You Just Never Know–What Makes a Person Snap?


TonightWUSA 9 NEWS had a fairly long story on the Woodbridge campus NVCC shooting. There were several articles with updates and interviews on their website. It is hard to imagine just how lucky we really were yesterday. According to one of the WUSA 9 articles:

MANASSAS, Va. (WUSA) — A former high school teammate says suspected shooter, Jason Hamilton, was a “quiet” person who ran varsity track in high school.

“We used to have pasta parties at his house before [track] meets,” says 19-year-old Jarrod Zong. He says he graduated last year with Hamilton from Hylton High School.

Hamilton has been charged with shooting inside a classroom in NOVA’s Woodbridge campus, Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2009.

“Definitely one of the nicest people on the team. Just a quiet guy. I ran with him four years. Athletically, he came out of his shell. I didn’t see it coming,” says Zong.

9NEWS NOW saw Zong drop off flowers on the door of Hamilton’s house at the 14000 block of Baneberry Circle in Manassas.

Zong says he ran track and cross country with Hamilton. He says the track team was a second family to the suspected shooter.

9NEWS NOW obtained the charging documents from Prince William County Court. The documents indicate that Hamilton brought a bag with a hunting rifle into the classroom. He shot and missed the professor, Tatyana Krvchuck, twice. Hamilton later confessed to his actions

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Reckless Affairs of the Rich and Powerful


 PepsiCo has dropped the Tiger Gatorade drink. One can only assume it has to do with the 11 women who have come forward as paramours of Tiger ‘Cheetah’ Woods. Today Fox News’s Neil Cavuto explored why so many people have reckless affairs. Cavuto usually reports financial news. Today he digressed.

Cavuto’s  guest, Dr. Victoria Someone, suggestsed that the reason rich and powerful men have reckless affairs is because of narcissism and need for instant gratification. The rich and powerful have every need attended to and it becomes habit. She said that men who are extremely successful have a high testosterone count.


                                 Soon to be no more

That leads to the next question. Why do women play along with this behavior? What did those 11 women who were ‘mistresses’ of Tiger Woods get from their relationship? I refuse to believe all rich and famous men are fabulous lovers. So what is it?

The people on Anti surely will know the answer. What makes so many rich and powerful men fall into these brazen affairs when the price is so costly if they get caught? Often they lose both the power and lots and lots of money. The sensation seeking and risk taking seem to go hand in hand. Start with a list of louses. What do they all have in common?