HO HO HO It’s a Manassas Christmas Parade

xmas parade

HO     HO       HO


It’s that special time of year again, for the Manassas Christmas  Parade.

 In fact, the parade will be 64 years old tomorrow. Santa arrived via VRE and the Manassas Christmas tree has been lit. Time to roll!


It begins at 10 o’clock am and travels the regular route, along Center Street, going the opposite way of normal traffic.

There are dignitaries, cars, clowns, motorcycles, Shriners, floats, horses, bands, twirlers, ROTC groups, angels, carolers, dancers, and just about anything a person would like to see in a parade. (no elephants)

Manassas folks love their parade! Doing the math, it appears that the first Manassas Christmas Parade began in 1945, right after WWII ended. Was the first Christmas parade to celebrate the end of the war? How did the parade evolve into an annual event? Where are the historians?

Report on Virginia Tech Shooting Finds Notification Delays

The Virginia Tech Massacre in April, 2007 was the worst campus shooting in American history. More information continues to be unveiled still, even after more than 2 years. The state official report now has been revised to show that some members of the response team warned their own families some 90 minutes before students in Amber Johnson dorm were warned.

West Amber Johnson Residence Hall was the site of the first shootings, where Emily Hilscher lost her life. Emily’s family was not notified of the shootings for over 3 hours, even though their daughter was critically wounded and had been taken to 2 hospitals. Ryan “Stack’ Clark, the popular Tech band member with the double academic major was also killed at this time, at West Amber Johnson. The coroner in Mr. Clark’s hometown in Columbia County, Ga., delivered the news of his death to his mother.  The victims are pictured at this New York Times Victims Site.

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