We were privileged to receive tickets for the Gaylord National ICE opening at the National Harbor on Thursday evening.   When I first heard of the event, I wasn’t sure exactly where the National Harbor was.  At first I thought, Baltimore?  Then I thought, perhaps the complex on the Anacostia where the National Stadium sits?  But then I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the National Harbor sits just on the other side of the Wilson Bridge.  We didn’t have to drive too far and the atmosphere was a combination of  Landsdowne Resort meets Reston Towne Centre.

The hotel was like something out of a science-fiction movie.  The center of the hotel was an entirely open atrium and the outside wall, completely made of glass overlooking the Potomac River.  The elevators reminded me of Fair Oaks Mall except that they ran very high and at a quick clip.  The interior lighting, beyond words.

The Opening Ceremony included fireworks, a tree lighting and an AWESOME viewing of  ICE sculptures.  The accompanying video doesn’t do justice to the sculptures, so I highly recommend taking the kids to see this in person.

5 Thoughts to “Gaylord National ICE”

  1. Er, the way you put ICE in all caps, I thought it was a show about immigrant enforcement. Were you punning around?

  2. I contemplated placing a disclaimer about “ICE” not being our typical ‘ICE’ discussion but I decided against it.

  3. Rick Bentley

    Thanks. My wife is very keen to see this so our family will be making this trip.

  4. Lafayette

    I saw this featured on Channel 5 one morning and thought even our teenagers would love this. I hate the cold so much though. This is simply amazing.
    How long did it take to go through the whole display? Is it true they provide you with coats to help deal with the 9 degree tempature?

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