Notice who all is sitting in the video.  Check out the left side of the room.  President Obama calls out those who have lied about death panels who will supposedly kill off senior citizens.  Why are all the deathers sitting there?  I would think shame would bring them to their feet.  I only wish President Obama had called out Sarah Palin by name, since she was one of the ones who was loudest and proudest over the notion of Death Panels. 


17 Thoughts to “Republicans hold on to Death Panel Notions”

  1. Starryflights

    The American people aren’t buying the Republican lies anymore. If they don’t want to be part of meaningful reform anymore, then to hell with them. They will continue to be the party of liars and losers, from the outside looking in.

  2. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Once again, here’s the left shoveling out more amazing BS. By the time the left exaggerates what the right is saying, the truth is nowhere to be found. And, of course, around these parts, anything Obama and Pelosi say MUST be true. After all, leftist politicians NEVER lie!

  3. ALL politicians lie, Slowpoke. That’s why we need to vote by careful deliberation and not party.

  4. Moon-howler

    No one needs to exaggerate. We all have eyes and ears.

    The death panels rumor needs to be addressed.

    The behavior by the hard right has been deplorable. Conversely, the conduct by the moderate right has been exemplary in many cases.

  5. Last Best Hope

    I would like to see the Republican party return to power one day. First we need a return to respectability. False notions, anger and arrogance are no substitutes for statesmanship and do-diligence, but it seems the leadership is convinced this is the only way to lead. Until they learn otherwise, I’m afraid we’ll be dealing with a consistent stance of non-sense and no.

  6. Mando

    My favorite part from the speech was the fantasy land scenario where we’re going to magically find the 100’s of billions of dollars to pay for this without taxing the middle class or taking money out of Medicare.

  7. michael

    Here is something that is true, but you should not call it a “death panel”. The current inc=surance companies hire “medical evaluators” whose primary purpose is to deny claims and therefor deny care to people who whould cost the insurance company a lot of money. This is essentially a person or persons deciding the life and death of a person based on economics and not the person’s personal doctor who is supposed to uphold a creed to save life (at all cost is to be debated, especially when the doctor’s salary is determined by the insurance company).

    The sad thing is, when you are a veteran at a government run health care organization, the government does put restrictions on hospital budgets, and therfor the quality of the doctors hired and the quality of the medical equipment used and diagnostics used. This results in a higher death rate amoung veterans than their aging counterparts who can afford high quality health care on the open market or in Thailand where the doctors are extremely attuned to giving exceptional health care for modest cost.

    THe new plan for sosialized medicine will also copy the veterans hospital model, giving the masses who opt for the government option, lower quality healthcare than their insured counterparts. The problem is that after a time the insurance companies will see the costs, see how the government has denied what they will call “excess diagnostics and procedures” to those on public health care, and will then try to match those same “standardize procedures” to save money and pocket profits.

    No matter how you cut it, free market competition will always provide better health care to those who can afford it and will always provide bargain level health care to those with bargain-level budgets.

    Socialist health care systems driven by government panels that WILL decide what is a necessary procedure and what is not, will in so doing decide the life and death of INDIVIDUALS as if they are to be treated as a standard deviation GROUP, in order to save the government health care funding costs.

    This is what is wrong with public health care options and this is what is meant by a “panel” that decides what is and is not, STANDARD MEDICINE, not your DOCTOR.

    This is the debate, clear and simple and its about money and quality of care. It is not about making sure everyone has access to health care that is lost cost (or in some people’s minds “affordable”.

  8. michael

    The only thing that is more dangerous than government getting into health care, where the individual doctor no longer makes decisions is privite enterprise getting into municipal water distribution systems where the individual county supervisors voted by people make the decisions that affect the life or death of all of us, and where clean water access is a basic right to life (See article 31 United Nation resolution). By 2015, MOST of you are going to be far more concerned that 5 BIG companies in the world, Nestle, Coca-cola, Sueze, Evian, Vivadia, etc. are going to own all the mineral rights to water, lower the water table, control water distribution, and make money on all of use like “blue gold” instead of “black gold”, and will control whether you have any water or not based on how much you can pay for it (Enron all over again). My recommendation to ALL of you is to start building backyard cisterns that can collect rain water off of a tin roof, and run it through a UV sterilizer before making it available to drink in an emergency. At the very least a 10,000 Gal Cistern can save you on a water bill that is going to be controlled like the cost of “coco-cola” and will have far more pesticides in it because it comes from India or Pakistan or Afganistan or Brazil (I’m not kidding, that is the source water for many bottlers, of both water and soft drinks). Just ask the scientists in India who tested and found pesticides in bottled water and soft drinks sold in India. The US has not tested to the same standard as even India has.

