What the Fox! Oh for Fox sake! Its the weekend. Time for a little Fox-opinu-tainment with our favorite Stewart, John, of Comedy Central, who outdoes himself this time.

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My biggest problem with the war Fox is waging is that it destroys confidence. During the Depression and WWII, FDR continually spoke to the American people, reassuring them. He tried to paint a rosy picture, perhaps rosier than it should have been.

Much has been made since those days about the fireside chat mentality of the era. People felt reassured by their president on a weekly basis. However, back then there was no 24 hour news. News was a family time, when the family all gathered around a huge ugly radio and they listened. And the president spoke. It didn’t matter if those listening were Democrats or Republicans. They listened and somehow gained a little more positive outlook on the week ahead.

After a day of Fox News, I just feel despondent, like the world is coming to an end and that it is 2012 on Mayan calendar. The doom and gloom of the country is just oppressively hanging in the air because this dark picture has been painted for hours.

How the $%^&*() are we ever going to gain confidence and assurance in our country if we continue to hear how it is headed for financial ruin and socialism an any other vile condition you don’t want attributed to your country?  It appears  American people have no chance of showing their true mettle because too many have fallen victim to the pessimism of this news channel that seeks to destroy a presidency.

22 Thoughts to “What the F**(Fox)!!!”

  1. Elena

    I just love John Stewart!

  2. LMAO! I love when you post his videos.

    I’m bias that way.

  3. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Dude, please. After the last 8 years, the left has it coming, and coming baaaaad. If the president had an ounce of intelligence or ability, Fox couldn’t touch him.

  4. Could you reverse that statement and substitute the right has it coming and roll back the calendar? Remember the Clinton years? 🙄

    Actually, there is no excuse for continually bashing a president, I don’t care who he or hopefully she, one day, is.

  5. M-H in Drag

    I am trying on my new costume for you all.

  6. Emma

    “After a day of Fox News,”

    A day? That is some serious devotion, Moon.

  7. It is painful to do, Emma. I have done it many times.

  8. Gainesville Resident

    M-H in Drag :
    I am trying on my new costume for you all.

    Another good avatar!

  9. kelly3406

    Yeah …. that confidence thing was really important. That’s why the length of the depression was limited to ….. 7 years. I am hoping to limit the current downward spiral to 4 years — it should end on January 2012.

  10. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Things could start to improve a bit toward the end of 2010!

  11. Moon-howler :
    Actually, there is no excuse for continually bashing a president, I don’t care who he or hopefully she, one day, is.

    Agreed. It’s a counter-productive waste of time.

  12. M-H in Drag

    Confidence is an important part of the recovery cycle. Without confidence people won’t spend, invest, or a myriad of other things.

  13. Second-Alamo

    You’re right, ignorance is bliss, and there are a lot of ignorant people supporting the ever increasing social agenda. Those of course are usually the ones that never did anything with their lives, and are now fending for handouts. In their minds government support is the only way for the future. I look to the pioneering spirit that made this country. No handouts there!

  14. M-H in Drag

    Second Alamo, I think ‘social agenda’ is code for things we don’t like. The issues I place under ‘social agenda’ don’t have anything to do with handouts and people who want something for nothing.

    On the subject of those people (the same ones who screwed up in school, kept themselves and others from learning, had bunches of kids they didn’t take care of, won’t work, won’t stop drinking and drugging….blah blah blah) I would agree with you.

  15. Witness Too

    I think it’s pretty clear there are far too many Republicans who are more loyal to their party than to their contry (same goes for Price William County as we learned the hard way in the 2007 election). They don’t even try to hide it anymore. Rush Limbaugh openly stated that he wants America to fail so Republicans can win future elections. So I would take the consumer confidence thing with a grain of salt. Some Fox “News” or Limbaugh ditto-heads might actually believe the doom and gloom hysteria, but there are many also who give negative responses to questions about the economy, knowing full well that we have already reversed the Bush Economic Disaster policies and the GNP is growing again, because they are trying to prolong the Bush Recession long enough that it become’s Obama’s.

