This video pretty much covers it. 

On another note, Joe Wilson has a delightful wife. She is a very gracious lady. She said Joe called her after the address and she asked him who that nut was that hollered out ‘you liar.’ He said, ‘It was me.’ Roxanne Wilson thought he was kidding her.

Roxanne Wilson

One Thought to “The Week in Politics, According to SNL”

  1. hello

    Happy New Year KG (aka… Posting As Pinko). How nice of you to say something on this day! Your probably the last person I expected to say something on this particular thread seeing how you so easily compared PWC to Nazi Germany on your blog:

    “As my previous posts have shown, there is a clear comparison between what has happened here in Prince William County, VA and what elements were invoked and supported the Nazi regime.” –

    This honestly makes me sick to my stomach… This is exactly the they of BS I was talking about! Shame on you!

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