14 Thoughts to “Follow the Guy in the Red Suit”

  1. IVAN

    Happy Christmas to all and may next year be better than this year.

  2. A PW County Resident

    Thank you, Ivan. That is a wish for all of us–that each year be better than the last.

  3. Merry Christmas.

    Beware of supervisors playing reindeer games.

  4. RingDangDoo

    I have a small herd of whitetails (4-point buck + 3 does) in my front yard now, about 30 feet from my front door. They are my reindeer tonight. So cool! 🙂

  5. That is so neat!! Did you take a pic?

  6. Lafayette

    Merry Christmas to all!!

  7. RingDangDoo

    They’ll bolt as soon as I touch a doorknob. I could sneeze in my house and they’ll jump. They don’t like my dog either. Whitetails are very skittish.

    Can’t take pic through a window into the dark either. 😉

    I’ll try to get a shot during daylight and post it. They’re daily visitors.

    I put out ‘feed corn’ for them when there’s nothing else for them to eat. I have a few hundred pounds of corn in the garage for them. With the recent snow, they’re hungry.


    Going to bed now. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL. And to all, a good night.

  8. Ho HO HO…thanks for a great bedtime story Ring. Get us a pic of your visitors.

  9. Elena

    I have finished wrapping all the gifts. Christmas is all about little kids in my house. There is just nothing like reveling in the joy of little children and the magic of santa. Yes, even the Jew loves the magic of Santa and the idea that, at least during Christmas, people are suppose to remember the idea that we are lucky to have what we have and remember to give to those who have so much less.

  10. Elena

    I just watched the ending to Dirty Dancing and was suddenly very melancholy for Patrick Swayze’s wife. What a hard holiday season this must have been for her.

  11. Must have been flash back night. I watched All the President’s Men with Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford…a very much younger version of them. I thought about how ugly polyester suits were and what a big bastard Nixon and his cronies were. And after watching that movie, I know even less about why Watergate happened than I did before watching. Go figure. But damn, Hoffman and Redford sure made my night.

    Santa will come visit the Howler pups. The young uns wont be here til later and it is going to be a leopard-y Christmas. Wow-weeeee

  12. Mrs. F


    A mutual acquaintance sent me your letter that you left on bvbl.net. Why do you keep leaving me email there? I have not posted on that blog in almost a year and a half. If the blog owner is honest, he will tell you that I cannot post there. I have been blocked. I cannot even read there.

    I don’t think you have heard me calling anyone names and I don’t know why you would say that. Please don’t lecture me on your twisted version of Christianity. Your behavior exemplifies what a Christian should not be, in my world.

    Yes, it is Christmas. Try reflecting on what is good in the world rather than leaving nasty posts for a neighbor who has nothing to do with your blog. You are obsessing and that isn’t healthy. What a shame to have to address this issue on one of the high holy days. Peace be with you.

  13. Black Velvet Reporter

    This post needs to be under the naughty and nice thread. Reporting in from bvbl, It looks like Patty has been naughty again. Patty, go back to that bible, girl friend. Santa is going to leave you a big old lump of coal in that stocking.

  14. Lafayette

    I’ve never seen a Mrs. F post on the other blog. It looks like Mrs M [named edited] is making some assumptions. I guess she doesn’t know what happens when you ASSUME.

    What kind of “Christian” makes a faulty assumption like that post on Christmas? I was taught to love my neighbor…even those with hate in their hearts for their neighbors.

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