A Prince William County judge this morning signed a death warrant ordering sniper John Allen Muhammad executed Nov. 10.

Muhammad is sentenced to death for the Oct. 9, 2002 killing of Dean Harold Meyers at a gas station outside Manassas. Meyers, a Gaithersburg, Md., resident and Purple Heart recipient, was the ninth victim of the “Beltway” snipers who terrorized the region for three weeks in October 2002.

Meyers was one of 13 victims. Ten died and three survived. Muhammad and teen accomplice Lee Boyd Malvo were arrested on Oct. 24, 2002 at a Maryland rest stop.

The execution date was set at a hearing this morning


Anyone who lived in this area in 2002 will never forget the snipers and the uncertainty we all felt. I can’t go to Battlefield Sunoco to this day without thinking of Dean Meyers, standing there innocently filling up his car with gas, only to be snuffed out by a killer. Too bad Muhammad’s little buddy can’t join him. I would not shed a tear for either.

11 Thoughts to “Sniper to be Executed November 10”

  1. GainesvilleResident

    I’m sure Nov. 10 can’t come soon enough for a lot of people. Malvo got lucky when they ruled him ineligible for the death penalty because he was under 18 at the time of the shooting.

  2. Moon-howler

    Sort of brings a whole new dimension to ‘getting lucky,’ doesn’t it?

  3. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    We were talking about it today at work. I was saying that I would look around like a meercat while filling up my gastank for a couple of months.

  4. Moon-howler

    Yea, I will never forget going over to Front Royal in the middle of the sniper mess and thinking I was safe when I filled up.

    Those were scary times. I won’t shed a tear when that bastard meets his maker.

  5. Gainesville Resident

    I remember that too – as I had even gotten gas at that gas station in Manassas a couple of times. It was indeed scary going to get gas after that. It definitely will be a happy day when they put him to death. Would it be possible for them to use the good old electric chair?

  6. RingDangDoo


    >>>Those were scary times. I won’t shed a tear when that bastard meets his maker.

    I think/hope/pray his maker will just direct him to the nearest elevator going DOWN for an eternal grand BBQ. But that’s just me. 😉

  7. Elena

    I was terrified to do anything. The killings were all so random. You ran everywhere, zig zagging.

  8. Moon-howler

    I remember the old zig zag.

    RingDangDo, I agree 100%.

    Gainesville, I would like to think he was going to get real close and intimate with Old Sparky. That just seems more fitting for this guy. He terrorized an entire region.

  9. GainesvilleResident

    I hope they do rev up Old Sparky for him. Seems fitting, as after that it’s going to be a lot hotter where he’s going!

  10. Moon-howler

    I would consider an old sparky party. All of northern va would celebrate. What a horrible month it was! It ruined fall. I didn’t even like standing on my deck! I think probably most of us had PTSD after it was over.

  11. IWK Manassas

    I zig zagged too. It was such a scary time. I remember turning on the news one day and seeing Geraldo Rivera doing a live spot from Fredericksburg and thinking we were really in bad shape if he had come here to report! The saddest part is that the nightmare lives on for the victim’s families who were devasted by Muhammad’s callous hate. I hope 11/10 brings them some sense of closure and peace.

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