xmas parade

HO     HO       HO


It’s that special time of year again, for the Manassas Christmas  Parade.

 In fact, the parade will be 64 years old tomorrow. Santa arrived via VRE and the Manassas Christmas tree has been lit. Time to roll!


It begins at 10 o’clock am and travels the regular route, along Center Street, going the opposite way of normal traffic.

There are dignitaries, cars, clowns, motorcycles, Shriners, floats, horses, bands, twirlers, ROTC groups, angels, carolers, dancers, and just about anything a person would like to see in a parade. (no elephants)

Manassas folks love their parade! Doing the math, it appears that the first Manassas Christmas Parade began in 1945, right after WWII ended. Was the first Christmas parade to celebrate the end of the war? How did the parade evolve into an annual event? Where are the historians?

37 Thoughts to “HO HO HO It’s a Manassas Christmas Parade”

  1. Lafayette

    I remember my older sisters complaining about freezing their butts off twirling in the parade at night. I would love to see the Christmas parade at night. I have seen old 8mm films of the night time parade.The Christmas parade is an all time favorite for locals. I have many fond memories of the parade. We could always walk right back to grandma’s to warm up if it was just too cold. The Christmas parade is just one of many things that make our area great. imho.

    I really got my husband good at his first Manassas Christmas parade. First of all he love the Redskins and can NOT stand the Hogettes. I knew they were a parade staple and didn’st dare tell him. The look on his face was priceless. He said they had no place in a Christmas parade. He never went to another Christmas parade. We were both quite glad we missed the dancin’ devils a couple of years back. I wonder if either will be at this years parade.

  2. hello

    Hi Layayette, I’m in the same boat as your husband! Love the Skins but don’t care for the Hogettes… Maybe back in the day when they had the Hogs – Bostic, Grimm, Mark May, Jacoby and so on (when I was about 10). But now they have a bunch of busters especially since they lost Jansen, Chris Samules and on and on…. but the Hogettes are still around. I don’t get it.

    That is the only thing I hate when watching a Skins game, they always pan over and show those douches on T.V. and then I’ve got to hear it from my boys who are mostly made up of Cowgirl and Giants fans. IT’S OVER GUYS!!! WE DON’T HAVE THE HOGS ANYMORE, NO NEED FOR THE HOGETTES!!!! For f@#k sake, just go to the game in a jersey like normal people. At least until we don’t suck!

  3. hello

    by the way, who thinks the Skins can beat the Saints Sunday?

  4. Don’t miss the annual Christmas parade luncheon at Trinity Episcopal Church (corner of Church and Battle Streets) on Saturday! Baked goods and coffee/cocoa during parade set up, homemade soups and sandwiches from 11-2. So stop by before, after, or during the Christmas parade and get warm!

  5. Mr. Howler says absolutely the Skins can beat the Saints.

    Cindy, did you bake for this event?

  6. hello

    Wow Moon, Mr. Howler is one of two things… a.) A bigger Skins fan than me or b.) crazy…

    Either way, I like the way he thinks! You know what, maybe I’ve been a bit too negative lately… maybe I should be a bit more of an optimist and lean more toward the positive!

    Yeah, ya know what, the Skins can beat the Saints…. no, the Skins WILL beat the Saints!

  7. Lafayette

    hello, I’m right there with you and my husband when it comes to the Hogettes. There days are LOOONG over and they need quit coming out to the games in drag. On a positive note I do think they do a fair amount of charitable work for our area. Let’s face given our current economic climate we have more in need than ever. Charities help most people to get “real” help with their situation from health to loss of home and/or job.

    I’ve pretty much given up on the Skins for the season, but I will continue to watch and cheer them on. However, like I tell my kids I live in “the real world” and don’t hold out the hope that Mr. Howler and my husband do. I’m inclined to think they are both crazy. Afterall, they are married to MH and me. 🙂 If I were in a football pool I would NOT pick the Skins to win against the Saints.

    Cowgirl and Giant fans? Disgusting!! I root for anyone over the Cowpies and all NY teams. I feel for you. All Skins fans here!

    Mr. Howler, are off you rocker?

