Glenn Beck should be baying at the moon by 5 pm on Tuesday, September 8. Apparently he plans an hour long show dedicated to the endoctrination of America’s school children. He feels our republic is under attack:



To help us interpret all this insanity, perhaps its time for a good laugh from Keith Olbermann, who I rarely watch. The only thing left to do is laugh. There is no chance of reason here.





The sad thing is, too many people cannot think for themselves and rely on Beck, Hannity, and Limbaugh for their political foundation. Perhaps they would be better off with O’Reilly. He at least is a scholar and on occassion make sense. The others are third rate actors.


41 Thoughts to “Fox Trots Out More Freak-Out Lies @5 PM Tuesday”

  1. JustinT

    Thank goodness for Olbermann. He’s the only person in the reality-based world who bothers to watch Loony-Beck. Otherwise there is simply no overlap. But I shudder to think that there are people in the right wing fantasy propaganda bubble who watch Loony-Beck and actually feel the same insanity and hatred.

    Loony-Beck is tormenting the feeble-minded and the bigots to achieve his political goals. That makes him lower than scum.

  2. kelly3406

    Having never seen Glenn Beck or Keith Olbmermann, I will have to take your word for it. But I can tell you that the areas of emphasis in modern science books and history books are very different than when I attended school. For example, climate change is taught as if it were established fact rather than an area of active research with proponents and detractors.

  3. Emma

    I attended a conference three years ago where one session leader related some issues to climate change allegedly caused by human activities, and we were expected to accept that as a given. The presenter became very belligerent when some in the class challenged her assertions. Of course, we’re adults, we can separate out the bs, but our young kids trust their teachers to tell them the truth. Parents need to be actively involved with their kids’ educations to enable the kids to distinguish fact from conjecture and sometimes outright fictions and revisions.

  4. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Well, taking on Glenn Beck certainly worked out well for Van Jones. Oh, wait….

  5. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Olbermann must appreciate the advertising you’re giving him here. God knows he needs it.

  6. Rick Bentley

    Bush coming out of his ivory tower in 1991 WAS campaign-related.

    Obama’s people speaking about kids trying to write letters about “helping the President” rather than helping the country shows how biased and partisan they are.

    Both parties are corrupt and useless.

  7. Emma

    No argument there, Rick.

  8. I think it’s horrible anyone would not allow their kids to hear a speech from the President and deny kids the right to experience history. Did anyone get shielded from JFK’s murder, for better or for worse? I think not. We all watched movies of horrific wars in school. Was that indoctrination even those movies were graphically violent?

    These people are are anti-President, ant-democracy, and anti-history as far as I am concerned.

    If you so believe your children are being indoctrinated in public schools, then home school or send your kids somewhere else. It is your choice to do so. But realiaze that your example will teach your children to disrespect authority, democracy and history and you are teaching them to handle dissention in the wrong way.

  9. I’m not on my own computer, so please pardon the typos. There are lots of them.

    Emma, I agree you can talk to your kids about things you don’t agree with, and you should. But denying them the opportunity to witness history is bad. Kids will learn values from their parents. Don’t we trust ourselves to teach them these values? If we are depending on schools to do it, we have some serious deficiencies as parents.

  10. Emma

    I’m not denying my kids any opportunities. They will go to school and they will listen respectfully on Tuesday, but we will help them to sort through the bs when they come home. The fundamental issue here is why
    many of us distrust this President. It might have something to do with his extremist, whacko friends (Wright, Ayers, Van Jones), or his outright lies about the content of the healthcare “reform” –a bill that gives gifts to big pharma and trial lawyers, and exempts Congress and federal employees. Or maybe it has something to do with the incessant “crisis” mentality over every issue and the mad rush to legislate unread bills.

    I don’t trust him, period, and that is all his and his party’s doing.

    Pinko, blind trust is far more anti- democratic than even the loudest, most obnoxious dissent.

  11. Moon-howler

    People should talk to their kids about school every day. The first day is the most important because it sets the stage for the rest of the year. Don’t just do it because President Obama is making a brief speech about doing well in school.

