Forget swine flu.  The bad manners epidemic is rampant.  First we have Congressman Joe Wilson bellowing that the President of the United States is a liar during an address to  a joint session of Congress.  Hopefully that is over and done with.  Too much attention to poor behavior.  Some Democrats want to make sure Wilson becomes a martyr.

Next we have tennis champ Serena Williams screaming like a fish-wife and cursing a lineswoman.  That little act of lack of self control will cost her in excess of $10,000.  That would have taught ME a lesson. 

Finally, and perhaps the most outrageous was Kanye West snatching the microphone from Taylor Swift as she was accepting her award for best female vocalist at the VMA awards.  Kanye West apparently thought his friend Beyonce should have won. 


Credit should go to Beyonce for having the most class. Beyonce invited Taylor up on the stage when she won her awards to share the moment and to finish her acceptance speech since Swift’s day in the sun had been interrujpted. Beyonce was extremely gracious to the younger entertainer.

Jay Leno called Kanye out on his behavior during his premier 10 pm show.  He told Kanye he had met his mother once and that she seemed like a nice lady.  He questioned what his mother would have thought.  Kanye West did beg forgiveness and appeared contrite.

According to EW:

The rapper began his impromptu interview by saying it was “extremely difficult to deal with the fact that I hurt someone and took something away from a talented artist.” Then, in a particularly somber moment, Leno asked what West’s deceased mother would think about what he said to Swift. Suddenly, the normally outspoken rapper couldn’t speak – but his silence spoke volumes, so much that Leno attempted to break the uncomfortable pause by resting his hand on West’s knee. After about 15 seconds, West mumbled, “Anything I can do to help Taylor,” before announcing that he’ll take some time off to reevaluate his career.

Maybe much of this is really just about bad manners and extreme self-centeredness.  A good spanking might cure it.  Wilson, Williams, and West–line up!  There is just no excuse in a civilized society for such rudeness.


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