Kiran Chetry, formerly of Fox News, currently of CNN is a class act. Jon Stewart had her in his spoof sights recently. Apparently, Chetry was demonstrating a new iphone app that gave traffic reports one day. The next day Kiran had an exposé about how bad using electronics devices while driving is.

Instead of expressing outrage, Kiran Chetry laughed at herself and admitted that Stewart had gotten them and said he was funny. Then she explained that the iphone should be used by a passenger, not the driver, laughing all awhile. How many of our prime time folks are capable of laughing at themselves? Not many. Most take themselves entirely too seriously.

9 Thoughts to “Kiran Chetry is a Class Act”

  1. Moon-howler

    Obviously saying something nice about someone doesn’t have enough raw meat to it to elicit comments. That’s too bad. Oh well, the content matters not to me…

  2. LOLOLOL~!

    Okay. I will comment.

    I laugh at myself all the time. Wanna give me my own show and lots of money? 🙂

  3. Moon-howler

    Why not! Most people don’t laugh when Jon Stewart spoofs them.

  4. kelly3406

    You have guilted me into responding, because saying something nice should make for a worthwhile discussion. I do agree with you about Kiran Chetry being a class act. She is an attractive anchor that can think for herself (unlike the stereotype of female Fox News anchors).

  5. Elena

    That was great! We should all learn to laugh at ourselves sometimes. I have to say, Slow can be very good at making us laugh…..sometimes!

  6. Moon-howler

    Thanks Kelly. I agree about Kiran Chetry. And it takes a big person to be able to sayl, he got us!

    I don’t think there is as much red meat in saying something nice. It just isn’t controversial enough. But somehow, I feel better after having done it.

  7. Moon-howler

    Kelly, what do you think should happen in Afghanistan?

  8. kelly3406

    Our long-term security requires us to do the counter-insurgency mission proposed by MacChrystal AND the counter-terrorism mission proposed by Biden. This past weekend’s deadly battle in Afghanistan proved that the Taliban can create numerical superiority in the tribal regions where the counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism missions would be waged. This shows that we will need many, many more troops (50K). In the short term, there will be a lot more casualties.

  9. Moon-howler

    I agree with you but I was curious as to your opinion. I am sure you know more of the inside story than I do. I believe you either go to war or you stay home. I don’t like things done half arsed.

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