Lake Manassas…Finally Open To The Public?

The PWCA blog has information about an opportunity to open Lake Manassas to the public. After being closed for years and years, it’s about time!

The Manassas City Council is considering opening Lake Manassas to the public for fishing, paddling and wildlife watching. They’re discussing options to provide public access to Lake Manassas at a special work session on Monday, Dec. 7, at City Hall. Read more here and attend the meeting if you can so that the Council knows people want public access to Lake Manassas.

Climate Change Alterations: Catnip for Debunkers

Without apology, another Jon Stewart video–this time about the climate change hoaxes.  For those who think Jon Stewart always takes the liberal side, you might want to listen to this one.  I found it hilarious. 

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Just out of curiosity, why would anyone take the word of a computer hacker regarding climate change?  Do I smell an axe to grind out there?

Virginia Restaurants Now Smoke Free

Tuesday, December 1  marked the end of smoking in  restaurants in Virginia.  Governor Tim Kaine has been seen taking his victory laps.  The past president of the Medical Society of VA  has stated that 1700 people a year die from second hand smoke.  

Is this simply a huge political move?   If the past president was so concerned about what kills people in bars and restaurants (technically there are no bars in Virginia) he should start with the booze.  Surely that drinking and drinking and driving kill more Virginians in a year than 1700.  I never believed the second hand people anyway. 

No one can justify smoking.  However, is that the principle issue here?  It would seem to me that the restaurant owner should be the one who determines if a smoking is allowed or not.  Those customers who do not want to be around it would simply go to restaurants that are smoke free.  Capitalism at its best. 

For right now, expect to see the huddled masses outside the doors of establishments, taking a few puffs.  Drinking and smoking go hand in hand.  The only way around this one is for a smoking section to have its own separate ventilation system and to be pretty much closed off to the food area.  Wise owners will make the retrofit if they haven’t already.

The anti smoking crew is much like the anti gun crew.  Strident and ever so right, if only in their own minds.

Heavenly Smack-down

Wonders never cease.  While hunting  for posts, I ran across the Father Fist-i-cuff  story, right in the  News and Messenger

Basically, two priests at Our Lady of Angels Catholic Church got into an argument over office matters and the assistant pastor assaulted the pastor, Father Eversole.  Father Smith, the assaulting priest, is no longer associated with that parish.  This is just not your everyday incident at church.  Both men are 45. 

Charles C. Smith, the associate pastor, was arrested Nov. 22 after an argument over office-related matters in the rectory, said Arlington Diocese spokeswoman Joelle Santolla. The argument quickly escalated into a physical confrontation, said Santolla.

Eversole, 45, went to the hospital for a cut over his eyes and Smith, 45, was charged with unlawful wounding, according to Prince William County spokeswoman Erika Hernandez.

What ever happened to the good old days when we got to read about stigmata occurring at a nearby Woodbridge Catholic Church?  Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Church got a great deal of positive coverage for its miracles.  Maybe some of our readers are correct.  Perhaps America is going to hell in a hand basket when we have priests duking it out.  I haven’t gotten past a priest named Father Eversoul, ooops, make that Eversole.  Actually the miracles at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church, back in the early 90’s, involved weeping statues of the Virgin Mary. 

How embarrassing for the parishoners.  So  what do you say to your priest (or minister) if he was involved in something like that?  Do you pretend you just don’t know?   I just didn’t know priests fought.  On the other hand, it is heart-warming to learn that some of them are human, have feet of clay, and lose their tempers.  Most people, if they were honest, would admit to wanting to punch their boss in the nose.   Why should priests be any different.