While we have not endorsed candidates in local elections, some of the endorsements have been noteworthy.  The News and Messenger has endorsed newcomer John Bell for delegate of the 13th state district.  John Bell is resident of South Riding which is a newer, more progressive section of Loudoun County, right over the Fairfax County line.  The area tends to vote Democrat.  Bell is interested in transportation, education,the economy and things that affect people’s daily lives.  

We thought that endorsement article should be reprinted in  its entirety since most challengers to the 13th have been local.  Additonally, most of Gainesville and Haymarket include the 13th:

ENDORSEMENT: Lend your support to John Bell in the 13th

Our View
Published: October 22, 2009
In the 13th District, it is time for a change.

For more than 18 years, Republican Del. Bob Marshall has served parts of Prince William and Loudon counties, and he has done so honorably.We ask that you give your vote to Democrat John Bell in the 13th District.

We have great respect for his intelligence and passion.

For example, Marshall defended Virginia against unconstitutional taxes and fees.

The Northern Virginia Transportation Authority would have had the power to collect taxes and fees from Virginia residents, yet none of its members were to be elected directly to their posts by the electorate. Marshall’s case went to the Virginia Supreme Court, and the revenue-generating scheme was found unconstitutional in 2008.

Marshall was also a stalwart defender of families with autism this past session, and for that he deserves admiration.

However, his antagonistic approach to legislating in general has restricted his influence in the House. He has even been denied at least one committee chairmanship because of his behavior. As the 18th
highest-ranking member in the House, he should be able to wield the power that comes from seniority. But his behavior has drained whatever prestige time has given him.

Also, his focus on social issues takes up time that would be better spent focusing on matters that have more direct effects on his constituents.

Democrat John Bell would be a welcome change.

Bell recognizes the need to make transportation a priority. He has good suggestions, such as putting a dedicated lane for Bus Rapid Transit down the middle of Interstate 66.

He supports ideas such as “Slug West,” which would transport the concept of slugging, widely used on Interstate 95, to areas of I-66 and Va. 267.

Bell, like Marshall, wants to do what he can for small businesses. But we have faith that Bell, not distracted by pet projects, would actually dedicate time to improving the climate for these businesses.

On education, he proposes common-sense cost-saving measures such as using smaller vehicles to transport students to school when there are too few to warrant a gas-guzzling bus.

These are just some of the reasons we support him.

In our editorial endorsement interview, Bell showed an impressive level of understanding on the issues and displayed a creative and a practical approach to solving them.

We wish that Marshall could find a way to become more influential in Richmond, but after more than 18 years, we don’t think it’s going to happen.



23 Thoughts to “News and Messenger Endorses John Bell for the 13th”

  1. IVAN

    Someone’s gonna be very unhappy about this.

  2. Lafayette

    Ivan, they sure are. Well, that’s just TFB.

  3. Moon-howler

    Lots of someones are probably very unhappy about this.


  4. Moon-howler

    This should give one certain someone time to watch over those luv canals.

  5. Lafayette

    Did I hear “luv canals”?..Oh, but what about those “frat house playboys”?
    I will take that as a request for this youtube fav. 🙂

  6. Moon-howler

    I figured you would be right along behind me to provide the frat boys. Thanks Lafayette!

  7. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    John Bell. LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!!!!

  8. Moon-howler

    Oh share the laughter, Slow. You have been on the dark side too much, listening to a certain donkey bray too much.

    I would think you would like Bell’s stance on illegal immigration.

  9. anona

    Move along, nothing new here. The MJM has never endorsed Bob Marshall.

  10. Moon-Howler

    Oh but anona, we prefer to linger.

    Perhaps they have just refused to endorse. I seem to recall some newspaper endorsing Marshall back in the 90’s.

    Bell is an interesting candidate. Shouldn’t the endorsement be about him rather than about Marshall?

    Many of our contributors are moderate to progressive, living in the 13th district.

    You sound like you don’t care much for John Bell?

  11. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Say, isn’t it about time the Washington Post endorse Deeds again??

  12. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Bell is an interesting candidate……sure! Interesting is, I suppose, one way to put it! Why not!?

