5 Thoughts to “Single Gender Classes in PWC Schools”

  1. Allan Michaels, the teacher shown at the beginning is an excellent teacher to start with. Skyles Calhoun, principal, has invested time and money into correct training.

    Middle school girls also profit more in math and science classes from single gender education, according to research. AAUW has done studies linking middle school to the beginning of being a bimbo. Translation: female students who have been successful sometimes take a downturn and never recover in middle school. It isn’t cool to be smart. Additionally, girls approach math and science as well, but differently than male counterparts. Some females are intimidated by what is perceived as male aggressiveness in math and science. Examples of this ‘aggression’ might be the male competetiveness that makes blurting out answers acceptable. Some girls’s personalities don’t fit into this paradigm all that well.

    I am sure AAUW expresses these ideas better than I have.


  2. Paul

    I like the single gender aspect. My son is in that program.

  3. I don’t have an opinion on that program. It has gotten some national attention. I hyahve not heard AAUW weighing in on this.

  4. Alanna

    Seems like a great alternative for those parents who believe their children would benefit from that type of program. I did not even know that this existed in Prince William.

  5. Paul, I wonder how this program could be evaluated. Does anyone plan to track the kids involved in gender segregated classes? How was one obtain data?

    I have heard on the grape vine that it is more difficult to teach the boy classes than the girl classes, for obvious reasons.

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