Teddy Kennedy’s memoirs come out today, Sept. 14. The name of his book is True Compass : A Memoir. No other member of the family has written their memoirs. It was very important for Senator Kennedy to complete his book before he died.

Part of 60 Minutes tonight was about the much awaited Ted Kennedy memoir. Much of the discussion of the book was with his son, Medium Teddy. (Senator Kennedy was Big Teddy, his grandson was Little Teddy.) Medium Teddy is the son who gave the eloquent eulogy at his funeral that stopped everyone in their tracks. He spoke of how his father went with him ever step of the way up an icy hill after he had lost his leg.

A great deal of what we know of the Kennedy family is through tragedies. Following Chappaquiddick Big Teddy became the bad boy in the minds of many Americans. Because of his liberal politics, others growled and snarled over him. Perhap through his memoirs we will see a person we didn’t know existed. I look forward to buying and reading his book.

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5 Thoughts to “True Compass”

  1. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Bet nobody buys the book, either!

  2. Moon-howler

    There will be plenty of people who do. The Kennedys dominated the political scene for the better part of a century. They truly are a dynasty. The curtain closed on the generation I felt the most significant when Teddy died.

    Love them, Hate them, Indifferent to them, they cannot be ignored. There is still much to learn about this tribe if we are to understand some of the internal workings of America. Just the sheer tragedy that hit this family over and over and over again takes the breath away.

  3. Moon-howler

    I just sent Mr. Howler out for a copy. He gets to read it first. 😉

  4. Moon-howler

    First chapter talks about his illness. It is rather intimate. 2nd chapter goes into his early rememberances of the family during WWII. That’s it so far.

  5. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    So, let’s see, as far as people buying the book….so far, there’s you and………you…….and…………well, you! Just teasin’!

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