25 Thoughts to “Just in Case You Missed Glenn over the Weekend…”

  1. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Yeah, only problem is, his ratings are #1 or #2 usually.

  2. hello

    Hmmm… I agree, he shouldn’t go on Beck because he would be left sitting there stammering and stuttering for answers to tough questions. He would come out of it looking pretty bad because Beck wouldn’t ask him about his dog or what kind of music he listens to on Air Force 1.

    Yep, just keep on the same path of giving interviews to the same programs who’s audience already supports what your doing and voted for you. Don’t worry about the other 50% of the population…

  3. Elena

    President Obama would be left stammering with glenn beck? Really? Glenn Beck has likened President Obama to Hitler amoung a whole host of other ridiculous accusations. He doesn’t deserve the priviledge.

  4. Moon-howler

    Bwahahahahaha….Obama stuttering and stammering around Beck?
    Yea right.

    After Beck ran out of eye crossing, eye popping and mouth stretching faces to make at him, he could try out-shouting him.

  5. Moon-howler

    Ratings are #1 and #2? Well, which is it? Ratings as what? Biggest horse’s ass on Fox or in general. Let’s narrow this down, Slow.

    I am not sure that is real flattering to be # 1. *I* watch him daily. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Think how many people like me add to those numbers.

    I just consider him ‘the short version’ if you get my gist. Then I get my ‘after-laugh’ when I hear people I know who LUV Glenn, almost to the point of hero worship. It’s sort of a study into the descent of mankind.

  6. hello

    Just the fact that you all of the far left are soooooo obsessed with Glenn Beck shows he is doing something right. This has to be what the 14th or 15th thread dedicated to Beck and/or Fox.

  7. hello

    “It’s sort of a study into the descent of mankind.” – man, thanks for the laughs Moon. 🙂

    Oh boy, that was a good one. I can’t wait for the next dozen or so topics on Fox and or Beck to see what you will come up with next. Who knows, all of this talking about him may even get more people to watch him.

    Or, how about this, organize a boycott of his show and watch his ratings get even bigger!

  8. Moon-howler

    The scary thing for you should be that you keep coming back to yap about it, Hello.

    Another thing that should scare you is that you see everyone here who doesn’t agree with you as ‘far left.’ Now THAT should concern you.

  9. hello

    Scary for who? I find it scary that you have some sort of obsession with Glenn… I ‘yap’ about it because I find it pretty amusing just how much you follow this guy and how much you love to talk about him even though you apparently hate him (worst then terrorists and the Taliban :-)).

    Also, it doesn’t concern me that I think your ‘far left’…

  10. Pat.Herve

    Ratings – yeah, how are these ratings figured out?? I have *never* participated in these ratings yet (that I know of). And, he is on at 5pm, when most of us who contribute to society are still at work.

  11. Moon-howler

    Pat, that is an excellent point. Maybe he is ‘channeled’ in for the commute crowd and that counts.

    I have no idea where the ratings come from. I think the networks used to put some sort of box on your TV. They never asked me though.

    There isn’t much competition at 5 pm. Plus there is very little difference in this kind of TV and shock jock TV and radio. I think also the 5 o’clock crowd likes the chalk board approach. He is very visual both with his expressions and his attempt at the use of graphic organizers.

  12. hello

    Here you go Pat and Moon, how ratings are calculated: http://www.howstuffworks.com/question433.htm

  13. hello

    It’s not just Glenn’s ratings that are high, look at the ratings for Fox in general. Plus, as someone who has worked in DC for about 14 years people are going into the office earlier and earlier due to rush hour getting worse and worse. I leave the house around 5:45 AM and get home at about 4 PM, as does most of the people I work with.

  14. Moon-howler

    If a certain segment of the population all watches one channel and only one channel, and everyone else watches a variety of channels, I wonder who is going to be the most fairly and accurately informed in the long run.

  15. Gainesville Resident

    No worse than posters on this blog likening local elected officials to . There didn’t seem to be much shock and outrage when that happened, though.

  16. Gainesville Resident

    I would suggest taking a survey of the military – and you’ll find the majority much prefer FOX over CNN. That’s because CNN’s coverage of the Iraq War was highly inaccurate.

  17. Gainesville Resident

    Moon-howler :Pat, that is an excellent point. Maybe he is ‘channeled’ in for the commute crowd and that counts.
    I have no idea where the ratings come from. I think the networks used to put some sort of box on your TV. They never asked me though.
    There isn’t much competition at 5 pm. Plus there is very little difference in this kind of TV and shock jock TV and radio. I think also the 5 o’clock crowd likes the chalk board approach. He is very visual both with his expressions and his attempt at the use of graphic organizers.

