PepsiCo has dropped the Tiger Gatorade drink. One can only assume it has to do with the 11 women who have come forward as paramours of Tiger ‘Cheetah’ Woods. Today Fox News’s Neil Cavuto explored why so many people have reckless affairs. Cavuto usually reports financial news. Today he digressed.

Cavuto’s  guest, Dr. Victoria Someone, suggestsed that the reason rich and powerful men have reckless affairs is because of narcissism and need for instant gratification. The rich and powerful have every need attended to and it becomes habit. She said that men who are extremely successful have a high testosterone count.


                                 Soon to be no more

That leads to the next question. Why do women play along with this behavior? What did those 11 women who were ‘mistresses’ of Tiger Woods get from their relationship? I refuse to believe all rich and famous men are fabulous lovers. So what is it?

The people on Anti surely will know the answer. What makes so many rich and powerful men fall into these brazen affairs when the price is so costly if they get caught? Often they lose both the power and lots and lots of money. The sensation seeking and risk taking seem to go hand in hand. Start with a list of louses. What do they all have in common?

7 Thoughts to “Reckless Affairs of the Rich and Powerful”

  1. Punchak


    If a handsome, sexy, super rich male gave the eyes and more to you, would you say
    NO WAY JOSE? Oh, man, this is a chance for me to make a lot of money. To quote George
    Bush: Bring it on!

  2. I didn’t hop on the bus with Mickey Mantle when he winked at me. 😉

    Some women encourage the behavior. This type of thing is usually not one sided. Signals are sent.

  3. Poor Richard

    ” -Select an older woman because through experience, they are more prudent
    and discreet in conducting intrigue to prevent suspicion. Commerce with
    them is therefore safer with regard to your reputation.

    -Having made a young girl miserable may give you frequent bitter reflections;
    none of which can attend the making of an older woman happy.

    – In the dark all cats are grey, the pleasure of enjoyment with an old woman
    is at least equal, and frequently superior, every knack by practice capable
    of improvement.”

    From “Advice to a Young Man on the Choice of a Mistress”
    by Benjamin Franklin

  4. I have always liked that expression, regarding all cats. 😉

    Perhaps these men should acquire that old adage about never fool around with someone who doesn’t have at least as much to lose as you do.

    I am sure our friends and foes now have Anti programmed as where to go for advice on having an affair. Blame Neil Cavuto!

  5. Witness Too

    Richard how do you do it? You are like an encyclopedia of relevant and witty historical tid bits? You get my vote for the Anti All Star Team.

    I am really disappointed with Tiger. He meant something to me, even though I honestly never watched him play more than one hole on TV. If his image were not so pure and innocent, I would not feel as let down. But his branding was that of an all-American success story.

    As for why men are dogs, I think it has to be genetic. It’s a shame that becoming a father doesn’t seem to curtail the urge to womanize. Can’t they give up the ego trip for the sake of their children if not their wives? But I wonder if it is more prevalent among rich and famous men, or we just hear about it more because the tabloids don’t pay big bucks for dirt on ordinary joes.

  6. Poor Richard

    Rich and famous men aren’t bigger dogs – they just get more chances
    than the average guy. Great New Yorker cartoon of two young
    fellows talking, one says “I’m going to spend my 20’s getting girls”,
    the other says, with a smile, “I’m going to spend my 20’s getting what
    girl’s want”. Guess who will enjoy their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s?

  7. Women like being associated with wealth and power for sure. Some women are driven by it. I have known several females like that.

    The rich and famous men always seem to think it is their looks and charm when in fact, it generally is their money. Surely Jack Kent Cooke knew it was his money and not his looks and virility?

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