There is little else to add.  The Virginia news starts about 5 minutes into the video.  The first 5 minutes explain why most of us don’t want to wear a tinfoil hat, or put more bluntly, why some folks aren’t real comfortable voting for Bob McDonnell. 

37 Thoughts to “Fornicators Beware!”

  1. El Guapo

    Christianity has always had its share of whack jobs. St. Paul’s letter to the Galatians was written in response to some whack jobs teaching crazy things in Galatia. 2nd Peter was written to address false teaching. I think all of Paul’s letters warn about false teachers.

    I need not mention that Islam has some whack jobs. Pick a group. Pick an ideology. Anti-Immigration Fanaticism? Yeah. They’ve got a few. A few fringe psychos do not invalidate the entire group.

    McCain showed good character by having the ability to think independently and stand up to people like Bill Cunningham. Unfortunately it cost him rather than benefited him.

    The question we must ask ourselves is whether McDonnell’s backbone is a wet noodle or whether he IS one of the fringe psychos.

  2. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    It’s so funny, y’all slam Fox again and again, then put up stuff from Richard Maddow as an example of what?….how unbiased news should be? So we’re still on the thesis, huh? How does it feel knowing you’ve already blown everything you’ve got? I hope it works out for you! Well, at least Wilder endorsed De…….oh, wait, nevermind, he didn’t get that one. Well, hey, the Police endorsement went your wa…….oh, sorry, nevermind. Well, Deeds has every ultra-liberal union and newspaper (who’ll need bailouts soon)! I guess you can be excited about that!

  3. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    So if I recall, Rick Maddow enjoyed showing selected clips from the 9/12 event as an example of “right wing extremist” protesting. How about the hard left model citizens at the G20? Did she make fun of them too? or did he “skip over that”.

  4. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    I shouldn’t deny Mr. Maddow his “GOP in Exile” fun. Go ahead, enjoy it while it lasts! Party hardy!

  5. Witness Too

    Does anyone understand the reasoning, or lack there of, that brings this man to the conclusion that pornography makes you gay? Is it just a way to control the minds of children? That is what the man seems to be saying. But if so, his suggested control mechanism is problematic in that is founded in prejudice. He is asking parents to teach prejudice to their children in order to control their sexual urges?

    I find this even more troubling than McDonnell’s intent to control the sex lives of married adults.

    Here is why. This lie, designed to control the sexual urges of children is actually designed to create self-loathing in children based on a social disease (homophobia) that results in hatred directed at gays and lesbians. It is wrong to teach your child to hate others. It is quite wrong to teach them to hate themselves.

    I hope that McDonnell is not asked to justify this remark. It think it is much worse than his remarks, and he should not be held responsible for them, even if he once thought of this man as some sort of authority on how best government should control of people’s sex lives.

  6. Witness Too

    Sorry for the typos. And Slow, you aren’t doing yourself any favors by attacking Ms. Maddow’s sexuality as an example of why you and presumably others should dismiss what she has to say. It makes it appear as though your views are based on prejudice rather than some higher ideological basis, which I’m sure is also present in your philosophy.

  7. Moon-howler

    Just think of it as the empire fighting back.

    I will continue to expose Fox News each and every day if I have to. I have followed them for years and know that as a ‘news station’ they provide more commentary than news.

    The difference between a Maddow clip and Fox News is: we all know that the Maddow clips posted here are satire much like the Jon Stewart clips. Fox News presents itself as serious news. Sometimes is it, but often it is commentary. So we laugh. Sadly, many people don’t realize they are being duped.

    The G20 protestors aren’t new. They follow the Gx around. What’s to say? Here somes stupid? Consider it done. Only they take themselves seriously.

    The problem is, it appears that everyone who doesn’t wear the tinfoil hat is now seen as far left. Oh well…

    As for Deed’s endorsements, he will get some and McDonnell will get some. I can live with that, but can you?

  8. Moon-howler

    Witness, in fairness to McDonnell, I don’t think he said that porn makes you gay. I think someone at the conservative values summit said it last weekend. Did you happen to catch the name?
    Actually, I don’t like right or left misrepresenting opinion as facts. I think everyone should just tell the truth and that we are smart enough to pick which ‘idea’ best represents our own viewpoint. That isn’t going to happen I fear.

