How low can they go? Westboro Baptist ‘Church’ tries for a new low as they now are demonstrating outside Sidwell Friends, the Obama children’s school. Westboro Baptist is run by Fred Phelps and family and is well know for attending the funerals of our fallen military troops while screaming vitriol and hate at the family and friends.

Their website refers to the Obama children as ‘Satanic Spawn of a murderious bastard.’ This church is also protesting outside the White House, the World War II Memorial, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission field office. They recently have demonstrated outside of Jewish Temples and other Washington area schools. Tomorrow they plan to target Sasha’s school in Bethesda.

In a related topic, Perry Jefferies posts the following:
Protesting Military Funerals: This Is Not Free Speech

Staff Sergeant Mike Wenrick, who has been blogging from Iraq has started a letter writing campaign to help deter the emotional damage inflicted by these trecherous people. He wants national legislation that keeps Westboro Baptist and other demonstrators 500 feet away and also keeps the from the scene and hour before and an hour afterwards. Works for me.

Until I found out about Westboro Baptist Church, I never quite understood the expression ‘lower than a snakes’s belly.’ Now I do.

[Editor’s Note: Apologies for the consistent use of the wrong church name. In each case it should have read WestBORO Baptist Church.]

21 Thoughts to “Westboro Baptist Targets the Obama Children”

  1. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    This group always has been and always will be apex nut-jobs.

  2. Second-Alamo

    And does anyone really think that this is what was intended when the Constitution was drafted? If not, then why do we not have the power to prevent it? This misinterpretation of the term ‘free speech’ has got to be the worst in existence. Talk about your Hate Crimes!

  3. Rick Bentley

    I say they have the right of their free speech, but it’s best not to talk about them so much. Unless we’re doing a study on aberrant psychology.

  4. Elena

    I’m sorry, did you say “church” ? Obviously I am no expert on Christianity, but doesn’t this behavior FLY in the face of what Jesus preached?

  5. Formerly Anonymous

    Nothing to see here. Move along.

    I wish the press would give these jerks from Westboro Baptist about as much attention as the anti-nuclear folks in Lafayette Park, which is to say none. Attention is the name of the game for Phelps et al., so don’t play their game.

    Note: Fred Phelps is from Westboro Baptist, not Westover Baptist.

  6. Opinion

    I’m guessing the founding fathers sounded a bit like “nut cases” when they started talking about a revolution against the motherland. I hesitate to use any one group as an opportunity to infringe on all group’s free speech rights. While I may rail against some group’s message or methods, I would never do anything to infringe on their rights. I would (and occasionally do) stand on the figurative “other side of the street” to exercise my free speech rights.

    I’m an advocate of the First Amendment and respect these “jerks” right to speak (I may disagree with what they say… etc.). There’s nothing stopping an alternative group to show up to support the families of our service members. I’m thinking the Rolling Thunder crowd might be just the right folks… a couple twists of the throttle in unison would certainly drown out any protest (while allowing the bikers their 1st Amendment rights). As a Vet, I salute the Rolling Thunder folks.

  7. Rez, thank you for the correction. It was very late last night and I consistently used the name of a local Baptist church. I am sure they did not appreciate that at all!

    In general, if I had to take away anyone’s first amendment rights, it would be these nasty individuals. No right is without limits.

  8. @Opinion
    Rolling thunder would be great! Drown the haters right out.

  9. A PW County Resident

    Actually, that was FA not Rez who pointed it out. I wouldn’t have noticed.

    I will say that I am conflicted over this issue. And depending on the type of fence, sitting on top can be painful. I know throughout history the Supreme Court has pointed out that uncomfortable speech is what needs to be protected the most.

    I just don’t see a solution that doesn’t trample free speech. The only idea may be that preventing “inciting a riot” as a limited need of government but that might be a stretch too. Certainly is not the same as yelling fire maliciously in a crowded theater.

  10. A PW County Resident

    By the way, I did a google search on Westboro Baptist and it looks like they are around DC most of the week.

  11. I just can’t get it right. Sorry, Formerly pointed out that I defamed a local church. arrggghh.

    The problem with Rolling Thunder thundering by is the family doesn’t get to hear the funeral of their loved ones. There is just no excuse for this kind of behavior. Only a scum goes after kids. But something worse than scum disrupts the funeral of a fallen serviceman or servicewoman. I don’t think Westboro (if I type it enough will I get it right?) is entitled to this kind of free speech. It tramples the rights of others.

  12. opinion

    There’s a certain poetic irony to the fact that the Westboro Baptist folks actually protest at the burial and harass the families of the very people who put their lives on the line to make their ability to protest legal. It’s a symmetry that I rather appreciate. I’m not sure I would want it any other way.

    Let them protest so we know what they are… I’d rather they be in the light of day where we can see them than operate in the shadows.

  13. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    I read over WBC’s web site a little bit. These are some seriously disturbed people, almost on the same par as Keith Olbermann or Bill Maher.

  14. opinion

    WBC’s web site?

  15. If you really think they are equivalent to Olbermann or Maher,then you need to do some serious checking there, Slow. There is a difference in irreverence and what these people do. Furthermore, you have a choice with Olbermann and Maher. The families and friends do not have a choice with Fred Phelps. They attack when a family is at their most vulnerable.

  16. RingDangDoo

    >>> WBC’s web site?

    It’s a hoot! A total trip to the twilight zone!

  17. They have gone so far over the top I don’t even know what they are talking about. Study in insanity I suppose. They sure don’t leave anyone out, do they? They are now going after WWII vets and holocaust survivors.

  18. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Essentially, God seems to hate everyone. They’re so “out there” that it almost seems staged or made-up. Who talks like that?

  19. Rick Bentley

    religion is the last refuge of scoundrels.

  20. Rebecca

    These people are nuts. I am surprised they don’t have body guards.

  21. Wolverine

    Whooeee!!! I just read the WBO “Upcoming Picket Schedule.” Could we possibly remove the “Baptist” thing and just call it the Westboro Church? It is my understanding that all Baptist churches are independent. No pope, no bishop, no classis, no formal links except through general conferences (very general) and organizations devoted to missionary support and the like. Each church runs its own affairs under the pastor and an elected council and based on Biblical interpretation. Conferences can meet and make suggestions; but, in the end, nobody call tell an individual church what to do. I have a lot of Baptists in my own family, and none of them are like the Westboro people, who must have stumbled into a Kansas locoweed patch. Excuse me a moment.

    HEY, WESTBORO!! I knew and know a great number of Baptists who fought in WWII and every war since. They were some of best and most God-fearing people you would ever meet. Without the sacrifices of them and a whole lot of others, including our Jewish citizens, you wouldn’t even be able to open your mouths and spout your nonsense. So can the crap about the vets!!! Heh, my 92-year-old mother from a Baptist family just called and told me she spent part of Veterans Day looking at the portrait of her son in uniform on her mantle and wanted to tell that son how proud she was of his service to his country. So, put that in your screwed up hats and eat it!

    To continue. It looks to me like this group has hijacked and done dirty to the Baptist name, similar in some aspects to a radical jihadist group hijacking the Koran for their own purposes.

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