Hard to believe, isn’t it?  Bill O’Reilly attended the White House Christmas party and had some rather nice things to say about the first lady, Michelle Obama.  Ingraham accused O’Reilly of gushing over her.  O’Reilly has that Irish temper and we got to see a bit of it.  In short, he calls Ingraham out and tells her she is an idealogue and is hooked up to an IV kool aid drip.  The moral of this story is not to piss off O’Reilly. 

According to the Huffington Post:

Ingraham repeatedly made fun of O’Reilly for these statements even as he started to get upset. He finally lost it and slammed her as a “blind ideologue” and a “Kool-Aid drinker”:

Wait, a minute. I’m going to call you — I’m calling you out on this. […] I thought she was very nice at the party. […] You are a blind ideologue who even if somebody’s nice to you, won’t admit it because you’re talking about a Kool-aid drinker. […] You have an IV attached to your arm on the Kool-aid.


9 Thoughts to “Bill O’Reilly Slams Laura Ingraham over Michelle Obama”

  1. Last Best Hope

    To me it seemed they were just joshing. I was expecting to see spittle dotting the camera lens.

  2. LBH, I thought so too. I actually saw this segment when it was on.

    Then I have read several places, not just Huffington Post, that he was really pissed off at her for saying he gushed. The only reason you didn’t see spittle is because she co-hosts his show for him, I suspect. O’Reilly is …sensitive…

  3. hello

    I think Bill was just playing around with her… if you believe everything you read on the Huffington Post you also believe Sen. Tom Coburn prayed for Robert Byrds death so the pile of steaming crap they call health care reform wouldn’t pass.

    You can you call Fox New ‘Faux News’, now that’s funny… 🙂

  4. Hello, cool your jets. I saw the article several places.

    I expect he was and he wasn’t. And if you believe everything you read in some of the trash crap you read and occassionally quote on here, I guess you will believe anything.

    It is sort of hard to argue with the video, even if I snagged it off of Huffington.

  5. Elena

    You seem sensitive about this, does it bother you that O’Reilly was unwilling to be rude about the first lady?

  6. Actually, O’Reilly was quite complimentary of her. He also said she was very nice to him. he went up quite a few notches in my book because he could say these things without going all political.

    He didn’t gush. He was normal.

  7. hello

    I could care less if O’Reilly was rude or not about the first lady. I’m sure she probably is very pleasant to meet and talk to, same with Barry. Please tell me Elena where it seems I’m in any way sensitive about this? I was just pointing out when your source is the huffington post you probably also believe Sen. Tom Coburn prayed for Robert Byrds death so the pile of steaming crap they call health care reform wouldn’t pass.

    Both you and Moon seem to be the ‘sensitive’ ones here… when ever I say something I get a ‘cool your jets’ or a ‘your full of crap’ or ‘your pathetic’ – from you by the way. Please give me an example of me being rude to you like that.

  8. Do we know he really didn’t pray for Senator Byrd to die or at least express an interest in him dying before the vote was taken? I have heard these politicians and their aids talk and they say perfectly awful things. I don’t know him and have no idea if he would say something like that or not.

    As for us being rude to you hello, give me a freaking break. ‘Cool your jets’ is mild compared to some of the crap you have handed out. I see no one rushing to your aid.

    No one is going to play the poor poor pitiful me game and go look for examples. Why would I want to spend a perfectly good day trying to root up past history. It is far easier to do the other thing when rudeness happens…you know…going to time out.

  9. All must be forgiven. Laura I is back on O’Reilly. He still likes Geraldo, despite the huge fight those 2 had online. He is just like that. Irish temper and all I suppose.

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