    I once got a thing by mail from Nielsen ratings, they wanted me to record my TV viewing habits for a week. However, it was quite onerous – you had to keep track of every channel you watched, even for a minute, and also the times you were able to be by the TV, that is not eating, at work, etc. I took one look at that and how much time it would require, and decided they didn’t need to add my viewing habits to their ratings for one week. I didn’t think I’d be very representative of the population as a whole anyway, but mostly it was the onerous task of filling out the forms. It would have taken away any pleasure from viewing TV for that week, to put it mildly.

  18. Moon-howler

    Gainesville, happy landing. I would not want to do that either. That is too much like work.

    I have a problem with following any one single source of news. Even as a kid we took 2 different newspapers a day–The Richmond Times Dispatch and the Daily Progress. I know many people who brag that they never watch anything but Fox News. I find that horrifying and I would feel exactly the same way if they substituted MSNBC or CNN in the blank. In an information age, why limit yourself to one source or one genre. Why would someone brag about limiting themselves or only hearing about something from one point of view?

  19. Pat.Herve

    Yes, I am familiar with Nielson, but I know of *no one* that has ever participated, which leads me to believe that they are not using people like me (my demographic) to get their ratings.

    And in 2004, Fox was against them moving to an electronic measuring system – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nielsen_Ratings – and the sample population is too small.

  20. Elena


    This is how I remember BVBL. People commented and said the most vile things on that blog. Dehumanization was a popular past time there. Hispanics were responsible for MRSA, they were inherently deviant, they “bred” like animals, they were stupid, they did not have proper hygene, etc etc etc. Poor Richard posted a story from the Baltimore Sun, early 19th century, the same disgusting things were said about the Italians, almost verbatum! No, Nazi was not the proper term to describe this county, but certainly,where we were was not pretty and actually quite scary to me. Where has President Obama advocated or suggested that any one group of people fits this criteria. In fact, I would argue, his message has been, consistently, can’t we all just figure out a way to have a discussion in a civil manner. THAT approach is quite opposite from what happened here in PWC.

    Do you know that Steve Thomas played the Flight of the Bumble Bee at an HSM meeting? I assume you know how that piece of music was misused during WWII. Was it intentional, very doubtful, but that these people had no clue that there was an extremely negative connatation associated with that music during the Holocaust speaks to their ignorance at best.

  21. Gainesville Resident

    It all is still no excuse for all the Nazi nonsense thrown around. Those who did it, stooped just as low if not lower than bvbl. And, the latest time, was on the heels of the Jewish High Holy period – definitely in extreme poor taste. There’s no good reason to have done so, other than for someone to just keep resurfacing the Nazi theme for no good reason. It was either extreme ignorance of the Jewish holidays, or else done to coincide with them on purpose – take your pick, either way that was offensive.

  22. Gainesville Resident

    One could argue labeling people as racists and Nazis who aren’t those things, is dehumanizing them too. As I see it, the people who threw around those terms were just as bad as the bvbl folks. You can’t have it both ways – and there were definitely people called racists and Nazis – heck – I was called both on this blog as an example. Maybe people think I’m a racist, but I’m definitely not a Nazi!

  23. Gainesville Resident

    Yes, that Nielsen rating thing was crazy. I also remember you had to keep a log for each TV set in the house – when it was turned on and what channels it was tuned to, and each family member’s viewing habits too. I wonder how many people took them up on it. I often flip through the channels such as the various news channels (CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc.) back and forth – and I could just imagine having to log all of that viewing.

    I made it to Texas OK obviously. Actually my earlier posts were from Dalls, but now I’m at the hotel near Ft. Hood. Very hot here (95 degrees) and very humid. Typical Texas weather I suppose.

  24. Elena

    Really, you were called a Nazi, verbatum? I only recall one time someone actually being called a Nazi and I corrected that sentiment immediately.

    Say what you will Gainesville, but calling out racism is NOT the same as calling a human being a cockroach, a deviant, stupid, akin to animals, etc etc. THAT is the real issue in my mind. Like I said, I do not agree that PWC was anything like Nazi Germany, I was very clear at all times. However, I will say, whenever you allow hatred to grow towards one group of people, you risk infecting an entire society and you never know when you may be next on the list.

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