War isn’t in black and white any longer.  WWII in HD is  the first colorized HD World War II movie and will be shown in 5 2-hour segments beginning this Sunday on the History Channel. One of the goals of the production was to put the viewer in the historical moment of time. Both veteran voices and the voices of younger actors were used to put the viewer right there at the moment. Much of the footage has not been seen by the general public.

According to the History Channel:

WWII in HD is the first-ever World War II documentary presented in full, immersive HD color. Culled from thousands of hours of lost and rare color archival footage gathered from a worldwide search through basements and archives, WWII in HD will change the way the world sees this defining conflict. Using footage never before seen by most Americans–converted to HD for unprecedented clarity–viewers will experience the war as if they were actually there, surrounded by the real sights and sounds of the battlefields. Along the way they’ll meet a diverse group of soldiers whose wartime diaries and journals show in visceral detail what the war was really like.


The series will be narrated by award winning Gary Sinise (“Forrest Gump,” “CSI: NY”) and will be voiced by top Hollywood performers. The video trailers may be viewed on the History Channel. It starts on Sunday, November 15 from 9-11. The show repeats in the middle of the night if you want to record it. 1 am-3 am.

Finally snagged the footage from the Wounded Warrier Project:

8 Thoughts to “WWII in HD Starts Sunday Night on the History Channel”

  1. Wolverine

    Great trailer. Promises to be a very informative and striking presentation, I especially like that technique of having the old vets participate in the narration. That makes it carry a far greater level of meaning.

  2. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    I’ll be recording this, and my thanks to you, Moon, for alerting me to this…..I’m uber-excited about this one!!

  3. I am uber-excited also. I really like things from that era. I always felt like I missed out because all my older relatives used to say….back during the war…blah de blah…and I was never included. The trailers were great.

    Wolverine, you can see about 10 different trailers at the history channel site. I have already gotten totally immersed. I am glad that there is the second showing at 1 pm.

  4. It has begun. Nirvana!

    We might have to say the H word and N word as it relates to wwII.

  5. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    So far, so good!!! I really enjoyed this first night!

  6. Me too. I am still trying to get used to the chronology. We seem to be zippying around a lot. The color is neat. I came of age in an era where if it was in color, it was fake.

  7. @SA

    There were other people than white people dying. My former neighbor Ben’s father had the USS Yorktown shot out from under him. He was Mexican-American. He went to every darn reunion those who served on the Yorktown had for years, including the commissioning of the new Yorktown. I don’t think in the heat of those battle scenes we can tell what race people are.

    I don’t feel that just white people saved our bacon. Blacks served in the quarter masters because they weren’t allowed on the front lines. (The country sure made up for that oversight during Vietnam!) American Indians certainly served then as now, and not just as code talkers.

  8. I have been very humbled by this series. I have always been appreciative to the WWII vets. Some of it was because I was supposed to be. I was raised to be appreciative. I have studied WWII and learned I was supposed to be. Until this series, I never felt the appreciation in my gut. It is overpowering.

    I never realized how really on the edge our freedom was. The life that was lost in such a horrible was is a terrible price to pay for what we have been able to preserve.

    I got in big trouble with my mother about ten years ago for laughing at something she said about Hitler. She whirled around and turned on me like a snake and said ‘you have no idea how really nip and tuck that war was. We didn’t know until it was over that we were really going to win it. Things could have very well gone the other way.’

    Now I see, as I hadn’t before, the meaning of her words.

    Those comments were to the others who are watching the series, WWII-HD

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