New Years Open Thread

Happy New Year.  As promised, we plan on keeping an open thread within reach at all times.  Sometimes the contributors want to talk about things we don’t post.  Here’s your chance.

Wishing everyone a safe New Years’ Eve and a prosperous New Year!  See you in 2010.  Can you all believe we are entering the 2nd decade of the 21st century?  Hard to believe.

Prince William County Signs Onto Comprehensive Immigration Reform Position Statement

Virginia Association of Counties’ (VACo), Position Statement on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

VACo maintains a strong commitment to ensuring the security and safety of our communities. Legislative reforms must recognize the contributions of immigrants to a complex economy as well as the costs associated with welcoming immigrants into our communities. The U.S. Congress must enact comprehensive immigration reform that provides a funding stream sufficient to address the fiscal impact on state and local governments for any guest worker program and earned legalization program. The states and local governments require a national immigration system that is fully funded at the federal level, recognizes the realities of the marketplace, eases the fiscal stress on states and localities, and properly secures our borders. It is important that the federal government establish a clear and understandable path to citizenship for those who are eligible.

Introduced in November 2009 by County Board Member J. Walter Tejada, Arlington, VA

VACo approved and adopted in November 2009 as VACo’s Position Statement on Immigration Reform

My first question is this….Does Corey know? This “Position Statement” seems purposefuly vague, vague enough that I don’t think any elected official would be willing to stand up in opposition.

Who could be against “securing the safety of our comminities” ?

So, what I am wondering, is how does this “statement” turn in to actual meaningful legislation?

Also, I am wondering, who actually affirmed our vote from Prince William County, do they have the authority to sign onto such a statement?

Prince William County Police Department Excels Again

Prince William County  was recognized as one of only five counties in the United States  to have their police department awarded special accreditation status.  This recognition  certainly flew under the radar.  According  to the President of the Virginia Association of Counties in the December issue of County Connections, the publication of the newsletter of the Virginia Association of Counties:

 “The Tri-Arc Award is given to the governing bodies and agencies that have concurrent CALEA accreditation for their law enforcement, public safety communications and public safety training agencies,” according to background documents for the Board of Supervisors.

 Just a couple of weeks ago, the department received its third CALEA accreditation honor, for the county criminal justice academy—and that opened the doors for nomination to the CALEA Tri-Arc Excellence Award.  The award is administered by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. In 1987, Prince William police received CALEA accreditation for law enforcement and in 2003, for public safety communications.

 CALEA is quoted in the president’s article:

  “This is truly a significant achievement,” said Sylvester Daughtry, executive director of CALEA, in a briefpresentation to supervisors. No other jurisdiction in the Washington metropolitan area has received the award; neither has any county in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

 Chief Deane and Chairman Cory Stewart are both quoted:

 “I’d like to commend our staff for the outstanding work they’ve done,” said Prince William police Chief Charlie Deane, naming several colleagues—1st Sgt. Dawn Harman; Jan Judy and Capt. Fred Miller with the academy and Hazel Colson and Capt. Ted McInteer with communications—for their leadership in achieving the honor.

The award means the county police have maintained national standards in the three areas of accreditation.  On behalf of the board, Chairman  Corey Stewart, R-At Large, said the honor was warranted but not unexpected.  “The board is not surprised we have a professional, excellent police force,” he said.


What a fabulous honor for our police department to receive. It is truly amazing how the public support has shifted in the past year and half. It gives us many a tingle to hear the chairman speak so kindly about the department. It is only under the leadership of Chief Charlie Deane that so much has been achieved.