Congratulations to Eric and Anabel for winning the Best Documentary Award at the Charlotte Film Festival last night! The award is the Indy Truth Award for Best Documentary and is a very prestigious award. 


The film will show again at 3:30 on Sunday. Eric and Anabel were featured on two Charlotte NPR radio programs. Check them out at the 9500 Liberty website.

Here are the upcoming plans for these talented film makers:

Next stop, we will be premiering in DC on October 1st at the DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival as the opening night film. You can buy tickets here for the screening and reception.
This is our big hometown premiere screening with the “stars” from the film and a big after party so it is not to be missed if you are in the DC area.

This is the list of scheduled screenings including Prince William County, Honolulu, St. Louis, San Diego, Charlottesville, etc. We are adding more screenings including in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles in the coming weeks.

Thank you for supporting us throughout these months. Some of you have been with us for nearly two years. In fact, the second-year anniversary of the creation of the 9500 Liberty YouTube Channel will be celebrated on October 9th with the residents of Prince William County with a special community screening of the film at St. Paul’s Church in Woodbridge.


Please plan on seeing the film. According the the website:

9500 Liberty reveals the startling vulnerability of a local government, targeted by national anti-immigration networks using the Internet to frighten and intimidate lawmakers and citizens. Alarmed by a climate of fear and racial division, residents form a resistance using YouTube videos and virtual townhalls, setting up a real-life showdown in the seat of county government


69 Thoughts to “9500 Liberty Wins Charlotte Film Festival for Best Documentary!”

  1. D.V.Ant

    Maybe next year Greg will win an award since he seems to be trying to follow in 9500s footsteps.

  2. Second-Alamo

    What the heck is wrong with wanting to limit immigration? How about we give the latest ‘legal’ immigrants time to assimilate and become a plus for society and provide support for the nation before we allow more in who are initially going to be a possible burden in terms of tax payer support. I suggest that if the government provides any quick and low cost way of illegal aliens to become legal citizens, then the government owes every single person who went through the expense and time of the legal naturalization process to be given a rebate. That would be the only fair thing to do. Why should one group be rewarded for breaking the law simply because they did it in mass, and and the others essentially be penalized for their legal efforts when the end result is the same? Can anyone find fault with that?

  3. Emma

    Sorry, Censored, I’m not willing to do your homework for you. I’ll eagerly look forward to your “solutions,” though.

  4. Censored bybvbl

    Emma, my search of “emma” + “health” yields nothing. There are a number of unrelated threads that turn up after a search for “emma”. I’ve been doing my civic duty and on vacation recently. I’m not going to search the many threads and unrelated topics that have popped up during my departure for your bon mots. I guess your solutions didn’t bear repeating.

    What do you find to be the strengths/weaknesses of Medicare/Medicaid? Do you think those programs could be expanded? My relatives who receive Medicare benefits are satisfied. My sister, a Conservative Republican who is a DoN, likes most of the programs.

  5. Last Best Hope

    Mr. Alamo, I am not saying there is something wrong with wanting to limit immigration. I am sure there were Americans wanting to limit immigration from the days of Jamestown. However, someone earlier took exception to the suggestion that certain K Street lobbying firms are anti-immigration lobbying firms. My comment was meant to ask if there is a difference between being “anti” something and wanting to limit it. In any case, K Street lobbying firms meddling in our affairs, whether pro-immigration or anti-immigration, are a concern to me.

  6. Last Best Hope

    I am in moderation. Should I feel honored?

  7. Moon-howler

    What’s a DoN?

  8. Elena

    Second Alamo,
    Your point is well taken and credible. It’s too bad that extreme rhetoric of hate and prejudice overshadowed your common sense question, thus creating the climate for little or no debate.

  9. Diversity Gal

    Just bought my tickets for the DC premiere. Anyone else attending??

  10. Censored bybvbl

    M-h, Director of Nursing.

    SA, some of the large influxes of people have resulted because of natural disasters or wars. In those instances existing quotas may have to be set aside.

  11. Moon-howler

    That is a good topic for discussion, SA. Obviously most of us, if not all of us here lie somewhere between NO immigrants of any sort and total open borders. How do we set our immigration policy? Is there only one tear or do we look at humanitarian, economic, and social needs? How do we handle those people who overstayed a visa or who crossed borders illegally?

    We do need to talk about these things but the conversation has to go beyond the usual sound bites (not accusing SA) that have dominated and usurped all real discussion and exchange of ideas.

  12. Emma

    Just curious—I googled the Charlotte film festival and only got a bunch of local (Charlotte) references to it. How many people competed for best documentary? Just wondering where the “prestige” comes from outside of Charlotte and a niche film community. Again, just curious.

  13. Moon-howler

    Last Best Hope, you sort of said one of the forbidden words. I released you. And yes you should feel honored. 😉

    Review of Moderation for everyone:

    All first comments go to moderation.
    We are under no obligation to release people from moderation. Most people know why. They just like to grouse about it. It is water off a ducks back to me.

    If you change your moniker or email address, its back to moderation

    If you use a word that is also the name of someone who is in permanent moderation, you might get put there also until we release you. Sorry. Blame the bad guys.

    If you use 3 links, you generally go to spam. I cannot get you out. If you want to do 3 links, make 3 different posts.

  14. Moon-howler

    Left hand side bar has all the different categories.

    I don’t know how many were weeded out before hand either.

    How does one set a value on just how ‘prestigious?’ Not sure there is an answer to that.

  15. Emma

    Got it. Big fish, small pond, as they say.

  16. Last Best Hope

    Thanks for the explanation M-H, but I reread my post and I can’t imagine what word I might have used.

    In any case, I think we are mincing words here with regard to “anti-immigration.” There is nothing inherantly wrong with being against immigration. This happens again and agaon in our history when there is economic hard times and or government screw-ups. Politicians stoke the fires to help cover the screw-ups. Remember the other thing that happened the day the Resolution was introduced? The Board voted to raise our taxes. Oddly enough, no one was talking about that the next day.

    I suppose part of the negative connotation we assign to “anti-immigrant” is that we assume it is tinged with racism. But let’s not forget, the Irish, the Italians, and the Germans all faced anti-mmigrant backlashes, and all saw politicians stoke the fire to gain an advantage.

  17. Moon-howler

    LBH, it wouldn’t hop right out at you.

    I certainly think when we have millions of people unemployed it would be unfair to allow other people in to take what few jobs there actually are. That is why I feel our immigration laws need to reflect our economic needs at the time, not something from 20 years ago.

    I don’t recall the board raising our taxes.

  18. Elena

    They had to raise our taxes in order to make up for the plummeting housing assessments.

  19. Moon-howler

    Oh they raised the tax rate because the housing market collapsed. I actually got a check back in August. I had overpaid.

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