I had the privilege of attending a SPECTACULAR event last evening at the Kennedy Center – ADL’s 15th Annual Concert Against Hate.

The Masters of Ceremonies included Liev Schreiber and Gabriel Byrne.  Their presentation was flawless and the introductions of the different honorees was beyond touching.

In between recognizing the honorees, the National Symphony Orchestra played under the direction of Emil de Cou, who appeared larger than life as he commanded the performance.

This Year’s Honorees included:

  • Tom Self – A newspaper photographer in Birmingham, Alabama at the Birmingham News  who photographed the bombing of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church that killed four African-American girls.
  • Mindy Finkelstein – A counselor who survived an attack at North Valley Jewish Community Center in Los Angeles, where a neo-Nazi opened fire.
  • Joseph Ileto – A postal service employee gunned down by the same neo-Nazi responsible for the shooting at the Jewish Community Center for looking ‘Asian or Hispanic’.
  • Ilsa & Lisa Klinghoffer – The daughters of Leon Klinghoffer, who in 1985 was murdered aboard the Archille Lauro by the Palestinian Liberation Organization(PLO) because he was Jewish.

A preview of the event can be found at http://www.adlconcert.org/Preview-09.html.

26 Thoughts to “ADL in Concert Against Hate”

  1. Elena

    I agree, it was awesome. I especially liked the kids at the end, bringing the event to a close. The music we listened to really “told” each story. Very meaningfull event, standing up against hate is always a worthy cause.

  2. Clairese Lippincott

    Be wary of groups who claim to be anti-hate, when they are really interested in silencing opposition voices. The ADL has become merely another shrill voice for mostly left or pro-Israel causes. If you dare to criticize Israel, the ADL makes you out to be one of those, “haters.”

    The ADL has, along with an unfortunate number of their fello, political advocacy groups, has decided that it is easier to label others as “hate groups” rather than engaging those with different views in real debates on issues, where the merit of ideas are weighed in the public square.

    Israel is a socialist police state that spies on its own citizens, jails its own people without trial and sends its agents into other countries to murder foreign citizens based on nothing more than the word of a paid informant. When Israel screws up and kills some innocent people, the ADL remains forever mute. Where is the ADL’s concern about that hate coming from Israel?

    There are thousands of service groups that are genuinely working to reconcile the differences between factions, both here and in other countries. The ADL is not one of them, they are nothing but hired shills for Israel and a few select far left issues. The ADL has never lifted a finger to help America, all they care about is Israel and milking money from naive Americans who buy into their anti-hate bullshit.

  3. Mando

    Anti-Hate is big business.

    I’m for having the Government regulate it.

  4. Elena

    Wow, who would have thought someone could find the way to demonize such a wonderful event. Suggestion Clairese, go away. Seriously, go away.

    FYI, the ADL does training, through the Holocaust Museum for police, DHS, DOD, ICE, FBI, and many more law enforcement organizations.

    There are TWO sides to every issue, and I wonder, where was your outrage when Israeli body parts were flying in thousands of pieces during murder/suicide bombs? Do you hold the same contempt for the United States of America and our wars against Osama and his ilk? Do I agree with tactic Israel has taken, no, but I think Gaza serves as the best example of what happens when you try to give back land in a negotiation…..you end up with rockets being launched into your country against innocent civilians.

  5. Rick Bentley

    I don’t have a lot to say about this, but at the risk of going off-topic (as I so frequently do) let me recommend the movie “Defiance” which is wonderful and which Liev Schriber was very good in. And for that matter Gabriel Byrne in Season 1 of “In Treatment” was great too.

  6. Elena

    Defiance was an awesome movie, I watched it twice. You know those brothers emmigrated to America after the war and started their own small company.

  7. Elena and Alanna, thank you for having me along last night. Listening to those stories of real people and seeing those real people made a big difference. I think for those posting, if you were there and listened, you would have a different reaction, no matter what you feel about the ADL or the politics of the Middle East.

    It’s not about an organization. It’s about protecting one another from acts of hatred, terrorism and violence. You don’t have to be a member of the ADL to do that.

