Five Virginia corrections officers have been charged with animal cruelty for filming the ‘bad touching’ of a german shepherd training in the k-9 unit. Apparently one of the newer men was the ‘handler’ and the others video taped the event and egged him on.

Do we seriously want these creeps as correction officers? It sounds to me like they are in training for Abu Gharib prison. 2 of the men have either resigned or been terminated.

Legally speaking though, is this animal cruelty? What statutes are on the books for this one? I had no idea fondling animals was against the law. I guess it just wasn’t something I had give much thought to. What makes people do things like this? Is SA right? Is this a sign of a permissive society? Or, has this kind of behavior always existed and there were fewer ways to document it?

On one level, is this just ridiculous! On another level, there is something very disturbing about this incident. Prisoners and k-9 dogs are both at the mercy of these people. What does getting caught fondling a dog and video taping the incident say about personal judgement? Will this kind of judgement be used when working with prisoners? How soon will a law suit be filed because of one of these clowns if allowed to work for the state? Finally, is this the best we can do as a society?

To wit:

Grimes suggested Beasley would have a difficult time proving animal cruelty.

“The statute is not set up to deal with this type of thing. I don’t think the legislature quite had this in mind,“ he said.

Beasley said the misdemeanor charge for each defendant was the same, punishable by up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

“They were all kind of there assisting in one way or the other,“ he said.

In Virginia, bestiality is covered by crimes against nature, which could have resulted in a felony charge, according to state statutes. But a felony charge requires “carnal knowledge” of a “brute beast,“ implying intercourse, said Beasley, who added that he consulted with the state veterinarian’s office before filing the charges.
Trial is set for Nov. 20 for all except Webb, who will be tried Dec. 11.

Asked if he knew why the officers videotaped the incidents, Beasley replied: “I don’t have the slightest idea — I really don’t.“

Grimes is one of the accused’s attorney.
Beasley is the Powhattan County Commonwealth’s Attorney.

And Paul Ebert thought HE had problems with the Bobbitt case!

Feature story in News and Messenger

So as we ponder why it is illegal to walk around naked while home alone, let’s also ponder pet fondling. This place is just getting too kinky for me.

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  1. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    There was a film out in 2007 called “Zoo”, about my buddy Kenneth Pinyan. Won an award at the Sundance Festival. Check it out!!

  2. I know I’m sick, but I laughed my butt off when I read that article!

  3. I tried to find a picture of a laughing German Shepherd….that is how sick I am.

    What were they thinking of!!! If that’s what floats their boat, then get their own dog!!!

  4. IWK Manassas

    This is just gross. The most disturbing thing is that abuse of animals can be an indicator of a person’s likelihood of abusing a person. The people involved who egged it on and filmed it are just as disgusting as the person who actually did it.

  5. RingDangDoo

    So many thoughts…

    – They were K-9 “handlers”. Where’s the beef? 🙂

    – Anyone ask the dog how s/he felt?

    – Moon (clean pic) –>

  6. RingDangDoo

    >>>I tried to find a picture of a laughing German Shepherd….that is how sick I am.

    My opinion of you just went up a notch. 😉

  7. 🙄 Oh Dear God, I spit coke on my computer screen. LOL

    But how do we KNOW that is a German Shepherd?

    It was a he. It implied so in the article.

    So we now have 2 fired K-9 handlers and 2 fired airline pilots.

  8. Apparently the 4 who were egging on were hazing the one who actually had to do the ‘handling.’ I think they were worse than the handler. They had been around longer and were pulling his leg.

  9. Opinion

    I would love to hear what PETA has to say about this.

  10. I don’t think I could call that one, Opinion. Would they approve or not approve?

  11. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    There was a movie called “zoo” that won an award at the 2007 Sundance Festival about “a man and his horse”. Good Stuff!

  12. Leila

    I never had heard of the film, but now I see I certainly heard of the case it was about. It’s a documentary about that case that made national news back in 2005 when a man in Washington state died after having sex with a horse. Led to new legislation, etc. etc.

  13. Leila

    Off topic, and I apologize, but I could have sworn Anti had a thread about those boys at Stonewall Jackson High School who made a swastika and KKK with sod. But I am not seeing it in a search. Am I imagining things?

    I was just reading stories (Washington Post, NBC) about the proposed expulsion. One of the links appears to have a comment by one of the kid’s mothers. Or at least that is what she claims.

  14. Lafayette

    This story was definately covered by anti. There was a mother of a child that came on and told her story. The morning I saw the story break, I had two suspects that came immediately to mind. Low and behold they were indeed involved. The boys are NOT attending PWC schools. They are being home schooled, one moved out the immediate area. I will try to find the post for you.

  15. Lafayette

    Here’s thread..
    Comment#75 is the one you are looking for posted by A Parent.
    Now, back to scheduled programming. I can’t believe these 5 sick sh!ts.

  16. Leila

    Thanks Lafayette. I had searched Stonewall. Actually the parental comment I was referring to was from one of the mother’s today, in response to the threat of expulsion. It is in the NBC link above.

