After 9-11 many Americans voiced a concern that the Muslim community had ever condemned those who who killed over 3000 Americans. I don’t know that they did or didn’t. How is that measured or documented? Let the documentation now begin. All Americans are shocked and disturbed by yesterday’s tragic events:

48 Thoughts to “Muslim Organizations Express Outrage Over Fort Hood Massacre”

  1. Elena

    I am just wondering, if a christian or jew was involved in a murderous rampage, would we expect that particular religion to come and condem the act, as if the heinous act were a reflection of their religion ? Do we know, for a fact, that this soldiers murderous act was because of his religion?

    9-11 was different to me. It was an orchestrated act, planned, and organized. Are we going to expect the muslim faith to make a statement everytime someone committs a crime? I’m just not sure how I feel about this, not making a concrete analysis, just sort of wondering “aloud” right now.

  2. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Those rascally Muslims!…….You gotta watch ’em!!

  3. Elena

    the man who killed his wife and children said he was going to heaven, he is a christian, should we expect the particular domination he belongs to, to make a public statement about his obvious psychotic break?

  4. Mando

    Silly Muslims… Don’t they know we’re chasing bankers and insurance execs with our pitchforks and torches now??

  5. Emma

    No one has asked them to come forward to denounce this act. Wonder why they felt the need to rush in before all facts were known?

  6. PUH-leez. If I have heard it once, I have heard it a thousand times. re: Muslims refusing to denounce the attacks on the World Trade Center.

    Why should they wait to come forward, Emma? If they are outraged, why can’t they say so.

    You know, last night, before the name was released, I listened to an exchange between Kay Baily Hutchinson and Shep Smith. Both had the shooters name but were not going to release it on TV because it wasn’t from an official release. (like the military) This is when they thought the shooter was dead. Both were making references to the name making a statement. I surmised it was a muslim last name. So include me in the mix.

    Because of Muslim terrorists, normal, law-abiding Muslims are continually put on the spot to denounce acts of terrorism. Terrorism is often the default. To say otherwise or to feign surprise seems disinenguous to me.

  7. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    I’ve already read one “it’s Bush’s fault” comment (not here), and one “how do these soldiers get guns, anyway?” comment. Brilliant!

  8. Why is it supposedly Bush’s fault? How about it being the shooter’s fault?

    While you are laughing about the soldiers getting guns remark…my default was opposite. It would never occur to me that they wouldn’t have guns. And of course, people don’t walk around post armed, just to be doing it. I have gotten lectured for the 10th time today about army grounds being called ‘posts’ and that I needed to stop saying ‘base.’

  9. Elena

    On larry King last night, Dr. Phil was condeming the comments by a former JAG officer. The JAG officer was predicating his comments on the premise of the shooters last name and his belief as a muslim. Dr. Phil’s point was until facts are known, it is simply inappropriate to surmise this was a “terrorist” act, which is the language the JAG officer was using.

    Let me add, Dr. Phil is not exactly my favorite person, but his point should be well taken.

    I am not surpised, just trying to make this issue “even steven” so to speak.

  10. I was once speaking with a Mexican man who was describing what it felt like to be Mexican in the climate of PWC in 2007. He said whenever someone committed a crime, he and his friends would pray, “Please, don’t let it be a Hispanic who did it! Please don’t let it be a Hispanic who did it!”

    It’s the same thing here. The majority of the good people in the group know they are good, but they also know that as with any group, there are some very bad apples. They don’t want those bad apples because they know they themselves will then be stereotyped as a bad apple just because they are all APPLES.

    It comes down to this: it’s a person who does the evil, not the ethnicity or the religion. But too many people forget this, and so Muslims and Hispanics and every other group feel like they need to apologize for the members of their group who have tarnished the group’s name.

  11. @Moon-howler
    MH, I had no idea either that most people on the base have no guns. When I picture a base (or a post or whatever), I picture armed guards. I don’t think that’s an unreasonable image to hold when you hear the word “military base.”

    Elena, yesterday you asked if we can’t be safe on a military base, where CAN we be safe? I would think military bases are obvious targets, so I am not sure living on one would be all that safe. Isn’t it kind of like living on ground zero?