    Now I have to ask…would some of you trust McCain? I believe I have seen every last one of you trash him somewhere on the blog, in the past. He apparently wasn’t tough enough on illegal immigrants for some of you. There were problably other issues also. There has to be a president. Just who would you trust?

    I am just ever so glad I am not a teacher. Putting up with this hysteria, over crowded classrooms, no money, limited supplies make teaching a real undesirable job.

  12. Rick Bentley

    “or his outright lies about the content of the healthcare “reform” –a bill that gives gifts to big pharma and trial lawyers, and exempts Congress and federal employees”

    That’s how I feel also. There’s a level of mistruth that I can’t accept in a President. The thing clearly won’t save money, and he’s been trying to market it aggressively as “something we can’t afford NOT to do”.

  13. ShelllyB

    Racist Moniker Man,

    Jones didn’t go after Glenn Beck it was a completely different African American. But Beck did decided to take out his pain and frustration on Jones. Fine with me. I’d sooner have Beck losing his marbles even more obviously than before. He is discreditied globally. Yet you only know enough to repeat his garbabe. That says a lot right there.

    Emma, did your adult high school conference teach you the earth revolves around the sun? Don’t believe it!!!! Resist the brainwashing!!!

  14. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    ShellyB!!! My arch-nemesis!

    I see you have failed to do your homework, as usual! All you need to do is look at Beck’s ratings numbers, then look at Olbermann’s, Rick Maddow’s, or Chris “Tingly Legs” Matthews to see what’s happening. Does it make you twitch with anger when you see liberal dreams getting asphyxiated so quickly? It does, doesn’t it! You can feel the hatred welling up inside yourself as the President’s numbers decline steadily, as the people begin to wake up and see what they allowed to happen to their nation.

  15. kelly3406

    Moon-howler :
    Now I have to ask…would some of you trust McCain? I believe I have seen every last one of you trash him somewhere on the blog, in the past. He apparently wasn’t tough enough on illegal immigrants for some of you. There were problably other issues also.

    It’s not the political beliefs that are the problem, it is the lack of credibility and truthfulness. I disagree strongly with John McCain on certain things, but he is as straight a shooter as a politician can be. His actions and words generally match — for example, John McCain often speaks out against wasteful spending and correspondingly does not seek out earmarks. I can generally count on John McCain for straight talk, even if I do not agree with him on the particular issue.

    On the other hand, Obama reminds me of the boy who cried wolf — he “cries” crisis in order to pass legislation that greatly expands the size, power and cost of government. Just as the boy who cried wolf experienced, Obama may find that no one will listen to him when there really is a crisis.

  16. Emma

    Moon-howler, I certainly had my issues with McCain, but at least he was right out there with his issues, even though his stances were either weak or even equivocal in some cases. It angered me that his campaign didn’t make more of Obama’s past radical associations when they had the golden opportunity. And at least McCain isn’t a slave to his party.

  17. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    McCain would have been bad, just not this bad. McCain is famous for enjoying the occasional “poke in the eye” to the Republican base. Well, when it’s time to poke back, it’s just not in the eye! If McCain truly believed in cutting wasteful spending, he would have voted no on the Bush bailouts, that were not without earmarks. McCain hasn’t figured out that the market corrects itself, if the government would just stay out. McCain hasn’t learned that the federal government has a few jobs, and they need to try to get those right before they move onto anything else.

  18. Moon-howler

    I am not so sure it is up to a political opponent to dig up all the dirt. The ideal candidate, in my mind, concentrates on what they are going to do for their constituents, not garbage on the other guy. There are plenty of others to do garbage detail.

    We were very much in a crisis. The worst thing President Bush or Obama could have done was to do nothing. That is not just my opinion.

    I guess my feeling is, be careful what you wish for. You all shot yourself in the foot over McCaine. He was your last best hope, and you weren’t even loyal to him.

    Remember, hard as it is to believe, most people out there are not idealogues. Most people out there are in the murky middle. You all should have made your straight shooting guy more appealing instead of trashing him. You never know who is listening.

