doocy making snide remarks about all he was doing was praying over a meal, blah blah blah. I perked up my ears and knew that there was more to it than that. If Doocy says it, I am going to object. Happens time and time again.

    Mr. Howler doesn’t care much for Fox News.

    My favorite is on cnbc in the morning with the money news. CNN is boring. Many people think it is liberal. I sure don’t. Plus they don’t do the good car chases like fox. GR and I have to see our car chases, right GR?

  20. black Velvet Reporter

    Apparently the Red Circle King has nothing good to say about Delegate Jackson Miller or Delegate Robert Marshall. He continues to post about how horrible Rishelle’s campaign manager is. Is there nothing good to say about Miller. Same goes with Marshall. King Red crawls all over John Bell about gay marriage. That is sort of ridiculous.

    On another note, it must be a slow news day. The Red King posted some reader response from insidenova.com that was illiterate involving a teacher arrested for improper touching. The story is important and very much affects the community. What some nitwit says on the reader response section is of no importance.

    The question becomes…why? Is he that burned out?

  21. El Guapo

    This is what constitutes political debate in this country. Remember the woman who said that Obama was an Arab (as if there’s something wrong with that)? You have the birthers. Obama throws a baseball like a girl. A local blogger as obsessed with a stupid facebook picture as Gingrich was with Lewinsky. He’s a nazi. You’re unAmerican. You have a big nose.

    There will be no serious discussion of issues. Healthcare: can it be improved? Is it the government’s responsibility to provide healthcare to everyone? These issues won’t be discussed. This is it to the bitter end.

  22. Second-Alamo

    It’s got to be staged. Two hours in the emergency room my butt. Every time I’ve taken someone to the emergency room it was at least 8 hours before we finally got out of there. Seven hour wait, one hour service!

  23. Moon-howler

    Nazi policy? I agree with Barney Frank. Obama with a Hitler mustache?


    El Guapo is right. There are no serious disussions on issues. (other than on Anti of course :))

  24. IWK Manassas

    Unfortunately, there are sick people out there who are capable of shouting out the Hitler hate, very sad. And what did that have to do with what the man was saying anyway? Did she think he was German b/c of the accent? It is pointless to try to rationalize behavior like that I suppose. If it was staged, it does nothing but distract from an important debate. If it wasn’t staged, it sure is a sad example of mental illness in action.

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