  12. Elena

    Bernie Madoff comes to mind for me!

  13. I believe the sentries, MPs and guards have guns, but I don’t think people routinely carry around weapons. However, one assumes military bases have all the firepower one could ever hope for. Certain military people can have their own weapons but they walk around with them except at a firing range.

  14. Rick Bentley

    I don’t fault Muslims in general, anymore than I blame Christians for their terrorists, but I will say this.

    It’s absolutely absurd that someone who states aloud that Muslims should kill our soldiers is allowed to serve in our military rather than court-martialed dishonorably. In our haste towards tolerance of divergent viewpoints we encourage the military to let guys like this “serve” thinking that his belief that Allah wants Americans slaughtered is “just a viewpoint he’s entitled to” and that he ostensibly serve his country even if he thinks we’re evil.

    We owe it to our fighting forces to weed guys like this out. To question all soldiers about religious beliefs and if they involve admiration for suicide bombers, court-martial them out.

  15. A reminder: After Pearl Harbor, armed guards initially had to be placed around the Japanese cherry trees to keep them from being slashed down. People have a tendency to shotgun hatred and rage. Contribution from Mr. Howler.

  16. Rick, I totally agree with you. It sounds like this guy should have been weeded out a long time ago.

  17. Rick Bentley

    I know they’re short on soldiers but this was way too much. On top of that, “law enforcement” was tracking him because of his online pro-suicide bomber statements.

    Deploying him? We owe our troops better. This is exactly the kind of guy who would roll a grenade into a tent.

  18. Poor Richard

    Timonthy McVeigh performed a hedious act for reasons most of us still find
    uncomprehensible – and he was “one of us” – white, male, Catholic, army veteran.

    Everyone needs to take a deep breath.

    Our foes would love nothing better than for this incident to ignite a backlash
    towards Muslims in America. Until proven otherwise, this tragic incident
    looks like the act of one crazed individual.

  19. Emma

    “PUH-leez. If I have heard it once, I have heard it a thousand times. re: Muslims refusing to denounce the attacks on the World Trade Center. ”

    Excuse me? Who brought that up? No one has come forward to blame Muslims, except for some unhinged posters on the WaPo comments pages. Therefore I see no need for Muslim leaders to step up right now, especially before all the facts are known. To me that shows more concern that they might be blamed rather than sadness for the victims.

  20. It also sounds like our troops need to have better health care providers. This guy sounded like Dr. Hang Up. I can see him talking to a recently returned vet now. “Welcome home, Baby Killer, what seems to be troubling you today.”

    How many vets has this misfit given really bad psychiatric care to? That is an entire other angle.

    PR, I don’t think anyone here is treating Dr. Hason like anything other than an individual. We were discussing why the Muslim community feels compelled to be vocal in their disapproval. No need for deep breaths. The conversation is civil. No one is angry. There are many components to this event.

    Surely the American Muslim community deserves to be heard. We were just discussing a related issue last week.

    Obviously the Muslim issue is right beneath the surface of more topics than we want to admit.

  21. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    I hear the dude is from Falls Church? There’s a school in Falls Church if I recall that has a certain knack for producing…..well…….how shall I say it? I wonder if…..

  22. Emma, no one brought it up today. It is a recurring theme the past 8 years. I have heard it time and time again. Go back and look at the above posted thread from last week. It is touched on there.

    I am glad to hear the Muslim Community coming forward immediately. Islam is a minority religion in this country, as are Mormons, Jews, Buddists. Mormons were mighty quick to speak out against polygamy when Warren Jeffs was captured and imprisoned. Good for them for making sure everyone knows they don’t support that kind of behavior.

    Good for the Muslim Organizations for denouncing violence from someone of their faith also.

    Slow, I don’t know. I hadn’t connected those dots. Not sure that Madrassa was around when this guy was a kid. He is 39 years old.

  23. Mando

    Slowpoke Rodriguez :
    I hear the dude is from Falls Church? There’s a school in Falls Church if I recall that has a certain knack for producing…..well…….how shall I say it? I wonder if…..

    Interesting how these things come full circle.

  24. DB

    He went to high school in Roanoke.