  9. hello

    Moon, again, it will save you soooooo much time if you would just re-direct people straight to MSNBC when they go to this site! Think of all of the time you would have to watch Fox, take notes, get all upset, shake your fist, then post another MSNBC clip.

    Is it just me or have you just given up? Take a step back Moon and just look at how many MSDNC clips you have ripped off in the past sever threads. This ‘news’ channel owes our government over $150 BILLION! No conflict of interest there huh… they have a vested interest in pushing the current administrations agenda and bashing any and all dissent. Yet, your still their #1 fan! How funny and sad…

  10. hello

    Instead of talking about the G20 or all of the destruction your fellow left wing extremist have caused over there you just continue to copy MSNBC, again….

    Isn’t if funny, thousands of town hall’s and tea parties, that you cover because they are SO RUDE! How many arrests and property damage did they cause? Then comes the G20, tons of arrests, douche bags trashing stores, cars, you name it… buts it’s those darn town hall and tea party people, they are so rude! They actually talk over people and yell, oh the horror!

  11. hello

    sorry, I forgot, they also carry signs… YIKES! Better keep an eye on those people. Lets all join together and call them all racist and teabaggers… by the way, do you even know what ‘teabagging’ is? I think ShellyB is pretty familiar with it, she uses it constantly:

  12. Last Best Hope

    Hello, please calm yourself. Commentary is en vouge on the cable news channels because it is cheaper to produce than real reporting. If we can accept that Fox News and CNN pioneered this unfortunate transition, we should be able to accept that MSNBC ripped them off from a different political perspective. As I recall it all began with Bob Novak’s show on CNN.

    M-H is free to post whatever she wants on this blog. She is the one who runs it. If you only want to see right wing perspectives on the internet, why do you rely on this blog to provide it?

    And truly the G20 protesters are not and never have been serious news because they have no relationship to mainstream political discourse. No one pays them any mind unless they destroy something, and this only further destroys their credibility. In contrast, the Tea Party events are organized and attended by high ranking public officials and former public officials, including US Senators. Thus, we hold them to a higher standard.

    By the same token, it is not my concern if a fellow citizen loses his composure at Citizens’ Time, but I would be very concerned if Chairman Stewart did so.

    In any case, please stop with this angry obsession with M-H. She is providing a public service that we should appreciate even if we don’t always agree with her opinions or analysis.

  13. hello

    LBH… I suggest the anyone that goes to this site just gets re-directed straight to MSNBC because that is what it has become. Topic after topic after topic after topic… all MSNBC all of the time. I just think that it would save her a ton of time.

    I’m only trying to help…

    Just think of all of the time she would have to watch her favorite ‘news’ programs then post them.

  14. Emma

    I suggest the DHS look very carefully at those violence-prone G20 protesters. Their ethnocentricity is downright SCARY!!!!

  15. kelly3406

    Moon-howler :
    Actually, I don’t like right or left misrepresenting opinion as facts. I think everyone should just tell the truth and that we are smart enough to pick which ‘idea’ best represents our own viewpoint. That isn’t going to happen I fear.

    If that is true, why do you reserve your outrage for the fringe element of the right? There is just as much distortion (if not more) to choose from the fringe element of the left. You lose credibility when you un-skeptically accept commentary from Rachel Maddow when she is just a less talented, left-wing version of Glenn Beck.

  16. hello

    Shhh… we can’t talk about them Emma. At least not until MSNBC does a segment on them.

  17. hello

    couldn’t agree more with kelly3406… spot on.

  18. Emma

    I had to hold my nose and get this from the (gag) Huffington Post:

    Protesters split into smaller groups. Some rolled large metal trash bins toward police, and a man in a black hooded sweat shirt threw rocks at a police car, breaking the front windshield. Protesters broke 10 windows in a few businesses, including a bank branch, a Boston Market restaurant and a BMW dealership, police said.