    Get yourself a water filter and use the municipal system while you still can, until it is the rarest stock market commoditiy on the planet in 10 years, due to out of control population growth and people having too many babies (we go from 6 billion people to 9 billion people).

  9. Moon-howler

    Insurance companies declare what is standard medicine right now.

    The fact that there are 46 million people without medical insurance in this country is appalling. Put in election terms, Obama had nearly 67 million votes. McCain had over 58 million votes.

    46 million is a huge amount of people and they are costing us a fortune.

  10. michael

    Other than my two minor objections above (standardized health care) I think Obama’s plan is a GOOD plan and we need to pass it soon. If it causes problems as a result of STANDARDIZED HEALTH CARE then we need to fix what he breaks by Giving Doctors control of medical decisions and NOT the government, but save what he fixes, especially the limits placed on insurance companies to stop denying health care based on previous conditions..Obama is dead on right about that.

  11. michael

    46 Million people, are costing 360 million people more money because 46 million people have made decisions to pursue jobs that only give them very low below minimum wage incomes compared to the other 180 million people working. 15 million of those people are “illegal” aliens, 45 million of them are “former illegal aliens we let into the country” who are still making very low incomes. They all made choices to break the law and then accept jobs that pay them low wages, and put themselves in a situation where they cannot pay for health care. That cost of their decisions and actions is borne by the rest of us. The fix? Make it unlawful to be in the country illegally and enforce it, check people for illegality at every police stop, deport those who are here illegally (most will go home on their own), stop paying for their medical services and force them to pay for it themselves like the rest of us, then give all of the rest of the 45 million former illegal immigrants public health care options, just like every native born citizen, where they can pay for their hospital visits with low cost premiums (affordable) that will come with equally low value health care. Those who make choices to get better education and better jobs, and those who have higher skills, can then pay for higher cost insurance premiums that give higher quality health care. That is a free market capitalist concept and not a socialist concept.

  12. Moon-howler

    I have no cue where you are getting 45 million ex illegal aliens from, Michael. People other than illegal aliens don’t have health coverage.

    I know all sorts of people who do not have health coverage and they aren’t illegal aliens and never have been.

    There is too much obsession over immigration today and it has very little to do with this topic.

    Not everyone made the choice to get higher education that comes with jobs with health care. I refuse to allow this issue to become an immigration issue.

  13. Starryflights

    F0r chrissakes, not everything has to do with illegal aliens.

  14. JustinT

    Any Republican who clapped to denounce the death panel lie would be defeated in the primaries. The base of the Republican party no longer takes fact or reality into consideration when deciding what to believe or disbelieve. It’s our team vs. their team. Palin is on the Republican team so no matter what she says, no matter how bimbo inane or false, it’s gospel to the voters left in the GOP.

    That might be 20 percent of the public, but it’s 90 percent of the GOP.

  15. JustinT

    M-H, illegal immigrants are the best source for unbridaled hatred. That’s the only currency that matters to Replicans right now. It’s how they think they can win: “when you are few, hate more.”

  16. kelly3406

    I have almost finished reading that monstrosity known as HR3200. I can report that there is no mention of “death panels” in the text of the legislation. However, the bill fails to describe how end-of-life care or health care will be rationed when the demand exceeds the budget. This means that the federal bureaucracy will be free to decide how to ration health care. Unless legislation is introduced to specify how health care will be administered when demand exceeds the available dollars, then the possibility of “death panels” cannot be excluded.

    The idea of death panels is not a lie — it is an extrapolation based on the past performance of the federal bureaucracy and its historic disrespect for individual citizens.

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