68 Thoughts to “Weekly Open Thread 1/6/10 in the year 2KX”

  1. Poor Richard

    Just heard that the name of the Nissan Pavilion has been changed to
    “Jiffy Lube Live” (checked Nissan’s website and it is true – aargh –
    local HS graduations will now be at “The Lube” – double aargh!!)

  2. Poor Richard

    Sign free? I hope so, but I don’t know for sure.

  3. Lafayette

    @Poor Richard
    To think my daughter will be graduating in 2012 at “The Lube”. That’s the exact name me and the Mr. came up with too. I can see the headlines now.. Stonewall Jackson’s raiders to celebrate at The Lube. We are in total agreement. I left more comments on the thread Moon started. The nickname possibilities are endless. 🙂

  4. Emma

    So is it possible Harry Reid is a closet racist? Apparently, Reid declared that president Obama’s lighter skin and lack of a “Negro” accent made him a more acceptable candidate.


    Time for the Sharpton/Jackson redemption rounds!

  5. Why is that racist? It all depends on who Reid was talking to and why.

  6. Emma

    I don’t know if it is or it isn’t racist. I guess it depends upon which party he belongs to. Reid has made a round of apologies to African-American members of Congress and civil rights leaders, as well as a written statement and a phone call to the President. So he either knows he is out of line, or he’s in full CYA mode since his poll numbers in his district are falling so badly.

    And are people allowed to use the word “Negro” these days to describe someone else? I thought that was out.

  7. I thought it was out too. Maybe the United Negro College Fund has changed its name also.

    I think a key word is ‘private conversation.’ I have some older relatives and friends who live in some remote areas of the United States where I could well imagine such a conversation taking place, and they were supporting Obama. In fact, the friend who lives in Washington State kept saying I am going to support that ‘colored guy.’

    Harry Reid did the smart thing and just apologized. It is easier. He has a good track record. It doesn’t imply guide. And I am not a real big Reid fan. I have just heard Faux news babbling about it and comparing it to Imus’s unfortunate remarks. Having light skin is a far cry from calling a teenage girl a nappy headed ‘ho. This crew on Faux is just showing how incredibly stupid they are about race relations if they feel the remarks are even in the same ball park.

  8. Lafayette

    Moon, check your email, pronto!!!!

  9. Poor Richard

    Emma and M-H,
    The United Negro College Fund is celebrating its 65th year
    and in dire need of funding to continue their fine work.
    The Great Recession has had a negative impact on
    contributions and I know they would appreciate a check.
    Believe they would be thankful, not offended.

  10. Lafayette

    Moon, don’t forget the new season of Big Love tonight at 9pm.

  11. Lafayette

    I’m glad to see the county is trying to attract Northrop Grumman to PWC. I think PWC would make an excellent base for their new headquarter’s. We certainly have affordable housing readily available in the county.

  12. Emma

    Another Big Love fan! I’m getting ready to watch it now.

  13. Lafayette

    Yay, Emma. It was so exciting. I think I’ll have to watch it again to make sure I caught everything. I

  14. Emma

    I loved it! So much going on. And I loved the Roman popsicle 🙂

  15. Formerly Anonymous

    There was a shocker poll that came out on Friday that showed Scott Brown up by 1 point in the Mass. Senate race. I think the poll oversampled independents but there is a chance for a major upset there. Martha Croakley has been campaigning in the Kathleen Kennedy Townsend style of minimal appearances and relying on overwhelming difference in party registration.

    The part that makes this race particularly interesting is that if Brown were to win, the Secretary of State in Massachusetts has stated that he will not certify the election until mid-February. This would allow the HCR bill to pass before the State of the Union with Paul Kirk providing the 60th vote. If the HCR bill passes only by delaying the seating of Brown, there will be a lot of bad blood in the Senate. I have no idea how it will manifest itself, but the remainder of the 111th Congress will become even more partisan.

    At the end of the day, I don’t think Brown will win though. While Croakley has run a poor campaign, I think enough Democrats will recognize the stakes of the election and show up in sufficient numbers for her to win.

  16. Formerly Anonymous

    So if I wanted to get one of those fancy icons next to my name, what would I have to do? (Although the generic icon suits my anonymity rather well.)

  17. Lafayette

    The suspect was arrested early this morning. Thanks to the US Marshals.

  18. Poor Richard

    Today’s NYT quoting a new Pew Research Center poll:

    “Twenty-three of all respondents say Hispanics are descriminated
    against ‘a lot’ compared with 18 percent for blacks, 10 percent
    for whites and 8 percent for Asians.”

    Blacks do better than Hispanics? Asians better than whites?
    Interesting poll/study.

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