    The marchers included small groups of self-described anarchists, some wearing dark clothes and bandanas and carrying black flags. Others wore helmets and safety goggles.

    One banner read, “No borders, no banks,” another, “No hope in capitalism.” A few minutes into the march, protesters unfurled a large banner reading “NO BAILOUT NO CAPITALISM” with an encircled “A,” a recognized sign of anarchists.

    Gosh, liberal extremists can be REALLY scary! Someone really needs to keep an eye on these nutjobs! Really, anyone who agrees with any part of their agenda should be investigated. All this liberal media is just egging them on, and should be held responsible for the violence and the property damage.

  19. Last Best Hope

    I fully comprehend your sarcasm, Hello. You don’t have to explain the obvious. But why are you so concerned about the content M-H uses to start off a conversation?

    I agree with you as often as I do M-H, but if I disagreed I would not attack her, I would simply state my reasons for not agreeing, which to me is the point of this blog.

    So what if a few PWC people watched that goofy Maddow spot? Millions of people (who already agree with her) saw it before us.

  20. Punchak

    It’s amazing that Glenn Beck has become a “top TV personality”. He had a very troubled youth. Divorced parents; mother drowned when he was 15. One brother committed suicide. Thanks to the LDS church (he says) he’s now a recovering drug and alcohol addict. Also suffers from ADHD (he says); has a child with serious birth defects. Graduated fr high school; did not attend college.

    Rachel Maddow, on the other hand, graduated from Stanford; first openly gay to get a Rhodes schoolarship; earned a Doctor of Philosophy in politics from Oxford.

    Older bloggers might remember “muckraker” Drew Pearson. Maddow sometimes reminds me of him when she really digs into a subject, like the murder of the poor cencus guy in Kentucky. Her report last night was fascinating.

    As for Slowpoke calling Maddow Richard, Rick, and Mr. That just shows utter homo hatred. If you met my beautiful blond and gay granddaughter you’d not call her “MR”, I assure you.

  21. Moon-howler

    Emma, I agree with you. I do think left wing extremists are very dangerous. I think all extremists are dangerous.

    Why didn’t I cover the G20 protests? What’s do say? Same scene different day. They are obnoxious dangerous pains in the ass who destroy property and cost local jurisdictions a fortune. I don’t think liberals or conservatives have any use for them. They are fringe lunacy.

  22. Moon-howler

    Punchak, thanks for the bio information. Yea, the homo-hatred was showing. I think you called that one right. Maybe it isn’t hate, maybe it is just marginalizing. That’s just as bad.

  23. hello

    Homo hatred? Don’t you find that a little… offensive? Poor choice of words in my opinion. I call her Eli Manning, has nothing to do with her sexual preference, to tell you the truth I didn’t even know she was gay. I call her Eli (QB for the Giants) because she looks just like him:,_Eli/gallery/Eli-Manning-nfl-01/

  24. Emma

    So the G20 protesters don’t count?

    Funny how liberal bad behavior can get so neatly categorized so that it just doesn’t count. But a few hundred elderly Floridians gather to protest what they see as increasing government encroachment, and they are lumped in with violence-prone right-wing extremists who are blinded by racial hatred.

  25. Moon-howler

    Emma, I didn’t say they didn’t count. You can read. I give you more credit than that. I am not wasting my time on them. Feel free to drone on about them. It is probably what they want. They will be back the next time Gx meets, wherever that is.

    I think when those Floridians start biting each others fingers off they are extremists, regardless of ‘sides.’ Isn’t that where the biting took place?

    Who said they were blinded by racial hatred? I must have missed that.

  26. Moon-howler

    I have yet to hear any of you all defend the person who said all porn makes you gay or McDonnell’s silly immature analysis of women when he was 34 years old? Why is that?

    I will continue to laugh at people’s strange ideas, especially when those ideas might just end up as policy. Sadly, all most of you all can do is try to deflect…Moon how about this or that…or just outright attack me and my choice for topics.

    Why? Because the things I am laughing at are simply indefensible.

