Open Weekend Thread

We haven’t had one of these for a while so we  might as well open it on up.  I also need a place to put up a few admin notes. 

For the past month, Anti  been operating with one hand tied behind our backs.  There was an upgrade and we could not look at more than one comment at a time behind the scenes.  If you commented and your polite comment never appeared, and if you are a newcomer or a regular posting under a  new name or email address,  try again.  We are sorry, we had software glitches.  

I went through some of the unpublished comments tonight.  You might find them buried in the middle of other comments, at the time they were posted.  Also, the blog is now set to cut  off comments on any thread, after 2 weeks.  That helps us stay on top of things better.

A newer, better wordpress upgrade is out and we can now perform tasks that we have been unable to do for the past month.   Thanks Alanna for sticking with it and coming to our rescue.

This might be a good time to revisit some of the blog rules.  First off, the H and N words having to do with Germany are still verboten.  It was getting out of hand.  Maybe some day….  I, M-H, confess to being the one who finally lost it over those 2 words. 

Ad hominem attacks on contributors or on the admins are discouraged.  That kind of discourse is counter-productive and hampers discussion.  95% of our contributors are courteous and polite, even those who strongly disagree with some or all of us.

So enough business.  Happy weekend.  I am just sitting here listening to some Bob Dylan, celebrating the blog being healed and enjoying Windows 7.  It really was the computer fix I needed.  I am not disappointed.  🙄