Virginia Association of Counties’ (VACo), Position Statement on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

VACo maintains a strong commitment to ensuring the security and safety of our communities. Legislative reforms must recognize the contributions of immigrants to a complex economy as well as the costs associated with welcoming immigrants into our communities. The U.S. Congress must enact comprehensive immigration reform that provides a funding stream sufficient to address the fiscal impact on state and local governments for any guest worker program and earned legalization program. The states and local governments require a national immigration system that is fully funded at the federal level, recognizes the realities of the marketplace, eases the fiscal stress on states and localities, and properly secures our borders. It is important that the federal government establish a clear and understandable path to citizenship for those who are eligible.

Introduced in November 2009 by County Board Member J. Walter Tejada, Arlington, VA

VACo approved and adopted in November 2009 as VACo’s Position Statement on Immigration Reform

My first question is this….Does Corey know? This “Position Statement” seems purposefuly vague, vague enough that I don’t think any elected official would be willing to stand up in opposition.

Who could be against “securing the safety of our comminities” ?

So, what I am wondering, is how does this “statement” turn in to actual meaningful legislation?

Also, I am wondering, who actually affirmed our vote from Prince William County, do they have the authority to sign onto such a statement?

14 Thoughts to “Prince William County Signs Onto Comprehensive Immigration Reform Position Statement”

  1. Black Velvet Reporter

    Big G is going to have a cow over Prince William signing on with this one. I wonder if Corey called Big G to ask his permission. Puppet? Puppeteer?

    Apoplexy anyone?

  2. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Well, Comprehensive Amnesty and “laws, what laws?” legislation should sail right on through, now! After the Democrats push through the most unpopular bill ever, “CIR”, especially the bill just submitted, would be the only possible encore.

  3. Elena

    I guess the AMA, AARRP, National Nurses Association, National Association of Hospitals don’t have a clue, but you do.

    If only Slowpoke could rule the world……

  4. I am not sure what all this means. How was it decided? Anyone know? It doesn’t sound very damaging to me. It also sounds like THE Resolution might not be considered again. I am curious though, does signing on with this position paper more or less undo THE Resolution?

  5. Rick Bentley

    It’s totally meaningless anyway.

  6. Slowpoke Rodriguez


    Couple of things, hon. How many doctors are in the AMA? Do you have any notion of what has happened to AARP membership since their “endorsement”? Do you know the reason AARP went through with endorsement against its membership’s wishes is because it sells medi-gap insurance and stands to make a bunch of greenbacks off of cuts in Medicare?

    National Association of Nurses? Well, I’ll leave that alone. I’m not so sure about your “clues”.

  7. It doesn’t really matter aboutg AARP membership. It only costs like 8 bucks a year. They have good subsidiary products.

    No one in my house was ever asked their opinion so I don’t know how you can say AARP went against its members’ wishes. No poll was taken. Not to claim to be an expert on geezer health care products but I am married to one…

    I don’t understand how you think AARP is going to make bucks off cuts in Medicare. If medicare doesn’t pay, then gap doesn’t pay. It’s a percent kinda thing. The Republican bruhaha really was a political ploy to try to scare old people. So they tear up their 8 buck card. Who loses?

  8. Elena

    Be still my heart, did you call me hon? @Slowpoke Rodriguez

  9. Slowpoke Rodriguez


    Isn’t that a Baltimore thing?

  10. Elena

    Hey, Happy New Year Rick!

  11. Rick Bentley

    Happy New Year to everyone.

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