Westgate Stabber Arrested!

The stabber who knifed his former girl friend repeatedly, in front of their son, has been captured, according to the Manassas News and Messenger:

MANASSAS, Va.—The U.S. Marshals Service this morning arrested a man wanted for stabbing his ex-girlfriend on New Year’s Day.

Marshals found Davis Marcelis Frye hiding in an apartment in the 8600 block of Devonshire Court in Manassas about 6:30 a.m., said Prince William County police spokeswoman Erika Hernandez.

Frye, 38, is accused of kicking down the door of the 33-year-old victim’s Manassas area home and stabbing her in front of their 10-year-old son about 5:30 p.m.

The victim suffered critical injuries and remains hospitalized, police said. She had a protective order against Frye, issued in February.

Frye has been charged with aggravated malicious wounding, burglary with intent to commit assault, making threatening phone calls and violating a protective order, Hernandez said.

We certainly wish the victim of this vicious attack a speedy recovery. We thank the police, the U.S. marshals, and citizens’ contributing information for the capture of this vicious criminal. Schools were affected and an entire neighborhood was very ill at ease during the time this evil-doer was on the lamb. Most residents kept their doors locked around the clock, even when they were at home. Sudley School was under lock down at least once. It is time for David Frye to be behind bars so he no longer harms or disrupts society.