  25. And now another situation. Shooting in Orlando at 1000 Legion @ an engineering firm.

    6 victims. Suspect still on the loose.

    There is no suggestion of this situation being related to the Fort Hood incident.

    Suspect here is named Jason Rodriguez.

    UPDATE: 6 victims 1 is dead 1 was a medical incident. The rest were shot.
    The alleged shooter has been apprehended at his mother’s house. It sounds like a disgruntled former employee.

  26. Poor Richard

    There will an inaugural Veteran’s Day Parade in Old Town Manassas
    tomorrow starting at 11 a.m. — the weather sounds like it will be good and a
    large turn out is anticipated. Everyone is welcomed to attend.

  27. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Yeah, I see he has closer ties to Alexandria than to Falls Church. Nothing there.

  28. There are events at the Harris Pavilion after the 11 am parade as well — details at Thanks, Poor Richard.

  29. Poor Richard

    Officer Kimberly Munley is a hero.

  30. kelly3406

    I agree with Poor Richard. The term ‘hero’ is bandied about indiscriminately. The actions of Kimberly Munley reflect selfless dedication under extreme pressure. Despite the tragedy, her heroism should be recognized.

  31. kelly3406

    There have been reports that Hasan shouted Allahu Akbbar before he started firing. If true, the evidence is mounting that this was a terrorist incident. The big question is whether he acted alone or not. There have been attempts in the media to relate his behavior to PTSD, but the guy never saw combat. Let’s not allow the murderer to be turned into a victim.

  32. Formerly Anonymous

    Officer Kimberly Munley fits every definition of hero I can come with. She willingly risked her own life to protect others, even going beyond what was required of her. Thank God she acted as she did or there would have been even more casualties. We should be thankful that her wounds are not too serious, and that she is expected to make a complete recovery.

  33. Yes, Officer Munley does seem to be a hero by my definition

    Kelly, one of my concerns is that people who has PTSD were subjected to his brand of psychiatry. I fail to understand why someone with KNOWN problems was allowed to see patients. Sounds to me like he should have been sharpening pencils or something. I know, I know, more info is needed. But I agree. NO victim mentality for this guy.

    Can’t one person commit terrorism? I believe a massacre like that certainly constitutes terrorism. Maybe we should discuss what constitutes ‘terrorism.’ If the sniper was a terrorist, why wasn’t this guy?

  34. kelly3406

    I did not mean to imply that one person cannot commit terrorism — lone wolf terrorist acts have been discussed on this very blog. But it is important to find out if there is some kind of terrorist network at Ft. Hood. That would be very bad news if Al Qaeda has infiltrated the Army.

    The Army definitely has some explaining to do regarding why this guy was not mustered out. It is extremely difficult to get a bad rating on an officer performance report, especially in the medical corps. Despite his bad rating, he was promoted to major and sent to support combat troops at Ft. Hood. We need to find out why his poor performance and incendiary statements were overlooked by his superiors.

  35. Second-Alamo

    Born in America, serves in the American military, yet wants to live as if he was born and lives in another country, a Muslim country. Why can’t these people just leave and live with those of their beliefs instead of staying here and bitching about the American way of life until it reaches the critical point where they commit murder of innocents! Like the old saying of decades past, Love it or Leave it! I’m glad this guy is still alive to endure a fate worse than anything we could legally do to him, and that is the fact that he is now paralyzed. Death is too easy for these people. No virgins for him I guess. BTW, how do they know those 72 virgins aren’t ugly as sin? Perhaps that’s why they’re still virgins!

  36. Totally agree, Kelly.

    None of our troops deserve to have to see a psychiatrist and end up with Major Screw up.

    Wasn’t there an infiltration of Fort Dix? It wouldn’t surprise me if there weren’t Al Qaeda infiltration anywhere. It seems very suspcious to me. But since 9-11 I am very quick to go the terrorism route, and not just Al Qaeda.

    I don’t like being like that. Just is.

    SA, I think I heard today he listed on some document that he was Palestinian, but he wasn’t. He was born in America, like you said. His family was enthically Jordanian. I think what is key here is that America doesn’t keep its citizens from leaving and taking up elsewhere.

