Keith Olbermann does the worst person in the world award. Birther Orly Tate gets the bronze. She has dragged out yet another fake Obama birth certificate. The silver goes to Michelle Bachmann, probably just for being Michelle Bachmann. The gold goes to….taaaa daaaahhhh…

Sean Hannity. Keith Olbermann tells us why the dubious honor:

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

Do I personally think Sean Hannity is the worst person in the world? Nahhh. He’s just your basic political pit bull, and a might tenacious one at that. He just got caught up in hate mongering. I don’t even think this is real hate. Pretending makes him a great deal of money, probably more than bartending did. After all the hype about Obama talking to the school kids, I needed a laugh about something else. At this point, if I took it seriously, I would go into incurable depression.

So who is the worst political human being who is not in an elected position? We can’t have Olbermann getting the final say on this.

33 Thoughts to “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…Who’s the Worst, of Them All?”

  1. Second-Alamo

    Say what you will about Hannity, but he supports the troops and this nation much more than the liberal talking heads that can only find fault. Yes, he is overbearing and doesn’t really allow the opposition to get a word in edgewise, but sometimes he brings details into an argument that drives the liberals nuts. Ever heard about the Freedom Concerts?

  2. DiversityGal

    I really enjoyed watching Olbermann’s “indoctrination” montage last night. It was superb and surreal…

  3. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    This is, of course, a favorite tactic of Keith Overbite’s, to attack those with the highest ratings in hopes of picking up a few viewers. It’s predictable, and sad, really. He should have remained a sportscaster.

  4. Pat.Herve

    The problem with hannity, is that he is never wrong, is not held accountable for what he says, and will sway on an issue to appease his audience.

    There are times that he is right on, and then he takes it over the edge (just like Beck and Rush).

  5. ShellyB

    M-H, I guess you know this already, but Keith Olbermann causes racists, right wing extremists, and people with racist monikers to go nuts.

  6. Starryflights

    Hard to tell which of those three is the worst of the bunch. They’re all a bunch of wing-nut, lying, hypocritical idiots who are marginalizing the conservative movement into oblivion.

  7. hello

    Ah yes, state run MSDNC clips again… man, from the non-stop Huffington post articles to MSDNC, again. Yep, it’s official, the far left has taken over this site.

  8. hello

    by the way, Obama did make a pitch for health care to high school students just before his big speech… And you wonder why some parents may have been concerned.

  9. ShellyB

    I have a feeling that M-H is using non-right wing information sources simply to goose the far right extremist contributors on this blog. M-H seems to enjoy seeing them leap on here with some kind of childish whining or substance-less insult thus exposing their bias.

    But honestly, it shouldn’t be a threat that millions of people are laughing at Fox “News.” Because millions are buying it hook, line, and sinker. Many much worse than our compulsory complainers.

  10. hello

    talking about buying it hook, line and sinker… Hi ShellyB, meet mirror.

    Yeah, getting your ‘news’ from a ‘news’ organization that owes the government over $150 BILLION, no spin there…

  11. Moon-howler

    Let’s see, Hello, you don’t like The WaPo, NYTimes, CNN,, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, the White House, the Senate, the House, ….YAWN……who have I left off?

    RWBs (Republicans with Brains) might be interested in the new thread just posted. Someone is really looking out for the party.

    Shelly, (blush) you have caught me– Throwing out red meat.

  12. hello

    When have I ever mentioned any of those aside from MSLSD and Huff-and-puff?

  13. ShellyB

    Hello, I am one of those threatening Americans who get information from a variety sources. Not the right wing propaganda bubble you so clearly limit yourself to.

    Unlike you, notice how I don’t object to the preferences of those who DO prefer a steady stream of extremist propaganda (Fox “News” and talk radio goons)? I just mock you.

  14. Moon-howler

    Maybe it was someone else. Who remembers?

  15. Punchak

    Just happened to surf through Glenn Beck’s channel last night, and I must say that when I saw him next to Michelle Malkin (vicious vixen) I almost threw up. That combination did something to my innards that wasn’t good.

  16. Moon-howler

    Haha good one punchak.

    Glenn let me down. I know I heard he was planning on doing follow up on the back to school speech. I guess there just wasn’t much to say. How long does it take to say ‘Great Job?’

    I was all prepared for weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth over the speech. I was expecting at least one conspiracy theory. But no. He let me down.

  17. ShellyB

    I wonder when people see Malkin and Beck and others who sell right wing propaganda, do they know they are simply soaking up false hatred and fear so that they are easily manipulated into political stances that go counter to their interests?

    I wonder what the constant stream of “people you must hate” really offers them?

    Why watch Fox “News” if all it does is keep you misinformed, hateful, and afraid? Gosh, I really feel sorry for these people. How empty their lives must be that someone else’s pre-packaged hate is preferable to real life.

