Monday night about 7:30 pm, a 50 year old lady was run down in the street, right on Grant Avenue near Byrd Drive in Georgetown South. She was simply crossing the street with a friend. The car that hit her kept on driving without regard for her welfare. The lady’s family is currently looking all over for a car that might have the kind of body damage that happens when it strikes a human.  The lady suffered life-threatening injuries. 

It is horribly distressing to learn that someone in our area is so selfish and callous that they would not even stop after hitting someone with their vehicle. Hit and Run is a felony. What is also disturbing is that I cannot find the lady’s name anywhere in the news. This lady has a name and is currently fighting for her life in the hopital. Can our local news agencies tell us a name so we can wish her well? Can the community help the family with any needs she might have? Can we send flowers or cards? When do we protect privacy to this degree? Something is wrong here. The lady has a name.

UPDATEThe Manassas News and Messenger has updated its article on Ms. Morton who is struggling for her life at Inova Hospital.  Meanwhile her relatives continue their quest to find the car who hit her.  Ms. Morton was thrown 60 feet through the air.  Full article

This is a horrible story and the driver of this vehicle should be caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  Meanwhile, our thoughts and prayers go out to Ms. Morton and her family.  May she have a full recovery.  Kudos to the Manassas News and Messenger for doing a follow-up story on this heinous crime. 

8 Thoughts to “Hit and Run Victim’s Family Looks for Car”

  1. Moon, it’s policy not to identify victims to protect them from people who prey on victims. The best thing to help her is for everyone to keep your eyes and ears open to find the person who did this, and your post helps that. I’ll e-mail you the contact info for the Georgetown South Community Council. If she was a resident, you could ask their manager if help can be funneled through them.

  2. Strange that Channel 4 had her name and her family’s name. I just didn’t catch it in time.

    I would agree in the case of the stab victim. Different story.

  3. hello

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this could be a drunk driver… how else would you just not see a lady crossing the street. It’s either that or this guy just got scared because he didn’t have a valid drivers license and took off. Either way, who ever did this is scum and I hope he is caught soon.

    You would think that if it was in Georgetown south (not familiar with the street names) the person who hit her regularly drives thru that area and someone would know who it is.

  4. GainesvilleResident

    A lot of traffic passes through Grant Ave. probably that time of the evening. However, that being said – i agree it’s probably either a drunk driver or someone that didn’t have a driver’s license – or else already had a bad enough driving record they didn’t want to get caught. No one would not know they hit a pedestrian and just keep on going.

  5. krisstine

    I have to agree with you Moon-howler, I have been unable to locate her name or any news on the incident itself. I am not even able to find it in the version that has online. I stumbled on this post and had to add my two cents. If you know that you hit a person come forward and turn yourself in. You just can’t keep carrying around that weight knowing you have done something wrong, unless you don’t have a conscious.

  6. GainesvilleResident

    There’s some people who don’t have a conscious out there, unfortunately. Not a lot, but they are the kind of people who would cause an accident like this and leave the scene and think nothing it.

  7. GainesvilleResident

    That article is sad. It’s good they are trying to find the car in a body shop, that makes sense.

    I will say, that part of Grant Ave., the article is correct – the speed limit is 25 but when I’ve traveled it, if you go at 30 – 32 mph more times than not, you have someone right on your tail wanted to go faster. Everyone wants to go 35-40 mph on there at least.

    Fortunately, I never really drove it that often, but the times I did I always disliked it for that reason. Further on south the speed limit increases, but not where that accident was.

    Hope they’ll eventually catch the driver, but I think hit and run cases are sometimes hard to solve.

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