Republican Steve Hunt  is complaining that he is being painted as an ideologue.  Well, I just wonder why that is.  It seems that he is a former president of one of the  church affliliated “crisis pregnancy centers’ in Fairfax.  According to the Washington Post:

Hunt served as president of the center’s board of directors from 2001 to 2006. In the volunteer position, Hunt said, he provided guidance on issues including fiscal oversight and outreach. The center is a 20-year-old, faith-based nonprofit group that provides free parenting classes and childbirth counseling to women, one of dozens in Virginia that abortion rights groups accuse of giving wrong information about the potential dangers of abortion.

The problem is, some of these ‘crisis pregnancy centers’ have their own agenda and have been known to give out inaccurate  information to women at one of the most vulnerable times in their lives,  Such is the case with the establishment Hunt was connected with.  The Post cites the following evidence:

One brochure boldly states that condoms fail one-third of the time — by flaws, breaking or deterioration. A nearby diagram of a broken condom shows a small “HIV Virus” particle looming near the spot where the latex ripped. Another flier claims that the “most preventable cause of breast cancer” is abortions.


Most people would like to see fewer abortions. Removing ethical and moral questions, abortion is frightning, sad, invasive, and expensive. However, most Americans would like to see the need for them removed, rather than anti-abortion groups handing out junk science as a reason not to have an abortion. Accurate information that helps women avoid unwanted pregancy seems to be the best way to eliminate abortion, not handing out literature that is bogus science at best.  Both pro-choice and pro-life groups can agree that removing the need for abortion is the best prevention.

Abortion rights and antiabortion groups agree that the information in the fliers is misleading and outdated. Jane P. Fuller, executive director of the Assist Pregnancy Center on Backlick Road, said the pamphlets have been removed

A special election will be held on January 12 for those living in the 37 th state senate district.    Del. David W. Marsden, D-Fairfax will run as the Democrate while  Steve Hunt will run as the Republican.  Meanwhile this information leaves Steve Hunt in his upcoming bid for Ken Cuccinelli’s old state senate seat somewhat vulnerable. If he lied to Virginians about condoms and causes of breast cancer, how can he be trusted as an elected official?  It seems Mr. Hunt is not only an ideologue, he is also an extremist. Virginia doesn’t need another Luv Canal Mini-Marshall. 


3 Thoughts to “Painted as an Ideologue? Say It Isn’t True!”

  1. Opinion

    Lying to get the public behavior you want isn’t really a good policy choice. Frankly anyone who thinks they are justified lying to the American public on any subject (I’m familiar with the group you mention’s work) shouldn’t hold public office. We have been lied to enough about so many things.

  2. Totally agree Opinion.

    The practices of the ‘crisis pregnancy center’ right here in Manassas used to have some very deceptive practices also. I am all in favor of helping women in time of need with support, finances, good and services. I am totally opposed to gaining phone numbers, addresses, and other personal information by giving the illusion one is a medical facility or by providing pregnancy tests. Hopefully that group has changed its practices.

    Mr. Hunt needs to be prepared to answer many questions about using deception in that ‘crisis pregnancy center’ in Fairfax. His honest problem is not going to go away. He mistakenly is using the Creigh Deeds candidacy as a reason why he is going to prevail. Creigh Deeds didn’t lose because he was pro choice. Anyone who thinks that totally underestimates the pro choice community.

  3. Lafayette

    My computer’s been out of commission for a couple of days at full capacity. I’ve just seen this thread and there’s a lot to digest before I can fully comment. To be continued this afternooon. I still have shopping to do. yikes!

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