Tomorrow is the Big Day!

All the geeks and geekesses know that October 22 is the big day.  Those who are normal are probably shrugging their shoulders and looking about.  What’s so special about October 22?  It is the day that Windows 7 comes out!

Besides thinking new software is way cool, many of us just never took to Vista.  Vista is a pretty software.  Your desktop looks pretty.  However, behind the scenes, Vista is awkward.  It asks too many questions.  It questions your every move.  It thinks it knows better than you do.  Many people returned to XP or never left it in the first place simply because of Vista’s drawbacks.

Unlike Win 95  and XP, Vista was just never intuitive.  It somehow managed to break that natural linear thinking so many of us had gotten used to with Win 95 and XP.  I find myself dumping money into my hold workhorse XP laptop because I still haven’t gotten used to Vista.  It just isn’t natural.  I have had almost 2 years  to get used to it.  It isn’t going to happen.

So tomorrow is Nirvana for all of us geeks and geekesses.  The reviews make me sort of nervous.  I haven’t seen anyone swoon yet.  I want to see swooning!  I want this to be the best and most beautiful operating system ever!  Who is getting it?  Who is upgrading?  Who is getting a new system?  Who simply doesn’t care?  Does anyone out there like Vista?

Man With Muscular Dystophy Sues Insurance Giant Guardian

I am beginning to believe that the most adamant voices against insurance reform must be healthy individuals. Written on a inner office e-mail, this human being, who fights daily to survive and thrive despite his disability, is likened to a “dog”. Gaurdian Insuracne Company contemplates dropping an entire population just to get rid of this person and a few other sick individuals.