As the title suggests, people say things differently.  In my own birth family, where most of our speaking habits are formed, my mother savagely clung to To-MAH-Toe while the rest of us thought we were ever so sophisticated  saying To-MAY-toe,  Now we have another dilemma,.  We now live in 2010.  So how does one say those numbers when speaking  of the year in which they live?  Do we say  twenty ten, or do we say two thousand ten?  Do we all have to say the same thing? 

I am at a loss.  I am not in the habit of saying two thousand whatever.  2000, 2001, 2002….we always said two thousand two, two thousand three, etc.  We didn’t say ‘twenty three.’  So what are you contributors going to say?  What is correct?  Will I sound like a bo-hick if I stubbornly cling to two-thousand ten?

12 Thoughts to “To-MAY-toe/ To-MAH-Toe?”

  1. Opinion

    I love to-MO-toes.

  2. Lafayette

    I love to grow ‘maters and fry up the green ones.
    I will twenty ten. I don’t typically use thousands, I ten to say XX hundred.

  3. Lafayette

    oops, I will SAY twenty..
    Starting out the new year without coffee in the house is not a good thing!!! All looks calm in WG.

  4. Emma

    Us New Englanders say “tuh-MA-tuhs.” And they make “gravy,” not “sauce.”

    And “twenty-ten” seems more natural to me.

  5. Two-thousand-ten for me. Twenty-ten sounds like a bad baseball game score to me.

    Happy New Yeeya from Boston!

  6. I guarantee I’ll be shorthanding it even further to TWO-TEN. Lafayette, come on over. I’ve got Hazelnut decafe mixed with the strong stuff.

  7. Opinion

    O.K…. who out there eats lunch and dinner… or dinner and supper?


    Okay, I must admit…I never even thought twice about this…it was always assumed (in my mind) that 2010 would be spoken as Two Thousand Ten.

    But I did graduate in 1984 and I did not go around telling people that I graduated in One Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty Four, I said “19 84”.

    So now I feel stupid for not even thinking about the option of 20 10.

    FWIW, I doubt I will be able to get in the habit of 20 10 any time soon. I will still probably be paying my February bills that I still write checks for with the year 2009.

  9. Twinad, me too. I actually felt stupid when I first thought of it. My natural instinct is to say two thousand ten. But 20-10 seems like …1910 100 years later?

  10. I feel stupid, now, too.

    But…won’t be the first or last time! Ha!

  11. Just heard a new twist on Twitter that is shorter than my short-cut: 2KX

  12. Wow, that is very clever and very short. Thanks Cindy.

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