Entire Obama Speech Accepting Nobel Peace Prize (Video 1-4)

This speech has been called historic by people not necessarily in the Obama camp.  I believe the looked at the speech as American rather than Democratic.  So much acclaim has been given to this speech, I decided to post it in its entirety.  It is approximately 4000 words long, twice as long as his inaugural speech. 

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“A Just and Lasting Peace” : Obama Accepts Nobel Peace Prize

This morning, just before 6 am our time, President Barack Obama received and accepted the Nobel Peace Prize. Many people, probably including the president himself, were caught off-guard over when this award was announced last summer. President Obama had not been in office all that long.

How can this award be anything but good for the United States? A sitting president awarded the Nobel Peace Prize can only signal that the United States is a world leader whether in war or peace. It gives us stature. It de-fangs some of our aggression that we have had to exhibit because we are a world leader. We are obviously still at war and in 2 regions. Our resolve has been strengthened in Afghanistan.

The President was spoke well for the nation in his acceptances of this prestigious award:

Full text of President Obama’s Speech

This award is seen by some as somewhat duplicitous since President Obama has recently announced that 30,000 new troops will immediately be deployed to Afghanistan. Keeping the peace isn’t always free or without strife. World opinion as well as US opinion on this issue is dominating the news and blogs. Is it possible to deploy troops and be considered a man of peace? How can we reconcile these 2 opposite concepts?