The Christmas displays at the Loudoun County Courthouse in Leesburg has become quite the center of controversy and political statement. That’s too bad. What ever happened to peace on earth, good will towards men? With all due respect for the 1st Amendment Establishment clause, some people are getting out of hand.

First off, to the Rotary Club’s credit, they have pulled out of the mix, withdrawn their application for a display which would have been a Christmas tree.


According to : Leesburg Today

One request that is no longer on the table is the Rotary Club of Leesburg’s Christmas tree that has graced the courthouse lawn for almost 50 years. Club President Ron Rogos confirmed Monday that the club has pulled its application to place a Christmas tree on the courthouse lawn.

Rogos said the Rotary Club Board of Directors made the decision Thursday, Dec. 3, electing to place the tree somewhere else, at a location still to be determined.

“We are a service organization with a long tradition of doing good things. We don’t get involved in policy-making or political decisions; all we are is a service club,” Rogos said. “The best way for us to keep doing what we’re doing is put our tree up and put it up somewhere else.”

Seven requests have been received by Loudoun County since their vote to overturn the ban on all courthouse displays earlier this month that had been implemented by the Courts Grounds and Facilities Committee. Amongst the usual Christmas Tree, interfaith and creche requests are 2 requests that many citizens are very unhappy with. One such request is from Richard Wingrove representing Freedom From Religion Foundation, a Wisconsin based group for separation of church and state. The request is to display:

…a six-foot mesh banner reading, “At This Season of the Winter Solstice, May Reason Prevail. There are no gods, no devils, no angels, no heaven or hell. There is only our natural World. Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds.”

The above display pales by comparison to the next request from Sugarland Run resident Edward R. Myers.  Myers has put together a display that includes a parody of the 12 Days of Christmas: 

12 Day of Christmas” song to include “12 master debaters, 11 cunning linguists, 10 percent jobless, 9 niggardly noobs, 8-speech as gay tweets, 7 teabagger tools, 6-ting safety screws, 5 birther-control rings, 4 sucky health care, 3-dom disappearing, 2 many bills and a red FCUK to you too.” The FCUK is the trademark of French Connection United Kingdom.

The point, Myers said Tuesday is to force the Board of Supervisors to stop and think, noting that his signs, which he requested be hung on the fence around the courthouse in time for Saturday’s Leesburg holiday parade, are “like an onion with a number of layers.” In his application, Myers said he wanted his sign hung in celebration of the anniversary of the signing of the Bill of Rights, Dec. 15, which includes the protection of speech.

“I think mixing religion and government together to make a commercial Christmas is idolatry. I wanted to make something that would offend the Board of Supervisors for being so dismissive of the [committee] that thought through this issue so carefully,” he said, “while at the same time having a public display that would not offend children.”

Because, Myers said, it is only what people put into the words themselves that would make anyone construe his signs as obscene.

“It’s a play on words, with an innocent veneer, that people with dirty minds might read into it,” he said, noting, “free speech is kind of a hobby of mine.”

I respect the establishment clause folks until they get outrageous.  These requests seem over the top.  Too bad it has to be all or none.  I see nothing wrong with Christmas trees, wreaths, mennorahs, frosties, sleighs, mistletoe,  and holly on public property during this time of year.  These are symbols of many holidays.  Manger scenes are probably best displayed at churches.  That seems more appropriate. 

The 2 displays that are causing such contention in Loudoun County certainly explain why the Court Grounds Committee chose to ban all displays.  Too bad people can’t exercise good taste.  They ruin it for everyone.  It might be their legal right to display offensive material but doing so defies wisdom and good taste.  Those 2 qualities, unfortunately, cannot be legislated or codified.

Is this the time of year to make a point?  Was the Rotary Club taking the high ground to pull out of the fray?  Should all displays be banned or should the county be able to use its wisdom to decide what is appropriate and what is not?  Will the voters make these supervisors pay at the ballot box next supervisor election cycle?

57 Thoughts to “The Loudoun County Raunchy “12 Days of Christmas””

  1. Is there a Republican comparable?

    I guess if Obama used his own campaign funds, that’s up to him. I don’t like all the get out the vote stuff as a rule. I know it happens, I know it goes on, I know people are coerced, but i still don’t like it. I think people should have to register in person and raise their right hands blah blah blah. Voting is one of the only things that sets us apart for simply being a resident. It needs to be taken more seriously.

    One has to wonder if a person who has to be cajoled into voting really should be voting. I have a good friend who hasn’t voted in 40 years. I tell her she isn’t even entitled to a political opinion. How can anyone go that long without voting?

  2. Wolverine

    Actually, I am looking forward to a day when Christians take back Christmas and return it to its original state of a religious celebration. Yeah, I know, probably a vain hope. But I can envision it anyway. The end of this profitable “season” for the retailers who push nothing but the crass commercial side of things. The end of purchasing gifts to celebrate a Christian holiday from the manufacturers in China who persecute Christians. The end for those who celebrate this purely as a winter holiday without any religious connotations. And the gifting for the kids? The toughest part of all with which to contend. But wouldn’t it be nice if, instead of buying a toy for a child on this particular day, we could teach the child to use that money to buy a new coat or a new pair of shoes for a poor child who has neither. Perhaps we could transfer all the other gift giving to birthdays.

    As for those who contend that Christmas should not be allowed to be symbolized in public places — O.K. But do the right thing and give Christmas back to the Christians. Stay out of it. Do not celebrate it like it was any old pagan holiday. Do not celebrate it at all. And go into work on the 25th of December. Stop piggybacking on a Christian holiday while criticizing those Christians who wish to celebrate the original religious significance of the event.

  3. Much would have to be given back to the pagans if Christmas were given back to the Christians in its pure form. The tree, the holiday, the mistletoe, the time of year, would all have to leave.

    In many respects the Jews and the Pagans each had their winter holidays, which were/are religious to them, first. Christianity nudged its way into the mix right along side of the Pagan Solstice and Chanukah.

    I think there is room for everyone, including those who want to celebrate more than one of the almost coinciding holidays.

  4. Emma

    Stop piggybacking on a Christian holiday while criticizing those Christians who wish to celebrate the original religious significance of the event.

    Maybe that would stop the incessant reminders that Black Friday is make-or-break for retailers for the all-important “holiday season,” and then the inevitable whining when sales don’t meet their expectations. Why is it up to the Christian holiday to keep the economy going?

  5. Emma

    second paragraph is mine, of course.

  6. Emma, I had never thought of it as being up to the Christians to keep the economy going. I think anyone can take advantage of Black Friday without having to show their Baptismal record.

    On the other hand, some Christians, certainly not all, keep reminding us that America is a Christian nation, so that might be why they have expectations to keep the money flowing.

    No one is suggesting, that I am aware of here, that Christians be denied celebrating Christmas. Some Christians want to bring Christmas into schools and public places. Why can’t celebrations be done at home or in churches or at Christian fellowship halls? If people want their kids to celebrate Christmas during the school day, private school is the answer. Want a creche? Have your church display one. No permanent church home, start a building fund.

    I don’t know why the public coffers are supposed to support these things. Conservatives are always droning on about how government needs to stay out of our lives and how government can’t possibly do things as well as private endeavors. So why should government support religion in schools and at the court houses? This seems a bit disingenuous to me.

  7. Mary Ann

    Is COMMON SENSE DEAD in government? Seems to be…

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