  16. M-H in Drag

    I think Obama already owns it, whether he wanted to or not.

    Interesting theory you presented.

    I often wondered if Al Gore was glad he didn’t win and if Bush was sorry after 9/11. I expect there is a part of Obama who wishes he hadn’t inherited this economic mess.

    And for the record, I don’t necessarily blame Bush for it either. I think it was a perfect storm.

  17. Witness Too

    I think most economists agree that it was negligence more than anything that caused the Bush Economic Crisis. Of course Obama is 100 percent sorry that it happened, not only because it hinders his legislative agenda, but also because Bush economics has had tragic impacts on millions of Americans and millions of people throughout the world.

    Reagan also came in during rough economic times. But there was none of this foolery trying to put partisan interests before the economic well-being of the country.

    After the assassination attempt in particular (similar to after 9/11) the Democrats rallied behind the President. But with Bush there was bipartisan cooperation even be the shock to the system that united the two parties.

    Obama has seen no such “country first” spirit from Congressional Republicans.

    It’s so ridiculous to blame Obama for the debt and the deficit. Bush inherited a SURPLUS and then passed on a 1.2 trillion dollar debt. Did we hear a peep from Republicans at any point when Bush was ramming through and sneaking through deficit spending??? Not that I heard, and least not until he was working on his second trillion.

    So now under Obama the debt is 1.4 trillion, and most of that was emergency stimulus to avoid a second Great Depression (a policy begun under guess who? BUSH!!!). Blaming Obama for the deficit, the debt, or the state of the economy is like blaming Reagan for the Iran Hostage crisis.

    Only blind partisanship could cause one to blame the one solving your crises instead of the one who created them.

  18. M-H in Drag

    There you have it.

    I don’t think Reagan did a lot of people favors. Some of the tax problems today came into being during the Reagan years.

  19. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Well, I suppose it’s an appropriate post, since if this White House had it’s way, Comedy Central is where everyone would get their news.

  20. I would prefer comedy central over Fox.

    Remember Bush’s unhappiness with msnbc? I don’t watch that station very often…once a month maybe, so I didn’t understand the gripping. I do understand this. It isn’t news.

  21. Formerly Anonymous

    Witness Too :Did we hear a peep from Republicans at any point when Bush was ramming through and sneaking through deficit spending??? Not that I heard, and least not until he was working on his second trillion.

    You must not have been reading very many conservative magazines or websites then. National Review, hardly an minor voice in conservative circles, in particular regularly savaged Bush on No Child Left Behind, “Compassionate Conservativism” and spending practically from January 21, 2001. Medicare part D was widely unpopular on the right. Many of their columnists commented about what the substantive difference there would have been on spending between Gore and Bush.

    I’ll admit that the Republicans in Congress did virtually nothing to stop spending under Bush, but to claim there was no opposition within the GOP to Bush’s spending is a bit of a reach. There has been a fiscally conservative wing of the GOP since the Goldwater days if not earlier. Sometimes it’s dominate (like in 1978-1984 and again from 1992-2000) but sometimes it’s not (2000-2006) But it is a sizeable faction within the party, probably only second in size to those opposed to abortion.

    I think one thing most people can agree on is that regardless of party, getting Congress to cut spending is very difficult. 1994-2000 was an exception and the reductions in the deficit(we haven’t had a real annual surplus in the budget since the early 50s) were due more to surging tax revenues outpacing spending increases.

  22. Poor Richard

    Every President, even the ones on Mt. Rushmore, has been subject to attack
    and criticism (remember Abe had almost half the country walk out the door before
    he even took office). And Google – FDR critics – a long listing. The same for
    TR, Jefferson, Washington, etc.

    Granted, FOX and the 24-7 Say Something! Anything!”news” make it challenging
    but there was never a “Golden Age” of no critics.

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