  18. Moon-howler

    I haven’t figured it out yet Shelly. I might have mentioned my friend who hasn’t voted in 30 years who told me, through clenched and gritted teeth, that she and her sister were going to revolt against all this.

    I asked her what ‘all this’ is. That is when things got a little vague.

  19. Moon-howler

    Shelly, you know, you made me think of something. I understand and can relate to much of what Second Alamo says here. He articulates that he misses the way things were. He remembers a time when life was different and people had different values and behaviors.

    That makes sense. Those aren’t unusual feelings for people of a more alpha generation, (and one which I am a member of) While I don’t totally agree with him, (mainly because I see a down side to some of it and probably because I am female) what he says makes sense and isn’t a conspiracy theory. No tinfoil hats are involved.

    We really do have to differentiate here between conservative thinking and radical wack thinking.

  20. Punchak

    Oh, for pete’s sake, ShellyB

    If you don’t watch a variety of stuff, how can you know what’s being said? If I don’t know what Beck and Malkin for example are saying, how can I possibly discuss politics.

    I don’t hate any of these people. I actually feel a little sorry for Beck. On some of his shows he acts like he’s not quit “all there” and it’s entertaining. Like his explanation of the art on the Rockefeller building with all the symbols he has found – all bad, of course.

    He also poored gasoline on someone or something on one of his shows. His blackboard exercises are also quite amusing.

    No, ShellyB, I’m neither hateful nor afraid. (have to admit a deep distaste for Malkin though)

  21. Moon-howler

    Punchak, I don’t think Shelly meant you. We all know you are a progressive.

    I agree, how else would we know if we didn’t watch a variety of stuff.

  22. rod2155

    COX Fairfax upper tier:

    Ch. 252 BBC World Service
    Ch. 474 Al-Jazzera English

    Both highly acclaimed globally to be the most fair and balanced sources of worldwide news…which is why they bore most Americans who find it more entertaining to belive the fictional soap opera’s of CNN, MSNBC and FOX.

  23. Punchak


    I try to watch BBC every evening. Will try Al-Jazzera too.

  24. ShellyB

    Oh Punchak, I didn’t mean you, M-H is right. I know where you are coming from.

    I have watched Fox “News” myself. I am just wondering what happens to people who ONLY watch that stuff. Like what happens to their perception of reality? Do they blame all their problems on whoever Hannity and Malkin tell them is to blame? Does that make them feel better? Or does that just make them live their lives as angry people? And all this unnecessary fear cannot be making them happier.

    I like to make fun of people like this. It’s all you can really do. But then if you stop and think about it, their situation is rather tragic.

  25. Moon-howler

    Shelly, (raising an eyebrow ^- ) Need I say?

  26. GainesvilleResident

    Actually, it’s Al Jazeera – not Al Jazzera (unless it’s turned into some kind of Jazz channel). Their website – would be the proof of this.

    However, that’s not to say I’m endorsing them. Certainly not an objective source for any news about the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

  27. GainesvilleResident

    On the other hand, the BBC World Service is very good, and much better than most US news organizations.

  28. Moon-howler

    Gainesville, how do you feel they stand as far as bias is concerned?

  29. rod2155

    “Certainly not an objective source for any news about the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.”

    That’s certianly a matter left to personal interpretation, I’ve always seen Al-Jazeera as being very realistic and objective about the situation between Palestine and the Israelis.

    That issue aside, Sir David Frost has his own special on Al Jazeera

    But between both BBC and AJZ there is a slew of great field reporters placed around the world who work hard to get the stories of the world into the your livingroom verses acting like idiots in attempts to draw high ratings and cult followings.

  30. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    ShellyB :
    M-H, I guess you know this already, but Keith Olbermann causes racists, right wing extremists, and people with racist monikers to go nuts.

    Grade B-: You got points for using “racist” twice, and you included extreme/extremism, but it isn’t a fully rounded out ShellyB thought (and I use that term loosely) without the word “hate”, which you missed here. Now I see that you’ve included “hate/hatred” in almost every other post today, so I know you can do better. You can resubmit this if you like, after you’ve included “hate” somewhere. If you can avoid using any other words but “hate, race, extreme, and fear”, I can see clear to give you an A.

  31. ShellyB

    Mr. Racist Moniker Man,

    As much as you dislike me for calling you out, it’s really ironic that the only posts you manage that DON’T expose your bigotry are directed at me.

    Based on the new thread, though, it looks like Republicans who are not racist are beginning to rebel against the hostile takeover you’ve been celebrating. So enjoy it while you can.

    I’ll be rooting against you when the war within the GOP begins.

  32. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    I don’t dislike you, you’re a great source of entertainment! (and a textbook psychoanalysis case!)

  33. Elena

    THAT was funny! Good ole Michelle Bachman, HOW can this woman still be in office?

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