An altercation in Irongate last Friday evening  turned deadly.  Bad Boy Deonte Donnell Robertson was at the home of Sergio Alfonzo, arguing with Sergio’s wife Candace, who is the ex-grilfriend of Alfonzo.  Sergio intervened, defending his wife, and now he is dead.   Robertson  has been charged with striking Alfonzo in the chest with a blunt object.  Alfonzo died at the hospital following the attack.

Now Deonte Donnell Robertson is on the run.  Inside Nova latest update reports that the family of Candice has moved her and her 2 children out of state to protect them from Deonte Donnell Robertson (who is the father of the children).   Was this Robertson’s first brush with the law?  You know better.

According to the Manassas News and Messenger:

Robertson’s court record in Prince William County Court is full of charges, including his most recent arrest on April 6. He was charged then with malicious assault in an incident that occurred March 15, court records state.

That case has been certified to a grand jury that next month will decide to indict Robertson on the charges.

Also on his record, he was charged last December with two counts of assault and two counts of obstructing justice while making forceful threats.
He was also charged last October with assaulting a police officer and in June 2007, again with obstructing justice.

Pardon me for asking the obvious question:  Why is this criminal not in jail?  What happens to people who assault cops?  Do they get a slap on the wrist?   What does it take?   This criminal should not have been running around loose.  He should not have had access to this family.  Why did this happen?   Does anyone know?

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  1. GainesvilleResident

    Unfortunately I guess he was granted bail on the original charges. That’s the judge’s fault – I would assume he had the option of not granting bail for someone charged with those types of offenses. Then again, I don’t understand the requirements for granting bail too well – but I suppose they mainly focus on whether the person is a flight risk. Although, obviously they misjudged that – given that he’s now on the run! Sounds to me like the judge didn’t do a very good job here.

  2. Flicker

    He isn’t an illegal so no one cares. This is serious. I live in Westgate and the place has had cops all over it since the weekend. There is a murderer lose in the community.

  3. Lafayette

    I’ve live in WestGate my entire life. I saw all of the cops flying up Lomond Dr yesterday just before noon. I really thought I would come home and see the murderer had been caught, but that wasn’t the case. I’d like to see some posters up of this man so people in WG can be on the look out for this menace to society. What judge let this joker out on bail in the first place?

  4. Moon-howler

    He will crawl out from under some rock soon, once his friends no longer hide him. I expect he is smart enough to leave Irongate and Westgate for a while.

  5. It happens...

    Soft judges make hard criminals.

  6. Lafayette

    Well people are “all a buzz” on the paper’s website. Many saying the paper was giving too much information regarding the victim’s family.

    One poster listed out some prior charges against Deonte. Here they are.
    **1 Trespassing charge
    **4 Obstructing Justice charges
    **1 Public Swearing/Intoxication charge
    **3 Assault charges(1 malicious)
    **1 disorderly conduct charge
    **1 Purchase/possession charge

    I think this man is a jealous, abusive man who took it too far this time. He deserves to be caught and punished.

    You can look up charges at this website.
    Click on restart appliction and go from there.

    Here’s my thoughts I left on the paper’s website.
    Posted by ( Lafayette13 ) on August 20, 2009 at 5:09 pm

    Thank you for posting those charges. I’d seen them on the Virginia Courts system. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to find out one of those assault charges was against the murder victim. We know two of those assault charges are against police officers per an article in the Gainesville Times back in October 2008.

    To the newspaper,
    I think you should take some time and review some of the prior run in’s with the law this indivuals has had. Deonte probably had a probation officer, and I wonder was he checking in with his PO as required. If he wasn’t then why didn’t they bring in on a probation violtion. Afterall, it’s all of public record. It would really serve this paper and the community well for you to do some further investigating into Deonte’s background.

    The only concern I have for the suspect is that he’s behind bars as quickly as possible. I’ve yet to see a single Wanted poster up of Deonte. I’ve yet to see a single one in the WestGate area. This would certainly help in having the community be on alert for this guy.

    I’m very concerned that this woman and her two young children had to flee the area. I hope they are now safe. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.

  7. Moon-howler

    It sounds like someone sure dropped the ball on this criminal.

    Thanks for this information lafayette.

  8. Lafayette

    And now there’s some jack a$$ over onthe paper’s site calling Ms. Hogue “this Hogue woman”. Not mention this jerk used the name “thinkb4uspeak”. He should’ve taken his screen name’s advice.

  9. Moon-howler

    Good luck getting that letter published. It looks like News and Messenger is on hold. No new letters since that creep letter on 8/17.

  10. Lafayette

    Isn’t everyone sick enough of reading Mr. Mouller(sp?-I don’t care)vile rantings. I will say I do love the First Amendment.

  11. Lafayette

    Lafayette :And now there’s some jack a$$ over onthe paper’s site calling Ms. Hogue “this Hogue woman”. Not mention this jerk used the name “thinkb4uspeak”. He should’ve taken his screen name’s advice.

    I do want to take back calling this poster a bad name. They’ve come back very reasonable and apologized for the comment regarding Ms. H. I guess I should’ve also, used the advice of their screen name.

  12. Moon-howler

    They aren’t here. Say what you want. And you can say Jackass here.

    Don’t people write letters to the editor any more? 3 days seems like a long time for no letters to go through.

  13. Lafayette

    Maybe I should write a LTE regarding my two neighbors that were taken for over $2,200 total on some driveway work. Not to mention they money was taken and the driveways had been dug up for two weeks,and then they hired a reputable, licensed, insured, and bonded company. They really were smooth operators when they were going door to door with a young English speaking kid for the salesman. Total scam artists. They even threatened to sue one of my neighbors claiming their son had broken their back while pick axing the driveway. The effin’ nerve of some people.

  14. Moon-howler

    Tell more, Lafayette. How many houses did it involve? Have the authorities been notified? I have seen quite a bit of driveway work being done around Westgate. Does it only involve 2 houses?

  15. Lafayette

    I’m sure if I told the details I’d be accused of being the R-word. I will have to think about it. I will be submitting a letter my older neighbor asked me to. I know of three people involved definately and they are seeking to take action against the “business”. This is the kind of stuff people should be taking to court.

  16. Moon-howler

    Usually the county goes after the scam artists. I can remember them issuing warnings in the past about such things.

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