Nothing will bring Luis Ramirez back to his family, but the wheels of justice have finally begun to turn in the correct direction. I was truly shocked to hear of charges levied against the very people who are suppose to uphold the law.   As reported by CNN:

Washington (CNN) — Five people, including three police officers, have been indicted on charges related to the beating death of a Latino man in rural Pennsylvania in July 2008, the Justice Department said Tuesday.

Two indictments charge the five with federal hate crimes, obstruction of justice and conspiracy in what authorities are calling a racially motivated attack.


The indictments come almost six months after a Schuylkill County jury acquitted two teens of aggravated assault and one of murder in the death of Luis Ramirez.

The undocumented Mexican immigrant was beaten into a coma during a street brawl involving the teens and their friends on a residential street in Shenandoah. The incident divided the small, rural mining town along racial lines and became a flash point for racial tensions nationwide.

After the verdict, Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell denounced the attack as racially motivated and called on the Justice Department to intervene.

I am even more thankful for Chief Deane’s leadership regarding the premise that we are all human beings, no matter what your status, and in order to protect us all and maintain a safe community for all, you cannot allow the dehumanization of any one group.

See local news story on indictments for police cover-up.

See local news story on hate crimes indictments of murderers.

8 Thoughts to “A Step Towards Justice for Luis Ramirez”

  1. Last Best Hope

    This is a step toward justice for all Americans. The 14th Amendment, written in the shadow of a Civil War and the shame of decades of slavery, established equal justice under the law for all persons in the United States. When a man raises his right hand and swears to serve and protect, he is not making an oath to only one race. Remember: when this alleged conspiracy to obstruct justice began, the police involved had no idea what the status the victim had been, not that that should have mattered either.

    Why nothing on health care?

  2. Elena

    My head is going to explode on health care LBH. When it goes back to conference in the House, we may finally see what this final bill will look like.

  3. CindyB

    Thanks for continuing to stand up, speak out and put a spotlight injustice, Elena.

  4. Witness Too

    Yes, thanks for letting us know about this Elena. This is truly heartening. “Liberty and justice for all” will have more meaning to me as it begins to apply to “all” as it always should have.

    Everyone should watch the local news clicks at the bottom, the first one especially. Good on that retired female cop! She spoke out from the beginning about what she witnessed. She kept speaking out, even though the local police and local prosecutor tried to silence her, and now justice is being served. Shame on those crooked cops but what in incredible story.

  5. According to news reports, one of the investigating officers was involved with the mother of one of the suspect’s. And that the police told the boys to “get their stories straight” before being interviewed.

    There’s another good article in CNN about the Prosecuter and his concerns about the police departments’ involvement in the aftermath of the killing.

    I hope the officers are held accountable for their involvement in what sounds like a cover-up after the fact.

  6. Witness Too

    I hope everyone will agree with me that it is preferable to have a Justice Department devoted to upholding the Constitution rather than abusing their offices to help a lawless political advisor like Karl Rove impact elections. This is one of the most important changes we have seen in recent years starting with the discovery of the US Attorneys scandal. Attorney General Holder has continued the transformation of the Justice Department for the good. “Justice” is another of those words that has more meaning now than it ever has before. Thank God for that.

  7. hello

    Why is nobody talking about justice for Kenneth Gladney? A disabled black man who was punched, thrown to the ground and kicked while being called the N word. Not only have the suspects, who were caught on tape, not charged with a hate crime but they only charge they have gotten is equal to a disturbing the peace fine, that’s it.

  8. CindyB

    Visit Not In Our Town,, and see what communities across the U.S. are doing to fight hate crimes.

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