Corrections Officers Charged with Dog Fondling

Five Virginia corrections officers have been charged with animal cruelty for filming the ‘bad touching’ of a german shepherd training in the k-9 unit. Apparently one of the newer men was the ‘handler’ and the others video taped the event and egged him on.

Do we seriously want these creeps as correction officers? It sounds to me like they are in training for Abu Gharib prison. 2 of the men have either resigned or been terminated.

Legally speaking though, is this animal cruelty? What statutes are on the books for this one? I had no idea fondling animals was against the law. I guess it just wasn’t something I had give much thought to. What makes people do things like this? Is SA right? Is this a sign of a permissive society? Or, has this kind of behavior always existed and there were fewer ways to document it?

On one level, is this just ridiculous! On another level, there is something very disturbing about this incident. Prisoners and k-9 dogs are both at the mercy of these people. What does getting caught fondling a dog and video taping the incident say about personal judgement? Will this kind of judgement be used when working with prisoners? How soon will a law suit be filed because of one of these clowns if allowed to work for the state? Finally, is this the best we can do as a society?

To wit:

Grimes suggested Beasley would have a difficult time proving animal cruelty.

“The statute is not set up to deal with this type of thing. I don’t think the legislature quite had this in mind,“ he said.

Beasley said the misdemeanor charge for each defendant was the same, punishable by up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

“They were all kind of there assisting in one way or the other,“ he said.

In Virginia, bestiality is covered by crimes against nature, which could have resulted in a felony charge, according to state statutes. But a felony charge requires “carnal knowledge” of a “brute beast,“ implying intercourse, said Beasley, who added that he consulted with the state veterinarian’s office before filing the charges.
Trial is set for Nov. 20 for all except Webb, who will be tried Dec. 11.

Asked if he knew why the officers videotaped the incidents, Beasley replied: “I don’t have the slightest idea — I really don’t.“

Grimes is one of the accused’s attorney.
Beasley is the Powhattan County Commonwealth’s Attorney.

And Paul Ebert thought HE had problems with the Bobbitt case!

Feature story in News and Messenger

So as we ponder why it is illegal to walk around naked while home alone, let’s also ponder pet fondling. This place is just getting too kinky for me.

Good News /Bad News on the Gang Front

There is both good news and bad news on the gang front.  The bad news is that gangs are creeping down into middle schools and they have become the new epicenters for gang recruitment as well as gang activity.  Middle schoolers are typically aged 11-15. 

The good news is that gang activity and crime have dropped since 2004.  In 2007, gang offenses in public schools were down 37%.   Much of the good news is attributed to the efforts of the Northern Virginia Gang Task Force.

In releasing the Northern Virginia Comprehensive Gang Assessment, a study of the region’s gang activity from 2003 to 2008, officials emphasized that although middle school gang activity is a concern, gangs are less of a problem in Northern Virginia and its schools than they are elsewhere. They credited the task force and a strong regional economy.

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