14 Thoughts to “Manassas: The 150th Anniversary”

  1. Poor Richard

    Assume this is to help promote the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War in our area.
    Interesting that 150 years later states that fought each other are united around
    one purpose – build tourism! Penn., Va., WVa., and Md. are now working in concert.

    While our Commonwealth suffered the most as the main battleground of the
    conflict, it may now benefit the most for the same reason.

  2. Poor Richard

    May want to Google “The Journey Through Hallowed Ground Partnership”.

  3. Its about time the old Dominion got something for their pain and suffering. I was always told that Virginia paid war reparations until the late 1920’s.

    PR, do you know anything about this movie? We were counting on your to know the full story.

  4. IVAN

    I would add that Oct. 19 was the 150th anniversary of John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry. I don’t know about a movie but if there is one, I would imagine that George Cloney won’t play the leading role.

  5. I want Stephen Lang and Robert Duvall down here, damn it! Right now.

    That’s ok. I named my dog Jackson for the occassion. His predecessor was named Stonewall, Stoney for short.

  6. A few movies coming out as far as I can tell in my searches. Here’s one from Alexandria: Movie On 5th N.Y. Will Recall Pohanka’s Legacy

    By Deborah Fitts

    ALEXANDRIA, Va. — One of the legacies of the late historian, preservationist and reenactor Brian Pohanka has been playing out on the rolling fields of Maryland and in the streets of Old Town Alexandria: filming for a full-length feature movie on his beloved 5th New York Zouaves.

    Pohanka’s widow, Cricket Bauer Pohanka, is executive producer of “Red Legged Devils.” The movie traces the actual experiences of the regiment through the eyes of a fictionalized individual, a 30-year-old law clerk from Brooklyn who enlists in businessman Abram Duryee’s colorful new regiment at the outset of the war.


  7. Poor Richard

    Not sure yet exactly how this promo piece will be used, but think it is well done
    and hopefully it will be encourage people to visit our area.

    – 50 years after the conflict: In July 1911, an amazing event took place in
    Manassas. The Manassas Jubilee of Peace brought together Union and
    Confederate veterans — the first time both sides came together
    on the same ground in a ceremony of peace and reconcilation. There
    is a historical marker on the Old Prince William Courthouse lawn to show
    where President Taft spoke, as part of the ceremonies.

    – 100 years after the conflict: July 1961 – a huge reenactment was held
    at the battlefield with such “vexing problems” as heat, traffic, etc. that
    Edwin Bearess (Historian Emeritus, National Park Service) says the
    Park Service has never allowed another one on park property.

    – 150 years after the conflict: ? – The planning is still in progress. Part of it
    is the Journey Through Hallowed Ground Program.

  8. How vexing could the problems have been, compared to the actual battle?

    PR, what do you know about war reparations? Remember the Cyclorama in Atlanta?

    Were you living there when Gone with the Wind made its big comeback?

  9. Poor Richard

    Went to a large reenactment twenty years ago in what was mainly open land,
    but is now Westfields near Centreville – it really tore up the property, but that was
    OK because building was starting soon. Wouldn’t want to have that on parkland.
    Saw the Cyclorama as a child, but at that age enjoyed the nearby zoo more.
    GWW, like the Wizard of Oz, has had a full life. Tara’s theme is still a musical
    standard in Atlanta.

  10. I lived there when it made its big come back, sometime in the early 60’s. I did go eat, many years later, at Aunt Pitty Pat’s Porch.

    The last re-enactment I went to was down at the soccer fields near splash down. I had stupidly taken my dog. Really a dumb move.

  11. Poor Richard

    Certain Aunt Pitty Pat’s Porch was nice, but my fondest memories of Atlanta
    culinary art are a loaded chili dog, peach pie and a big orange at the Varisty –
    especially after our beloved Jackets had throttled Georgia, Auburn, Florida
    or another ancient rival down the street at Grant Field.

  12. I left Atlanta before I was old enough to do all that, Poor Richard. But at least I recognize the names. I am still amazed that my mother let me go downtown on the bus alone. I lived in DeKalb Co. over off of Briar Cliff Road. Was that name one word?

  13. GainesvilleResident

    I remember that huge reenactment 20 years ago also – I saw part of it.

    Traffic problems back in 1961 due to reeneactment at Battlefield – now that’s funny!

  14. Poor Richard

    M-H, remember Briarcliff Rd. being close to Emory – a nice area.

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