Much as been said since Christmas Day about the use of the full body scan. Some countries immediately began using the scanners. Reagan Airport locally is using full body scanners. However, there are many privacy issues that are preventing TSA from implementing these machines from full use at all airports for all passengers.

The body scanners are quite controversial because of privacy and basically, getting a bird’s eye view of people in private areas. Women seem to feel far more violated than do men.

Should all passengers undergo a full body scan or is enough enough? Will the body scanners stop terrorists or is this just another hoop to jump through? Are we giving up all our rights of privacy to be safe or to give an illusion that we are safe?

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  1. GainesvilleResident

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    I’m not surprised one bit about that coming from Carville, he isn’t a guy with a whole lot of tact or mincing his words.

  6. I didn’t know that the scanners could double as micrometers……

  7. Wait a minute….you folks are doing bizarro world for me. Blue cat woman is sexy? Carville is …exposing himself with a body scanner? Let the nightmares be over. Blue Cat Woman and Skeletor just don’t do it for me. How about Rob Lowe? That works. 😉

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