What the F**(Fox)!!!

What the Fox! Oh for Fox sake! Its the weekend. Time for a little Fox-opinu-tainment with our favorite Stewart, John, of Comedy Central, who outdoes himself this time.

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My biggest problem with the war Fox is waging is that it destroys confidence. During the Depression and WWII, FDR continually spoke to the American people, reassuring them. He tried to paint a rosy picture, perhaps rosier than it should have been.

Much has been made since those days about the fireside chat mentality of the era. People felt reassured by their president on a weekly basis. However, back then there was no 24 hour news. News was a family time, when the family all gathered around a huge ugly radio and they listened. And the president spoke. It didn’t matter if those listening were Democrats or Republicans. They listened and somehow gained a little more positive outlook on the week ahead.

After a day of Fox News, I just feel despondent, like the world is coming to an end and that it is 2012 on Mayan calendar. The doom and gloom of the country is just oppressively hanging in the air because this dark picture has been painted for hours.

How the $%^&*() are we ever going to gain confidence and assurance in our country if we continue to hear how it is headed for financial ruin and socialism an any other vile condition you don’t want attributed to your country?  It appears  American people have no chance of showing their true mettle because too many have fallen victim to the pessimism of this news channel that seeks to destroy a presidency.