  8. Clairese, What would you do if you lived in Israel? I t is real easy to shoot off your mouth when all your neighbors don’t want to frigging kill you. Every time they lighten up, turn their backs, in come the suicide bombers, in come to rockets, usually aimed at Israeli schools or an old folks home.

    No, EVERYthing Israel does isn’t right but they sure can justify much of it. Since when does ADL speak for Israel? More importantly, why should they comment on what Israel does as a nation? You are confusing being Jewish with being an Israeli and the state of Israel.

    I agree with Elena. Go peddle the hate elsewhere.

  9. Imagine an event like that at the Hylton Performing Arts Center in Prince William. Who would we honor for fighting hate in our community? It takes courage to stand up and risk being hurt yourself.

  10. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    I don’t know what causes it or why, but I think hate is having a sort of “renaissance” in the world lately. I’m enjoying it somewhat, because most of the hate I see spewing out is from folks accusing everyone but themselves of hate.

  11. Slow, I think it has bitten you also. You have been our own resident Oscar the grouch.

  12. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    CindyB :
    Hate masks fear.

    Fear…leads to the dark side!!

  13. IWK Manassas

    Clairese … wow, that was one bombastic diatribe against Israel. Couldn’t disagree with you more. I think there must be something in the water today and if there was a post titled, “PBS’s Mr. Rogers Was a Nice Man” there would be someone who would argue that he was a secret serial killer. Sounds like it was a nice concert honoring good people … didn’t expect the vitriol in the comments!

  14. JustinT

    Why do some people have to defend hate by attacking those who oppose hate?

    Elena, sorry you had to read that sh*t.

    Some people are just way too invested in defending those who hate.

  15. Mando

    Wow. Everyone hating on Clairese. She should start her own anti-hate group.

  16. I never took the not-to-hate pledge, Mando.

  17. LindaL

    Nobody has degraded Clairese Lippincott with language used for animals like vermin, blood-sucking leech, blah, blah, blah… There seems to be a basic and somewhat intentional effort to confuse a vigorous disagreement with something else.

    Clairese Lippincott,
    I see that you have referred to the President of the United States as our ‘mulatto-in-chief’. Have ranted about the ‘Jew-controlled media’, etc… I suspect it’s because of people like you that the Anti-Defamation League formed.

  18. Elena

    Ah yes, the illogical response by Mando. No one is “hating on Clairese”, who, by the way, is most likely NOT a woman, given comments “she” has posted on other blogs. The pathetic response to an event that honors people, like the ones mentioned above, by “clairese”, is simply inappropriate and actually speaks more to “her” character than anything else.

  19. Elena

    Where did you find those comments by Clairese ?

  20. Elena

    sorry, the question was directed at lindal

  21. Elena

    found it! Any comments from you Mando, want to defend “her” now?


    Comments (0) I see postings on Shad Plank, but no reader comments. It doesn’t merit even Tin blog status, until people start to actually use it as a forum. What I see there is typical Daily Press tabloid journalism aimed at intellectual midgets.

    Be wary of any site that starts with teasers like, “Guess what so and so said in a Wapo interview…” All they are doing is repeating the same drivel from the tired propagandists in the main stream, Jew-run, mind control factories.

    Posted by: Clairese Lippincott | July 20, 2007 at 05:18 PM

  22. Mando

    I don’t know Clairese Lipponcott from Clairese Starling.

    I’m just playing devil’s advocate and pointing out hypocrisy.

    What’s the ADL’s stance on Israeli/Palestinian relationship?

    I mean everyone has a little hate in their heart. Shouldn’t they be denouncing themselves as well?

  23. Elena

    Really, you are just “pointing out hyprocrisy” ? Hmmm, my point is that, your suggesting “she” is the recipient of hate from people on this blog, makes no logical sense. It was clear from the tone of the post that there were some underlying issues, ergo demonstrated by some pretty awful slanderous statements against Jewish people and the President (based on his mixed race). It isn’t “hateful” to point out when someone espouses obvious hate towards a group based on degrading generalizations. If I denounce a neo-nazi as a hate monger, am I a hater?

    Once again, why not respond to the words that this person wrote on other blogs and THEN see if you still have the nerve to call posters on anti haters 🙄

  24. […] Read more about the honorees. Please note: This is a political blog and the comments are political in nature. […]

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