  19. Moon-howler

    Slow, I don’t believe McCain did vote no on the Bush bailout. I seem to recall him endorsing it. McCain should have been true to himself and not tried to appeal to the RR base. Sarah Palin was a deal breaker. The murky middle simply couldn’t take her seriously. She lacked too much substance to be a heart beat away from the presidency.

    Most people fall into the moderate category. Most people aren’t super liberal or super conservative. This is the problem. Candidates need to stop appealing to the poles and aim for the middle. McCain tried but caved to the far right in selecting wonder woman.

  20. Emma

    BTW, Moon, I do appreciate the “foxtrot” double-entendre in the title of this thread 😉

  21. Moon-howler

    ISO the eternal ‘hook,’ Emma. Thanks. I had to come up with something to match the title. 😉

  22. @Emma Oh I agree that parents should discuss things with their kids and never just accept (I’m the queen of never accepting things without engaging in personal inquiry).

    What I mean about types of dissention is the way we handle it with our kids. Pulling them out of school because we don’t like what the president says or we don’t trust him sends the wrong message to kids–just like biting off people’s fingers at healthcare protests does. Do we want our kids to discuss things intelligently or do we want them to believe avoidance is the answer? And when we have these discussions, are we balanced, or do we present only one side? Parenting is a tough job, and most of us make many mistakes as we do it, but by pretending there is only one side to a story, we do our children a huge disservice.

    MH, I agree–teachers have tremendously stressful jobs. We should hug them whenever possible (of make them fudge…they might appreciate that more).

  23. “or” make them fudge, that is. Sheesh.

  24. Moon-howler

    Nice gesture, Pinko. They probably would appreciate it more.

    I feel sorry for the people who are making themselves so miserable over President Obama. I didn’t vote for George Bush, but once he was in office, well, then he was the president. I didn’t trust a whole lot of people but seriously, what are you going to do about it.

    Who is to say things would have turned out much differently. A president can only do so much in a world hell bent on whatever it was it was hell bent on on 9-11. 9-11 determined much of what went on during the presidency of George Bush. That’s the reason I am opposed to this post Bush investigation of torture. Hell, if that’s what it took to keep the crazies away…have at it.

  25. The Sun King

    People who only listen to conservative radio and television end up with a very unbalanced view of things and are very narrow in focus. Anyone who refuses to listen to any cable but Fox News is doomed to ignorance on a certain level. Try the main channels at the dinner hour and at 11. You will be more well rounded.

  26. ShelllyB

    But Sun King, if they didn’t watch right wing extremist propaganda 24 hours a day, they might actually enjoy their lives a bit. Or, they would realize their lives are still miserable only now they don’t have Democrats and minorities to blame.

    Fox “News” is a crutch for people who need to hate to exist.

  27. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Once Again, to recap, extreme racist hatred, hate race minorities extreme hatred. You have GOT to get some new material!

  28. ShelllyB

    Racist Moniker Man,

    Republicans are no longer competitive among any of the minority groups. And in 30 years we will be a majority minority country. Republicans are losing among Caucasians with college degrees, and Caucasians under 40. The only demographics you are winning are the shrinking ones (old Caucasian senior citizens and less educated people). And by going off the deepend when a Supreme Court nominee is Hispanic or a President is Black, you are brading the Party of No as the Party of No Minorities for generations to come.

    So you may be having fun hating on minorities and stoking racism for political organizing purposes. But in the long term it’s you will have to find some new material.

  29. kelly3406

    ShellyB, I agree with Slowpoke — you do indeed need to do your homework. A Rasmussen poll in June shows that 40% of Americans consider themselves conservative, 35% moderate, and only 21% liberal. Furthermore, a Rasmussen poll on September 3 shows that 51% consider Congress to be too conservative and just 22% too liberal. If Obama keeps doing what he’s doing, things will be just fine for Conservatives.

