You folks knew this was coming. The media is aglow with Palin-o-phobia. Some of it is funny. Some pathetic. Some fair. Some not fair. On the other hand, if you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch,

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On to safer waters…Sean Hannity.  He will be more than fair with Ms. Palin.

But is she up to the challenge of Fox News?



Well, maybe that wasn’t such a good idea. 

Perhaps  she should have studied up on the difference between Iraq and Iran, or at least asked to borrow Obama’s tele-promptor.

 Fox News will rescue her, or will they?

From the Huffington Post:

[I]t seems that Fox anchor Gregg Jarrett describes “pictures just coming into us” as “huge crowds” that have amassed while Palin is “promoting her new book.” The pictures that are supposedly “just coming in” are actually year-old video from the presidential campaign:


It appears that Jon Stewart out-foxed them again with that rascally old footage.  Caught!

Will  O’Reilly will rescue Ms. Palin?  He will air his interview with her in 3 parts: Thursday, Friday and Monday nights.

Maybe Sarah Palin should have just stuck with Oprah. She did a good job there.

27 Thoughts to “Palin-o-phobia Footage”

  1. Lafayette

    I think anyone could see that the Fox footage was that of last year’s campaign. It’s true there are long lines, but people are dressed for cooler weather at the book signings. One really need not look further than the clothes for clarification. Also, the Republicans had her decked out completely, and she doesn’t dress quite like that these days.

    She will be a BJ’s in FairLakes next week. Oh brother!

  2. Elena

    The woman deserves credit for serving the public and raising children at the same time. I admire how hard that must have been. But John Stewart hits it on the head, she is simply NOT presidential material, it has nothing to do with her being republican or attractive or anything else.

  3. Elena

    How can ANYONE trust Fox News, what the heck is wrong with them, do they think the public is so freakin’ stupid we won’t pay attention to their manipulation of reality?

  4. rod2155

    John Stewart deserves the Mark Twain award. In all the media spectacle from both sides of the insane asylum we know as “Network Television,” John really brings the point home.

  5. Tito Munoz

    I expected much more from this site. I have to respect that you have the right to post anything you want, but I am disappointed.
    Female bashing and disrespect to women in general and especially those that are breaking the glass ceiling is not something that my grandmother taught me.

  6. Lafayette

    When you put yourself in the public eye you become fair game. I’m not saying it’s right, but that is how it seems.

  7. Let me get this right, Tito…you are suggesting that all women should be free of criticism? Are you willing to offer that same sanctuary to someone, oh say, Nancy Pelosi? I seriously doubt it.

    No one here has been disrespectful to Sarah Palin. However, she is not immune from serious criticism. Perhaps rather than a drive by you might want to consider checking out what we said about David Lettterman’s remarks.

  8. Mando

    Speaking of Nancy Pelosi, I want to see some John Stewart clips of that crooked screwball.

  9. Jon Stewart tends to leave no stone unturned. No one is safe.

    He did a fairly good interview with Lou Dobbs. Let’s put it this way, I ended up liking Lou Dobbs a lot better at the end of the interview than I did before I watched.

  10. Actually Tito, I have given your comments some thought. I have been respectful of Sarah Palin as have the contributors on this blog. Do all of us endorse her? No.

    Now let’s discuss disappointment. I am disappointed in YOU. The very idea that you would have the unutterable gall to come on this blog and start playing the woman card when it is plain to see who you are cavorting with and who is now filming you.

    Before you start talking to ME about respect for women, let’s examine how Jeanette Rishell and her staff were treated during the last election. Let’s look at how Sharon Pandek and Jeanette Rishell were treated during the 2007 election. What about Frank Wolf’s opponent, Judy Feder?

    A man is known by the company he keeps. If you want to come on this blog and talk about our treatment of women, you had better disassociate yourself from some of your new found friends real fast. You, sir, are quite the hypocrite until you do.

  11. Elena

    The treatment of demoractic women running for any office has been abohorant from BVBL, NOTHING like questioning the merits of Sara Palin being the leader of the free world. Yes, I remember being photo shopped on Greg’s blog by a some anonymous poster, and to say it was sexist doesn’t come close.

  12. Elena

    rod2155 :John Stewart deserves the Mark Twain award. In all the media spectacle from both sides of the insane asylum we know as “Network Television,” John really brings the point home.

    AGREE 100%

  13. Oprah Winfrey is going to end her daily show in 2011. 25 years. She has made many contributions over the years. It is rumored that she is going to start her own cable network.