  37. DB

    Aren’t psychiatrists supposed to go to therapy regularly? I wonder if he did? He obviously had a break of some sort, and from what I read in the paper, he seemed to be a loner in many respects. Maybe he had an underlying personality disorder and between his religious devotion, and daily exposure to the damage war has inflicted on so many soldiers he was no longer able to compartmentalize the two parts of himself: the Army soldier and the devout muslim. I read that he wanted out of the Army, and he was told no. From what was reported in the paper, he began to unravel sometime ago, and this should have been acted upon by his colleagues, at least. He wrote favorable things about suicide bombers ON THE INTERNET UNDER HIS REAL NAME. Hello! The man was trying to say something! Instead of examining what was going on in this man’s head he was scheduled to deploy to Iraq. Well obviously his belief system seriously collided with the fact he was a US soldier, and he decided to die. Unfortunately for the soldiers he killed and injured, instead of just killing himself, he wanted to make a statement…a very twisted statement. He shot those soldiers because he hated what HE was, a soldier in the Army responsible for killing other muslims.

  38. Gainesville Resident

    Yes, Fort Dix was infiltrated and there could have been a very bad attack there.

    It is a good question why this guy wasn’t mustered out. Kind of scary that he was treating patients. It is more amazing they were getting ready to deploy him. I would hope there is an investigation why his poor performance reports and other things were overlooked by his superiors. Military officers ought to be held to very high standards – especially those who are in the medical service and care for others in the military.

  39. It looks like our resident GR has been dodging bullets again today. He just came back from Orlando. GR, are you following bad news or what?

  40. kelly3406

    DB :
    He shot those soldiers because he hated what HE was, a soldier in the Army responsible for killing other muslims.

    The DOD provides the same level of care to wounded enemy combatants as it does for U.S. soldiers. So that statement is not really true … he would not have been responsible for killing other muslims.

  41. Wolverine

    The promotion issue in this case may not apply. Navy line officers go from ensign to lieutenant junior grade almost automatically after a certain period of time. Only a a major screw up or punishment for gross incompetence would counter that. I imagine it is the same in the Army from 2nd Lt to 1st Lt. I heard recently (haven’t confirmed it) that doctors come into the Army with the rank of captain and that moving up to major is also somewhat automatic unless you are so bad that you should be cashiered instead for the good of the service. So, it looks to me like this promotion may have just been routine. However, maybe the guy who decided that this chap was qualified to be posted to the battlefield is somebody who ought to be cashiered. I know that, with two theaters in play, pressure is on to fill the rotation rosters; but I would hope the people making the decisions are not sleep walking through the procedure.

  42. DB

    First of all I was only speculating as to his state of mind. No one really knows what he thought or felt (yet), but I would venture to guess that his motives may have been fueled by some breakdown or fracture with reality as we know it. Sure the DOD provides care to wounded combatants, and he would not have been responsible for killing muslims in a literal sense. However, the statement I wrote could be true TO HIM if that is what he believed. I don’t condone what he did. It was a horrible act of murder and attempted murder. I just don’t understand how the Army, and his colleagues (especially the ones who practice psychiatry) missed the signs that indicated that he was not alright.

  43. Pardon me for being harsh, but screw him. I don’t care how he felt. The honorable thing to do would have been to simply quit with a dishonorable or however it works.

    Those poor people just sitting there taking care of business, like sitting ducks. It makes me ill. Yes, its terrorism. It was just as much terrorism as the old bastard who charged into the holocaust museum after the poor guard held the door for him, right before he shot and killed him. It was just as much terrorism as the self proclaimed good Christian who shot and killed Dr. Tiller in his own church.

  44. I think standards are definitely lowered during wartime. Everything I have ever read or known tells me that. Its the law of supply and demand in a way.

    I feel badly for those also who were exposed to bad medicine. Go to the crazy man to heal you. Yea right.

  45. Elena

    Wanting to practice your religion is not UN-American, in fact, I would say it is the epitomy of American. We do not know all the facts about this case, I would hope, before people passing judgement, they wait to learn more information from credible sources.

  46. Maybe Duane needs to be watched very very closely.

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