The Lt. Governor Debate scheduled for this Thursday night by the Committee of 100 has been cancelled by Incumbent Lt. Governor Bill Bolling because of a dispute over rules.  He charges that his opponent Jody Wagner violated the rules by talking about the dispute over the rules. 

“It is something the organizers of the debate had specifically asked us not to do,” Bolling says.

But Wagner says she could not go along with one of the rules Bolling had suggested.

“What he wanted was that neither of us could do anything to disseminate the debate to our supporters,” Wagner says. “[Bolling]’s got a history of not showing and I think he doesn’t want to have to answer to that history.”

But Bolling says he didn’t want excerpts of the debate being distorted.

The incident comes as the statewide race tightens. The latest poll shows the Republican ticket with a lead of 4 percent — way down from double-digit leads polled earlier this summer.



So it appears there will be 2 debates on Tuesday, Sept. 22 in Manassas.  Nothing has been cancelled for the debates at :

Four Points by Sheraton
10800 VandorLane
Manassas, VA


The 50th state delegate debate between Jackson Miller and Jeannette Rishell. 8:30

The 13th state delegate debate between Bob Marshall and John Bell. 7:30

Sorry for any confusion.

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8 Thoughts to “Lt. Governor Debate Cancelled by Bolling”

  1. IVAN

    Perhaps Mr. Bolling doesn’t feel that he needs to explain his record as LG for the last four years. Or is he affraid to defend it?

  2. Moon-howler

    Dunno. What are you hearing on the streets, Ivan? Any news out of the other half of the program? Will the 50th district debate still take place?

    I guess that leaves half the program high and dry.

  3. I am so irritated by both of them. If this is the way they act now, how can we depend on either of them to take responsibility for their actions in office or work in a cooperative, productive manner?

    Time to write in my own candidate. MH, are you interested?

  4. anona

    This sounds familiar. Fighting over which child gets to sit in the front seat so long that it ends up that no one gets to go to Coldstone creamery for ice cream last week. I am wondering if all of my children have a potential career in running for office. They are greatly qualified at bickering even when the outcome doesn’t benefit either person and they are also great at begging for money. Maybe I’ll side with Pinko on this and support a write in candidate.

    From what I read in the paper, the candidates didn’t cancel the debate. The group that was putting the whole thing on cancelled because the candidates couldn’t come together on the rules. That makes Wagner and Bolling equally responsible for what happened.

  5. IVAN

    Moon, Bolling has been in office (LG) for four years. Besides presiding over the GA when it’s in session, what else has he done for the people of Va.? I would think that the voters of this state would like to know why we should send him back for four more years.

  6. Moon-howler

    NO thank you Pinko. I do not have the patience and I often am not polite enough for politics.

    Anona, I guess your information thickens the pot. I read Bolling did it. Now if we could just find a third source blaming Wagner….

    It really leaves the Committee of 100 high and dry for entertainment on Thursday night since the Lt. Governors Debate was the only show in town for that night.

    What do Lt. Governors do anyway? Isn’t that the job Corey Stewart wanted? I bet HE would have shown up for the debate!

  7. @Moon-howler
    Come on MH. This blog has proven time and time again you don’t need to be polite to go into politics 🙂

  8. Moon-howler

    Not enough money in Virginia to get me running for office.

    Why would anyone want to do that. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to run for office in this political climate.

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