  8. Poor Richard

    The Christmas Parade WILL be held, but dress in warm drizzle resistent
    clothing. (N&M website has precipitation stopping by 10. Hope, for once,
    they are accurate).

  9. Emma

    It’s raining on our parade! (sad face)

  10. Poor Richard

    Who dat say Saint’s won’t win?

    Bad voodoo on you!

    New Orleans in a Brees.

  11. Mr. Howler is often not a realist about his football games. He supports his team no matter what.

    You are right. Both Mr. Howler and Mr. Lafayette have their work cut out for them.

  12. City Folks, maybe that rain will be snow instead. What fun!

  13. Lafayette

    My daughter is heading off to the parade in this nasty wet weather. I told her to wear my rain gear. I’ll be baking cookies with a neighbor. I’ll watch the parade on cable later this month.

    I hope all of those heading out to the parade have a good time in spite of the weather.

    Emma, as a huge fan of the parade, I’m truly sorry it’s rained on our parade.

  14. Emma

    We’re going! Love the snow!

  15. Poor Richard

    Snow for the Manassas Christmas Parade!

    This is great!

  16. I think it is a good omen.

    So how much will we get?

    Big snow, little snow. Little snow, big snow.

    It started off with huge flakes and they are still fairly large.

  17. It’s a nice snow! Enjoy the parade!

  18. Poor Richard

    Great Christmas Parade!

    Knew a little snow wouldn’t stop Manassas folks!

  19. Emma

    It was excellent, but definitely got a little more cold and raw towards the end. Hats off to all participants and their good cheer.

  20. Lafayette

    Snow for the parade sounds a lot better than rain. I’m glad it y’all enjoyed it.

  21. RingDangDoo

    This is my kind of weather! Another 2 or 3 feet of it would be ice. 😉

  22. RingDangDoo

    What? What we got today, or 2 to 3 feet? 🙂

  23. Great slideshow of the parade from the News & Messenger:


    My husband was shoveling snow at the church after the parade and came upon a band from West Virginia that was stranded waiting for their bus. He said he invited them inside and they had hot chocolate and soup.

    I love Manassas!

  24. Poor Richard

    Good for your husband and church. Imagine the band was from
    Concord College – they have been faithfully coming to the
    Manassas Christmas Parade for years. We always look
    forward to seeing them.

  25. Starryflights

    Didn’t Greg Letiquette get all in a rage a few years back because the devil was in the parade, or something?

  26. Lafayette

    Starryflights-that’s exactly the same dancin’ devils I spoke of earlier in the thread. I sure wouldn’t have liked to seen that in a Christmas parade, and certainly not in my home town. They were quite disgusting looking in the pictures posted on the other blog.

  27. Poor Richard

    Don’t forget, the parade judges gave them an award so
    apparently not everyone was offended.

  28. Lafayette

    PR, I wasn’t there, but I was offended none the less. I guess I won’t ever be a judge at the parade. Glad the judges like dancing devils. I sure don’t.

  29. Lafayette

    Starry-here’s the links compete with snotty nose men and the dancin’ devil!!
    Gotta love this headline..Satan Joins The Manassas Christmas Parade.


  30. Lafayette

    Starry-here’s the links compete with snotty nose men and the dancin’ devil!!
    Gotta love this headline..Satan Joins The Manassas Christmas Parade.


  31. Starryflights

    It’s only a parade. Get over it.

  32. Lafayette

    Get over it? You are the one that asked the question about GL(often common in your posts) and parade. I provided the links and you come along and say get over it. WTF?

  33. Starryflights

    I happen to think clowns are pretty creepy too. You don’t see me whining about clowns in parades now, do you? Geez, man, chill out.

  34. Lafayette

    No,whining here or from you, starry fly-by. I just don’t know why when the links were provided you have to go off. People are also, afraid of Santa Claus. I’ve always felt bad for those scared/creepe out by those things. I’m more creeped out by the “real” creeps living amongst us.
    PS. I’m NOT a man!!

  35. Starry, what’s the problem here? You asked a question and Lafayette was kind enough to answer you and give you background. I don’t understand your hostility towards her.

    If you don’t want to know, don’t ask.

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