  30. kelly3406

    I suggest that one of the Anti moderators volunteer to review the Glenn Beck program on September 8 for us. You all pride yourselves on being open-minded, yet you trash him before his ideas have even been presented. I have never seen his show, but I read his prediction of the economic collapse at least 6 months before it happened. So the guy does his research, even if he tends to be over the top sometimes.

  31. Moon-howler

    Kelly, I often watch Glenn Beck. Surely you don’t think I bash him over something I have read?

    You all pride yourselves on being open-minded, yet you trash him before his ideas have even been presented.

    Huh? I have listened to him enough times to know he is hysteria and spreads fear.

    If you want to see him live Kelly, you watch him. I don’t do the task master thing any more. If he says anything noteworthy or laughable, I might post a thread once it appears on youtube.

    Plenty of people predicted the economic meltdown. He isn’t Nostrodamas.

  32. kelly3406

    I didn’t mean to sound like a taskmaster — sorry. All I am saying is that you don’t know if he is lying until after his program has aired. I would be interested in a Part 2 to this thread based on what is actually presented.

  33. Moon-howler

    I have heard him on this subject and I felt he was lying when I heard him. I feel he is over the top and dead wrong about this issue. And I do plan on watching him. I am not playing catch up. I often watch him so I can pick up on the hysteria du jour.

  34. Slowpoke Rodriguez


    ShellyB has already named the Rasmussen organization a “hate group” based on their polling data. It’s absolutely hilarious. She can’t form a sentence without the words race, hate, racism, extremism. I’m telling you, it’s really funny 🙂

  35. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Moon-howler :
    I have heard him on this subject and I felt he was lying when I heard him. I feel he is over the top and dead wrong about this issue. And I do plan on watching him. I am not playing catch up. I often watch him so I can pick up on the hysteria du jour.

    So, just out of curiosity, do you think Obama is telling the truth? How about Gibbs? How about Ed Schultz?

  36. Moon-howler

    Slow, be more specific? About addressing the school children? Of course.

    I don’t watch Ed Schultz. I will check it out. I don’t know.

  37. JustinT

    I don’t think I’ll watch The Loony-Beck Propaganda for Idiots Special. But I’m sure I’ll catch the best parts on the comedy shows, or in the comedy segments in the news shows. See, idiot extremists watch Loony-Beck melting down over the fact that we have a duly elected President who won by a large margin, and think “oh I should melt down also!”

    The rest of us just laugh.

  38. ShellyB

    Racist Moniker Man,

    You do realize that by choosing a racist moniker you lose the argument every time just by posting. If you just posted what you had for breakfast, people would say, “Oh, this is what a racist man eats for breakfast.”

    So now that we’re clear on that. I don’t know why you cling on to the idea that it’s my fault you are ignorant enough to get your facts and figures from Hate Groups. If you also get information from Rasmaussen, good on ya! But I’ve seen you regurgitate stuff directly from official Hate Group websites like FAIR and NumbersUSA many times. So the gist of whatever it is I wrote that upset you a year ago was true. You are a racist. You get a lot of your info from racist sources. And you don’t like me because I call you on it. Big deal. I’ll continue to call you on it.

    Just keep on believing that this hate crusade you’re so excited about is going to help the Republican Party. If I actually thought my warning you of the inevitable demographic shifts would get you to change your tactics, I wouldn’t have warned you! I only bring it up so that you can kick yourself some day in the future knowing I warned you about the foolishness of your tactics and predicted it would all backfire.

    With a racist moniker like the “Slowpoke Rodriguez” you lose the argument just by posting. So I won’t take credit for besting you once again. Just please promise to keep posting.

  39. Pat.Herve

    I enjoy watching Glenn Beck – he has some very good points on many issues, but then, he stretches what he is saying to just prove his point, and then he goes over the cliff trying to solidify his point of view.

    If he just stayed with the facts, he would be more enjoyable.

  40. ShellyB

    If he just stayed with the facts, he could still be on CNN. Fox “News” is where he belongs. In a deranged fantasy land.

  41. Moon-howler

    He is fairly down to earth today. He isn’t crying or stomping. He has business leaders as guests. I guess he has to look fairly mainstream for them. He = Glenn

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