  13. Last Best Hope

    Bell has impressed me, I must admit. I knew him before he threw his hat in the ring, or even considered it, and I would have welcomed him as a Republican. Bell is the right kind of Democrat in my view, while Marshall is becoming the wrong kind of Republican.

    Now, this is not because of anything Marshall has done. He has remained true to his ideals as I believe a politician should. I forgive him his tantrums on the house floor: he is a passionate man and he does not hold back. But now days, the Republican party needs to move to the center, and one way to do so is to part with some of the old warriors who have fought so valiantly for the values of another era.

  14. Rick Bentley

    Well I’ll vote for whichever will send the strongest message from me that I’m sick of illegal immigration, and will vote every time based on my concern about it. I guess that’s Marshall.

  15. Someone should be glad that Marshall is concerned with abortion, Most economist’s agree that the loss of 1/3 of our future human capital will be catastrophic In terms of lost productivity and accomplishment. Unborn children are deprived of their Natural Rights and due process as defined by “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” in the Declaration of Independence and “Life, Liberty and Property” in the Constitutions due process clause. Marshall also represents the majority of the 13th district’s views on abortion. He is an effective representative and one of the only Politicians (R or D) that perform their duties with absolute honor, integrity and faithfulness.

    Most VA Delegates aren’t worthy to serve with a man of this caliber.

  16. Moon-howler

    PWC, do you really believe the crap you are spewing? You have no idea how most people in the 13 district feel about abortion. Name me some economists who feel that way. Any old lie in a storm to bolster up one’s point of view.

    I would say Marshall is more than ‘concerned’ over abortion. He obsesses, to the point that most of his colleagues, even in his own party, find him to be somewhat of a joke.

    As a conservative, you should want government out of your business, not send them an invitation to come into your bedroom.

    I trust the women of Virginia to do what is morally appropriate for them. It is not up to you or Bob Marshall to make this decision. It is also not up to Bob Marshall to determine if taking contraception or morning after pills is morally appropriate.

  17. Rick Bentley

    I take it back, Marshall’s own mailer that I got today, speaking of gighting to define life as beginning at conception, and fighting agsinst gay marriage, convinced me to vote for Bell.

  18. Doesn’t Marshall want life to begin at fertilization? He used to. It makes a big difference medically. Fertilization is defined as union of egg and sperm. Conception is defined as implantation of fertilized egg. Since many forms of modern contraception prevent implantation, should Roe v Wade ever be overturned, most oral contraception in Virginia would be illegal.

    Marshall is sneaky like that. I notice on his website he doesn’t go in to all that. However, his voting record says otherwise.

  19. JustinT

    Bob Marshall is not only a joke in Richmond. A lot of people around here fall on their butts laughing when you mention the Love Canals Loon. Also, the Hate Amendment of 2006, while not a laughing matter, turned a lot of people off in the middle. Even if you are a little homophobic, most people would not want the government going after people in their bedrooms. Also, it was an obvious political ploy to put that on the ballot. If you want to make gay hate official, put it to a vote in Richmond.

  20. Lafayette

    @Rick Bentley
    Hopefully there are more in the 13th that are thinking like you Rick. One day the people of the 13th will get sick of Marshall, and vote him right out of office. I will confess, I don’t think Marshall is all bad. I do believe he will fight for what HE believes in. This is a problem. Glad I live in the 50th.

  21. Lafayette

    PWCon said..
    “Most VA Delegates aren’t worthy to serve with a man of this caliber.”
    Right, they deserve BETTER!!!

  22. Ho HO HO lafayette tells it like it is.

    No kidding. All deserve better.

  23. I always wonder about the way people phrase things.

    John Bell is resident of South Riding which is a newer, more progressive section of Loudoun County, right over the Fairfax County line. The area tends to vote Democrat. Bell is interested in transportation, education, the economy and things that affect people’s daily lives.

    By implication I suppose we are to understand that Republicans, particularly Del. Marshall, is less progressive and less interested in transportation, education, the economy and things that affect people’s daily lives.

    You might want to check out Marshall’s website and my last several posts. I think it is safe to say that what you are implying distorts the facts.

    Sadly, your word usage is also unfair to the language. “Progressive.” Until Liberals made the word “Liberal” odious, it use to mean something nice. Now the same thing is happening to the word “Progressive.”

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