You should know it will be here, at least once a week.  Elena and I are big Jon Stewart fans so he will appear.  This week he tries to rescue Gretchen Carlson’s IQ from an Offshore Account.   Stewart accuses Carlson of playing the troubled mom and says she has dumbed herself down.  She sure doesn’t come across as a valedictorian, a Stanford graduate nor someone who has studied at Oxford.  So why is she always playing like she doesn’t know which side is up?

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3 Thoughts to “Jon Stewart Tries to Rescue Gretchen Carlson’s IQ from an Offshore Account”

  1. I think the question here might be, would you play stupid for your job?

    I always thought Gretchen was one of the less judgemental women on Faux News. I sure wouldn’t have had her pegged as a Stanford grad without prior knowledge.

    Maybe she was told not to show Killmeade and Doozy up. I cannot stand Steve D. He sneers.

  2. Elena

    AND studied at Oxford!

  3. El Guapo

    The implication was that she has to dumb-down the news for the Fox News audience. It’s a swipe at viewers.

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