  17. Hold on folks. There will be a thread on the SJHS kids coming up soon.

  18. Lafayette

    Thanks, for the clarification, Leila. I thought that was an old story and didn’t look at it. Unfortunately the sound was not working through the whole video clip. I know one child claims to be remorseful and was upset that they couldn’t attend Homecoming, but on their FaceBook page they use the N-word(and I don’t mean (the German N word)). When I see that, then I think expulsion is certainly within the realm of possibilities for punishment. Then another one of the guilty parties came along told him “real mean don’t go to Homecoming”. This kind of crap out of their mouths and from their fingertips on the keyboard make me think they did NOT learn a damn thing. sigh

    [Edited for posting purposes at request of author.]

  19. Lafayette

    Sorry Moon I’m in modification for using a word. Will we need to repost our comments or can they be moved by the admin? 😉

  20. You are free. I fixed it.

    Where is the audio? Did I overlook it?

  21. Rod

    I used to work at the Powhatan Corrections Center as an officer back in the 80’s. Somehow, knowing some of the officers that worked there, this doesn’t surprise me at all, I hate to say.
    They used to use one or two of the inmates to work at the kennal and “run” the dogs. One of the inmates was caught and punished for giving one of the dogs oral sex. Yeah, I know what your thinking and that’s the first thing that popped in my mind when I first heard this.

  22. IWK Manassas

    The “ick” factor just multiplied two times after that story about Powhatan. Ugh. Sounds like a hellish work environment, glad you’re not there anymore Rod.

  23. That was so ick it almost didn’t make it…but this is a disgusting topic anyway.

    I knew prisons were sick places. The prisoners should have no contact with the dogs.

  24. Elena

    Welcome Back!!!!! 🙂

  25. Rick Bentley

    So they were playing “Red Rockets” with the dog. (South Park fans will get that reference).

    THIS merits a suspension, probably not firing based on what I read in the article, and definitely not criminal charges.

    It is crazy that these people are being persecuted for this.

  26. Red Rocket goes back further than South Park. Mr. Howler has used that expression for years…usually directed at some dog with bad manners.

    I would say firing for inappropriate use of … materials but no criminal charges. I mean what is the charge? I would love to go to that hearing but I would get thrown out for not being able to keep a straight, dignified face in court.

    I do think I might fire the pervs …if for no other reason, they wasted ‘company time.’

  27. Rick Bentley

    It is common knowledge by the way that in “training” dolphins, the handlers masturbate them. Which raises the question of who is training who and which is the more intelligent species.

  28. Rick Bentley

    This is really not a big deal. I do this with our family dog all the … no, not really. just wanted to check that anyone is listening.

  29. Rick Bentley

    They wasted company time, yeah, but many people do. The question at heart of whether to fire them, to me, is whether gratifying the dog will make it less prone to take orders. If the dog’s ability to function well as a K-9 dog is impaired at all, they should probably be fired.

  30. LOL LOL yes, I was listening.

    I am not even going to go there….re whether the dog is impaired….

    However, I did not know that about dolphins. They have some rather interesting sex habits though. Also male dolphins can get too agressive with human females. There are several famous documented cases…..I digress….

  31. Elena

    Rick Bentley :This is really not a big deal. I do this with our family dog all the … no, not really. just wanted to check that anyone is listening.

    You have a sick sense of humor! I think I could have gone on the rest of my life and not had a visual of the dog handlers OR the dolphin trainers 🙄

    As a member of PETA, I imagine that they would be concerned about the welfare of the dogs and where this behavior could ultimately lead, but ultimately they have bigger issues to deal with, like skinning dogs and cats alive for fur.

  32. Actually this practice is not unusual with dog breeders. Some dogs need to be artificially inseminated. I have a friend who I finally just had to tell to shut up! The ewww factor was just too much. TMI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Elena

    I agree with Emma on all counts…………EWWWWWWW

  34. Rick Bentley

    We need also to consider whether the dog might have been “asking for it”. Was the dog rolling around and exposing itself? Many dogs do this.

    Those who are not squeamish about the perverted behavior that some dogs exhibit may wish to view videos like this one – – or this one – .

    Another factor, how old was the dog? To be past the age of consent the dog should be approximately 2.29 years old by my calculations.

  35. Rick Bentley

    For that matter, gorillas in public zoos also exhibit this type of decadent, permissive behavior. I must warn you that this video is graphic in nature, however I personally challenge you to watch this and not laugh –

  36. I wouldn’t take my kids to the monkey house for years, for similar reasons. The animals were bad but the adults watching them turned a trip to the zoo into an x rated field trip.

    Do we have to use the honor system about reporting laughter to you, Rick?

  37. Rick Bentley

    I would assume that everyone who saw the gorilla clip laughed. And 80% of people who watched the two dogs.

    I see there’s a lot of this stuff on youtube.

  38. Warning, don’t go looking on youtube. It remembers. {{{ shudder.}}} I looked up dolphin sex. When I came back to youtube later on there was quite a variety of ‘stuff’ waiting for me that I would have rather not had.

    Now I am scared to go look at Rick’s Gorilla video. Youtube will know!!!!!

  39. Rick Bentley

    Well I for one am done looking at this prurient stuff, so I’m sure youtube will stop pointing me to it soon.

  40. It will remember your lasciviouslness Rick. Forever.

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