    One of our male contributors is prophetic.

  14. Lafayette

    Well said Moon @12:27.
    Tito, tell me..Do you respect a woman’s right to choose? If you do NOT(which highly suspect you don’t). Then don’t come on this blog run by women and dare to talk about respecting woman.

  15. hello

    Now Lafayette… do I need to remind you of some of the things said about Palin on this site durring the campaign?

  16. No one was disrespectful about her. No one posted a morphed picture of her in a bikini. (cough-choke-cough) And I don’t think that Lafayette mentioned former governor Palin.

    If you want to spend the time digging up dirt we supposedly said, have at it. Its your time.

  17. Elena

    No one was more disrespectful than Greg posting that photo shopped picture of Govenor Palin in a bikini. Talk about degrading to women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People here were disgusted by that and were expressed our surprise at Greg posting such a picture as I recall.

  18. hello

    Nah, I don’t have the time Moon…

  19. Mando

    I didn’t find anything degrading about that photo. A shapely woman in a bikini with a gun?

  20. hello

    Hello Elena, who said anything about Greg? Anyway, I found my favorite quote from the one and only (name missing): Oct 3, 2008 #8:

    Sorry, but Palin is an embarrassment to any professional with a vagina.

    Nah, not disrespecful at all to ‘any professional with a vagina’… so saying this about a woman raising a family with a respected job (if you agree with her views or not).

  21. Hello, that is one comment out of hundreds. This blog is filled with comments I don’t much care for. Some we have even taken down. But most stay.

    However, the original complaint was from Tito that this blog had dissed Palin. That means Alanna, Elena and I have set the tone and written the posts that advocate disrespect. That has not happened.

    The writer of # 8 comment was not censored and there have been times you have not been censored. Are you now going to hold us to every single comment that has ever been posted on this blog? Be careful what you wish for.

  22. Lafayette

    hello :Now Lafayette… do I need to remind you of some of the things said about Palin on this site durring the campaign?

    I NEVER said much about her. In fact if you’d been paying attention you’d know that I did NOT speak about the Presidential campaign of 2008 except for when we candidates here. I suggest you have your facts straight before you make such statements. I don’t speak to national politics, or even state politics. I’m more interested in local politics which has a greater impact on my day to day life. There are regulars on this blog that will verify what I’ve just said about the Presidential elelction. I was undecided voter until I was in front of the screen and therefore didn’t speak out the Presidential election. Now, I did enjoy those Tina Fey clips.

  23. Lafayette

    hello :Nah, I don’t have the time Moon…

    You don’t have the time. HA!! You damn good and well you won’t find what you are looking for to find.

  24. Lafayette

    oops. You *know* damn good…..

  25. kelly3406

    When Reagan ran for office against Jimmy Carter, the so-called media elite charged that he was not very smart and not really ready for national office due to his good vs evil take on the Cold War. I have since read ‘Reagan: In his Own Hand’, which is a collection of his commentaries after his initial defeat by Gerald Ford.

    The book indicated to me that Reagan’s philosophy was very well-developed and he knew exactly what he planned to do if he got in office.

    So Jon Stewart’s pronouncement against Sarah Palin does not exactly resonate with me. I will have to read her book before deciding if she is worthy of my support (but not until after it is available at the library).

  26. Maybe you can win a free copy. I see them advertized all over the place. Let’s put it this way, I haven’t heard any carefully planned world vision coming from Palin. I have only heard sound bites and rhetoric.

    I don’t recall people thinking Reagan was not very smart. I remember them (especially older people) thinking that he was an actor and that an actor could never be taken seriously or be believed because …well..they were actors.

  27. JustinT

    I agree with John Stewart. The fact that she is pretty and the things she says when she is not lying are all find and good. Quite fine and good. It’s her lying and her arrogance combined with ignorance. That’s a bad combination, especially for a Presidential candidate. She is more arrogant, than George Bush. And she is more ignorant, easily, than Bush. I think she is probably more ignorant than any other person to hold the office of governor for any state. If the usual playbook of Republican policies had not been such a disaster during the Bush years, we could give her the benefit of the doubt. Let her be President and we could get Dick Cheney to come back and be VP again. But Dick Cheney running the nation on behalf of an unqualified figurehead was a disaster. Remember?

    All it takes to dislike Sarah Palin is having at least some degree of love for your country.

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