  27. Emma

    Well, since you want to focus on a 20-year-old thesi, you might also want to look at more recent history, like the President’s legal work for ACORN. Since he apparently believes in forcing lending institutions to grant loans to the unqualified, one should really wonder how he really feels about underage prostitution.

  28. hello

    Sorry Moon, I do agree 100% that the whole “porn makes you gay” thing is just down right re-donk-uloss. It’s just that your points are glossed over by your choice of content. I saw the same things on much more credible sites, just a suggestion… maybe find something other than government owned and operated ‘news’ organizations for your content.

  29. Punchak


    Just looked at Eli. You’re so right. Two very attractive people, IMO.

    Being a total ignoramus when it comes to American football, I had never heard of Eli Manning. If other players are as handsome as he is, I might start paying attenting to the NFL. 🙂

  30. Moon-howler

    Oh Emma, lame! Again, more deflection. How about that porn? Indefensible.

    Good to see the ‘I hate Obama’ theme is still alive and well. Should I get the jump on everyone and start looking for a video on the prez and the ho? Is that what’s coming next?

    Feel free to keep slamming ACORN. I don’t think anyone is defending their actions. You should get a real amen chorus on this topic. What amazes me is where have all the critics been the past 39 years? ACORN has been around as long as my house has been standing. That’s a long time. How about Congress? Should they have been debunking any of this over the years? Maybe we have all just been waiting for the 2 saviors to come along and dupe and entrap the trench workers.

    How about the embezzler? Has he paid back what he has stolen?

    I have said repeatedly, ACORN needed a shake up but this is not new news. ACORN is not a new organization. Where has the oversight been?

    I just refuse to give credit to entrapment.

  31. Moon-howler

    Emma, you know how most of us feel about Abu Ghraib? You know, that the little guy got caught and those who were really responsible got to pass the buck and let others be the fall guy?

    That’s sort of how I feel about those women who were on the front lines. Yes, they, like Lynndie England, did wrong. But they, like Lynndie England, were also the lowest common denominator. At least reach up to the middle management level if people want fall guys.

  32. Emma

    More neat categorizing to excuse bad liberal behavior and judgment. It’s all ancient history for them and should be ignored, but we’ll just obsess over a 20-year-old academic exercise.

    And I seem to remember just last week you saying you didn’t know much at all about ACORN.

  33. Emma

    Good to see the ‘I hate Obama’ theme is still alive and well.

    Oh, please. That tack is already starting to backfire in several of the major national polls.

  34. Emma

    And a 44% disapproval rating? That’s an awful lot of haters out there,I guess. He should be made of tougher stuff than that if he wants to play president.

  35. Moon-howler

    I still don’t know that much about ACORN other than they have been around nearly 40 years. I always had the feeling that they were sort of not on the up and up but it was just an impression. I did not know that Congress gave them bunches of money. I still don’t KNOW that they do, but I am assuming they do since I have heard so many people say it.

    There are a lot of people who hate Obama. So explain how that tack is starting to backfire in the polls? Are you swayed by polls? I don’t need polls to tell me what I see going on right here.

    Deflection again. Like dislike indifference Where do you feel you fit in, Emma?

  36. IWK Manassas

    Porn is a problem for society (objectification of women, etc. i could go on and on) and I believe it harms a lot of people … but, the whole “makes you gay” idea is out there… waaaay out there. Can’t say I really understand the logic there. There are so many valid reasons to be vigilant as parents to protect our kids from porn, however, this definitely is not one. Those who advocate against pornography do good work and this guy hurts that work in my opinion.

    Something interesting that I read recently (which was news to me, but many of you probably already know of), which was that, historically, Virginians tend to elect the party opposite to the one which holds the White House into the governor’s office. (i.e. Democrat President will lead to Republican Governor being elected and vice-versa.) Not sure if history will hold true, but it is an interesting tidbit.

    Just googled it and here’s the link to the Wall Street Journal article where I saw this (the part I’m talking about is near the end, 4th paragraph from the bottom). Will be interesting to see if this pattern holds true.

  37. Moon-howler

    Thanks for that link, IWK. It will be interesting. I am predicting a very tight race. Polls seem harder to conduct now so many people have unlisted cell phone numbers.

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